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  1. Great vid! So I'm guessing the the Haunted wont fit on top the wraith if it has its base on?
  2. I took some pics of my unpainted Heavy helix for you. I'm pretty happy with the amount of detail that went into them. I just need to get them painted...
  3. Great job on these, made it really easy to get an army list figured out.
  4. Australia Perth - c0rruptd (Dindrenzi + RSN, Terran + Hawker) Brisbane - Wilfred Owen (Aquan Prime and Relthoza) Goonellabah - Dr Dodo (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate, Pathogen [converted fish]) Canada British Columbia: Chilliwack - Steve_990 (Directorate and Aquan with more to come) Ontario: Barrie - Menacingeye (Directorate + Works Raptor) Toronto - Darkjedi203 (Sorylians and Terquai) Czech Republic Prague - Kurgan (Directorate) Prague - Allegro (Relthoza) Prague - BeoWulf (Aquan Prime) Hlinsko - Erebi (Directorate, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) France Lille - Xyzall (Dindrenzi) Lille - Fulgore (Relthoza) Lyon - Hannibal (Dindrenzi and Terran) Orléans - Seb (Directorate and Works Raptor) Germany Burghausen, Bavaria - hahnc77 (Aquans (inclusive Terquai) and Directorate); Rest of Gaming Group (Aquans, Directorate, and Relthoza) Teising, Bavaria - FabiusM (Dindrenzi, Terran) Hungary ZKRobi (Directorate and Works Raptor) CserZ (Aquan + Terquai and Relthoza + Ba'Kash) Ireland Clare/Limeirck - Mage (Directorate and Aquan) New Zealand Wellington Region (Kapiti) - Swastakowey (club) (Aquans + Terquai, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terran + Hawker, Relthoza and Dindrenzi) Wellington Region (Whitby) - Runicmadhamster (club) (Dindrenzi+RSN, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terran + Hawker, Relthoza and Aquans + Terquai) Netherlands Groningen - Sacreddutchman (Sorylians and Dindrenzi, probably Directorate and Terrans as well) Spain Albacete - Captain_Dan (Sorylians and Directorate) Sweden Tyresö, Stockholm - Ahmadan (Aquans and Terrans) UK Birmingham - Althorin (Aquans and Directorate) Birmingham - Pa11ad1n (Dindrenzi) Derby - Commander Drakere (Terrans and maybe Hawker) Edinburgh - Polyphemus (Sorylians and Veydreth) Edinburgh / Rosyth - Kraggi (Directorate, Works Raptor, Aquans, Terquai, Hopefully Relthozans at somepoint). Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion (Directorate, Works raptor, Terrans Veterans, Aquans and Terquai. Will probably add more over time.) Leeds - Aunshi (Aquans and Terquai) London - Cannor (Aquan/Terquai, Directorate/Works Raptor) Middlesbrough - DeadSteve (Aquans and Terquai) Sheffield - chrisbburn (Terrans) Sheffield - Drachenfutter - (Complete Zenian League) Sheffield/Norwich - likeAsir - (Aquans) Sheffield - Zeph (Dindrenzi & RSN) York - Minsk (Aquans and Directorate and something else who knows) USA: Arizona: Mesa - east (Relthoza, Sorylian, Kedorian, maybe vey'dreth) Phoenix - GT3000 (Directorate, Dindrenzi, and Terrans/Hawker) California: Bay Area-Meatwagon (Starter set factions, then Dindrenzi) Pasadena - Eumerin (TBD) Sacramento/Elk Grove - SageofLodoss (Starter set for now) Georgia: Griffin (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - MaxToreador (Aquans & Terquai, Dindrenzi, Terrans) Meansville (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - Cyb3rw0lf (Directorate & Works Raptor, Sorylians) Michigan: Lansing - SMDVogrin (Directorate) Lansing- Dreadbeard (Terrans,Hawker) New Mexico: Alamogordo - CuriousGames (Undecided, probably Zenian League) Alamogordo - Das Hobbs (Terran and Hawker at first, more may be added as budget and time allow.) New York: Endicott - Northerndragons (Aquans and Directorate) Niagara Falls - DoomMetal30 (Dindrenzi) Ohio: Columbus- Kabob (Aquans and Dindrenzi when they finally come out) (They're out!!) Columbus- The GuardTower: multiple races and players Pennsylvania: Lebanon - DarthPooPoo (Aquans and Dindrenzi) Pittsburgh - Clap! (Terrans + Directorate) Texas: Austin - BDub (Dindrenzi, RSN, Directorate, Works Raptor, Kedorians, Marauders) Dallas - Neiltj1 aquans, directorate (in time all the toys) Fort Worth - Phaedros (Aquans and Directorate, Dindrenzi and RSN when released) Keller(Fort Worth) - trideau (Terrans; I have Aquans/Directorate and original starters) Utah: Utah County - Gothith (Aquans, Directorate, Terran after full release) Vermont: Burlington - Durockowitz (Aquans, Relthozans)
  5. I just got the Aerial support box as well, but all the metal parts were fine with just a small amount of flashing, maybe you just got a bad batch?
  6. Thanks for the help! I was starting to get really frustrated with the model lol.
  7. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the pewter legs on the herodotus? I can't seem to get them to stick and be straight, any help would be appreciated!
  8. Painting up the COA armoured brigade box

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