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  1. @SMDVogrin I honestly do not think that would be the fact. It would mean that nukes are only effective against mediums and to a much lesser extent larges because you can't score the effect against smalls. You can clearly imagine that nukes would have an even greater devastating effect against smalls so it seems odd that this wouldn't count. Sadly the Nuke rules are poorly worded which leads to this debate. In my opinion the ruling should be that when "equaling or exceeding the critical rating of a model" not when "scoring a critical hit" and it should be clearly stated what the effect does when double critting. Or that you only get the effect once. Maybe one of the Spartan moderators can clarify . I agree with the fact that you don't add the dice of multiple crits together, that would be monstrous but it should at least be clear if you even get twice the roll when double critting
  2. Hmm difficult call to make since the rules aren't quite clear about what to do when double critting. I tend to agree with Pok too but i'll see what other players at my local game club think of this. Thanks for your opinions everybody!
  3. When you crit a model with nuke weapons it says that you get to roll half the dice of the initial attack against models within 4". How does that count when you double crit a model? Do you get twice the dice or is it still only half? For instance, if I attack with 10 dice and double crit a model do I get 10 dice per model within 4" or still only 5?
  4. Certainly not! I, for one would be very happy to see some dutch models so i can play with my own nation
  5. Absolutely stunning! I'm curious about how you made the table? Care to enlighten us?
  6. All hail Spartan Games! Man... it's hard to keep up with my model painting, i hardly finish one box or blister then another one shows up i deffinitely want to have, Danish for this time
  7. In a way i can understand why some people are a bit dissapointed over the whole "blisters" issue, i myself would really like to see the italian bomber and the carrier in blister packages but that doesn't mean i'm angry about it. All i can say is be patient, there are plenty of other cool models to use and there are temporary solutions like proxying models. If i play with my italians i regularly use my 2 prussian bombers as extra Fortuna bombers, players at my community don't have any problems with that as long as i point it out. It works fine for me and the other players.
  8. You have to be carefull not to immediately eat the Dönerfaust ships after buying them, otherwise they would be useless on the battlefield. I reckon it would be the best tasting model ever, especially if covered with garlic sauce
  9. Interesting article! I'm interested in organising tournaments as well (recently held one) but i think for the next one i'll give the highlander format a go. Not sure about missions though.. Last time i used 2 missions thankfully borrowed from Skycaptain and Falconer and though they are fun to play i'd like to have some other missions for the next tournament. I'll see if i can get the time to test BlindGunn's in the future.
  10. Awesome! More for my Prussians! (Have to buy another SG bag because it's getting crowded with models in the current one ) Finally something to get the Prussians back into the fight, i'm curious as to what all the models do so i can't wait to get my hands on them! It's difficult to keep up the pace with painting models at the rate SG is releasing them.
  11. Same thing with my PE cruisers and Gunships, they aren't THAT bad. If used properly they can be a real pain in the ***. Can't remember playing a naval game without my Reivers It's all about shielding them until they get usefull (most of the time i make sure i activate them last or later in my turn) I tend to hide them first turn and when the enemy has closed i move them into the fray. This way my opponent has a lot more targets to deal with so they tend to get shot less often. Once again, if you use your cruisers clever the big four cruisers aint that bad. They could use some improvement though but only really in slight firepower improvements and maybe lose the fixed arcs some cruisers have.
  12. Mine does, i never had the 1.0 book. The sheet was included in my 1.1 book, maybe the early versions did come with a quick reference sheet
  13. Well you're free to come around at wednesday evening in Uden (isn't too far off from where you live) We start at 8 'o' clock in the evening. In wijkcentrum "de kom in" Germenzeel 900 in Uden. I have a game planned this wednesday against a fairly new player this wednesday so if you're interested i can explain some rules to you too. Cheers!
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