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    Menacingeye reacted to Dosadi in Dindrenzi 808th Expeditionary Force - Planet Fall Legion   
    So a buddy and I are taking the plunge into Planetfall. We both played a bit a Armada and are old fans of Epic 40K so this was right in our wheelhouse. 
    Anyway, here is the start to my Dindrenzi force. My FLGS was out of Core Helices (a common problem I hear) so while I was waiting for my order to arrive from Spartan direct, I grabbed a Heavy Helix and lay some paint on it.
    The plan is to paint each Helix slightly different with secondary colours to unify them. For the Heavy Helix I went with a scheme that mimics my Armada fleet. A simple grey with orange. 
    The Eris


    The Gorgos Squadron

    Group Shot with painted bases

    And since 2015 seems to be the year of the snow bases for me...

    Still a bit of work needed on the rail guns glow effect. A few edge highlights here and there to touch up, and the metallics need a bit more attention, but I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I'm thinking I want to number or give them insignia, but have not settled on a method yet. 
    And finally a sneak peak of my "prototype" paint job for my Core Helix that just arrived in the mail.

    Just wanted to get the colours down to as a proof of concept for a Off-White/Black/Orange Core Helix.
    in addition, I'm messing around with the idea of using some weathering pigments to give the army a "lived in" feel.
    Thanks for checkin' 'em out!
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    Menacingeye reacted to Awesomeshotdude in Element 270 Podcast - Episode 24, Spartan Games 2015   
    The mention of some new Infantry Helixes called Breacher Helixes designed to take and hold buildings sounds very cool indeed!!!
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    Menacingeye reacted to Fabiusm in Unboxing Video Leviathan Helix   
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    Menacingeye got a reaction from Sailion in Directorate Heavy Helix   
    I took some pics of my unpainted Heavy helix for you. I'm pretty happy with the amount of detail that went into them. I just need to get them painted... 



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    Menacingeye reacted to Pok in March 2015 Releases: Leviathans Incoming!   
    eeew....so they're Apocalypse-syndromed?
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    Menacingeye reacted to Darthp00p00 in March 2015 Releases: Leviathans Incoming!   
    I would assume they are in the nxt wave, as we have not even been teased with pics of them... at all... even though we have seen these models and their renders since... October?
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    Menacingeye reacted to vonHymack in vonHymack's Aliens&Co   
    Hi all!
    Here is the finished first half of my Sorylian core Helix!

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    Menacingeye reacted to teQuilamaN in A painting journey towards my CoA-Fleet   
    Thank you very much for your kind replies.
    @You Look Like A Nail
    I totally love your stat cards, keep up the good work. I hope to see a stat card for the second version of the time orb, after 2.0 is out. That would be cool.
    Today I finished my Aristotle Class Battleship using Vonhymack's technique for the greenish Sturgenium glow. Also I'm pretty satisfied how the orange window shine has come out. What do you think?



    If I finish up some more models incl. varnish I will shoot better pictures at the photo studio.
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    Menacingeye reacted to teQuilamaN in A painting journey towards my CoA-Fleet   
    Today I finished my Ptolemy Bombers.

    I hope they are better on the table than there stat cards may suggest. Anyway a unit more done is a good thing.
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    Menacingeye reacted to vonHymack in Vonhymack's Coa&rc + Painting Tricks   
    Small update of my gallery with my dear Archimedes!
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    Menacingeye reacted to caradoc in Element 270 - Episode 4 - Alliance Nations   
    Episode 4 of the Element 270 podcast - ‘Alliance Nations’ is up!
      In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese talk about the news, including the releases for Firestorm Armada, and what the slow-down of releases for Dystopian Wars might portent. We continue from last episode, with a look at the alliance nations, cover some listener questions, and throw out another hot topic.
      In Part 2 of our fleet review we briefly cover the Alliance Nations of Dystopian Wars, including play style, tactics and a short discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each fleet.
      We also discuss some listener questions, and pose another Hot Topic question.
      We apologise for any skipping or confusion in our audio, there were some technical difficulties with our files, but we nonetheless hope this is an enjoyable and useful episode!
      Our Website:  http://element270.wordpress.com/ Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/ On Twitter: @Element270  Find our Hot Topic here: http://element270.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/hot-topic-for-episode-4/   Cheers, Giles.
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    Menacingeye reacted to Yorkshire_Leaf in What Makes The Directorate Worth Playing?   
    So, I'm a new player to Firestorm armada and the Directorate. A guy from our games club introduced me to the game, and after playing two games i went out and bought the Directorate starter fleet, as it looked the coolest and another friend bought a Terran starter fleet. We only know the most basic rules as taught to us by someone who has been playing the game for a year or so and the Rulebook seems to be totally unavailable everywhere, so we can't really check up on the stuff we don't know like Mines, Fighters etc.
    I was just wondering, what makes the Directorate ships an equal match for the other fleets, as i feel i am missing something? Though mine and my friends fleets cost the same (pointswise) his ships seem to completely outdo me in firepower. I know mine are slightly fast and a bit more manouverable, but his ships have huge broadsides, torpedoes that are better at long range and seem to be dripping with tons of 360 degree arc turrets. Is there something in the deeper rules that i perhaps am missing. Also, is there a reason as to why the rulebook is not available to buy?
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