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    Starting KOB

    Not auto win. But seeing other fleets like French, Russian, Covenant, Japan for example they have more fun toys to play with. When i started Brits i thought they rule the see they can handle anything. Yes you can play with them, but against air they are bad, bad bad bad. No other words for that. We got new submarines, they not so good. They can't attack air. If that would have been the case i would be happy. Brits have lots of torps and they useless in rb1, useless against air, but we pay for them. I play against Russian and Japan a lot, and half the fleet of opponent 50-40% is air. So Brits struggle there. Japan board good, Russian have they armor. What brits have? Shields. Turrets, turrets lose affectivenes with damage and so on. I think US is better that brits in that regards. I give great hopes to 2.0 to maybe give brits some fun toys and better air or anti air.
  2. TerTer

    Starting KOB

    I say wait till DW 2.0. I started brits and i after some games i started to see problems with them .Yes i win with them, but it's hard fight to win.
  3. I would like they change boarding, to make when you board you give 1-2 crit effects or hits to that ship and not take it over. As when you see a IKA taking out a BB or DN it's not that fun But still i don't like boarding that much it misses the point for me to take over enemy ship with simple squad of lights, maybe it would be fun to have guns fire at boarding ships that to counter or such. Maybe it's just me, but i would like to see a change in boarding.
  4. Guardian generators maybe would be ok and not too op, but the healing would be op and too good.
  5. I play Brits because i like the looks of them. And no matter that i win with them i feel i had to work very very hard to get good position and good dice. I would like to have Redoubtable on turrets for DN, BB, Cruisers, Gunship. I would like that like mentioned here Brit Air Force would at least be as good as Australians. Or just give Brits better AA and some extra guns or what to deal with Air. Give at least possibility to fire main guns in RB1 at air I feel that some models need more AD, as i feel of bringing a DN every time i play and when i don't take one i miss the firepower.
  6. I say no. We did not need more subs. Yes they are fluff wise nice. But what i don't like about them is torpedos. Why could they not get nice gunnery weapons too As to play against Air is not that simple with KOB in my opinion. But subs looks nice at least
  7. I think nope Such threads i think are more for fun that for actual change I would like to have a better sub, bit we have what we have, we can take other units, like Gunships
  8. Thanks for the answers, as i play myself KoB, it was interesting to hear what weaknesses it has and why there isin't much spam of them ? Still new to the game
  9. You say Spam is bad, but with Tunguska i don't see it as bad. 4 Tunguska for example cost just 540pts, like 2 dreads, but can do a lot of damage. What weaknesses does the Tunguska have, that you say it's not too good to spam it?
  10. Why i don't see lists with lots of tonguskas? They look so good for russians, why aren't they spammed as much as possible? They have the arm, can be obscured, have great firepower. What are there weaknesses that people don't spam them?
  11. Yeah but one time run would be fun Agreed
  12. And whats so bad about a spam? If opponent knows my list yes can make a hard counter, but else what is wrong with such a list?
  13. So could it be valid? Let's say 1250-1500pts 2 variations. Something in the lines of 5 Landing Fields = 450pts +1 or 2 Carriers (140-280pts) so total 590-730pts. That would be from 30+(6-12) +local support 10, so 46-52 TFT's total. Using Dive Bombers and Torpedo bombers. I imagine against French it would be a disaster, but against other factions? What do you think? Could it work?
  14. Merlin's sound interesting, but that's only 2x 10AD at best. and next turn a Tunguska can take out 1-3 Merlin's, probably 1-2 more likely, with there guns, as I'm facing 3-4 Tunguska's, that's not that good or do i miss something here???
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