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  1. Menacingeye

    Darkjedi's Alliance of Kurak

    Great work dude!
  2. Menacingeye

    Unboxing Video Leviathan Helix

    Great vid! So I'm guessing the the Haunted wont fit on top the wraith if it has its base on?
  3. Menacingeye

    Floating guns on ice planet zero (Dindrenzi)

    Looks great!
  4. Menacingeye

    Directorate Heavy Helix

    I took some pics of my unpainted Heavy helix for you. I'm pretty happy with the amount of detail that went into them. I just need to get them painted...
  5. Menacingeye

    Firestorm Planetfall Battlescribe Files

    Great job on these, made it really easy to get an army list figured out.
  6. Menacingeye

    Firestorm Planetfall Roll Call

    Australia Perth - c0rruptd (Dindrenzi + RSN, Terran + Hawker) Brisbane - Wilfred Owen (Aquan Prime and Relthoza) Goonellabah - Dr Dodo (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate, Pathogen [converted fish]) Canada British Columbia: Chilliwack - Steve_990 (Directorate and Aquan with more to come) Ontario: Barrie - Menacingeye (Directorate + Works Raptor) Toronto - Darkjedi203 (Sorylians and Terquai) Czech Republic Prague - Kurgan (Directorate) Prague - Allegro (Relthoza) Prague - BeoWulf (Aquan Prime) Hlinsko - Erebi (Directorate, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) France Lille - Xyzall (Dindrenzi) Lille - Fulgore (Relthoza) Lyon - Hannibal (Dindrenzi and Terran) Orléans - Seb (Directorate and Works Raptor) Germany Burghausen, Bavaria - hahnc77 (Aquans (inclusive Terquai) and Directorate); Rest of Gaming Group (Aquans, Directorate, and Relthoza) Teising, Bavaria - FabiusM (Dindrenzi, Terran) Hungary ZKRobi (Directorate and Works Raptor) CserZ (Aquan + Terquai and Relthoza + Ba'Kash) Ireland Clare/Limeirck - Mage (Directorate and Aquan) New Zealand Wellington Region (Kapiti) - Swastakowey (club) (Aquans + Terquai, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terran + Hawker, Relthoza and Dindrenzi) Wellington Region (Whitby) - Runicmadhamster (club) (Dindrenzi+RSN, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terran + Hawker, Relthoza and Aquans + Terquai) Netherlands Groningen - Sacreddutchman (Sorylians and Dindrenzi, probably Directorate and Terrans as well) Spain Albacete - Captain_Dan (Sorylians and Directorate) Sweden Tyresö, Stockholm - Ahmadan (Aquans and Terrans) UK Birmingham - Althorin (Aquans and Directorate) Birmingham - Pa11ad1n (Dindrenzi) Derby - Commander Drakere (Terrans and maybe Hawker) Edinburgh - Polyphemus (Sorylians and Veydreth) Edinburgh / Rosyth - Kraggi (Directorate, Works Raptor, Aquans, Terquai, Hopefully Relthozans at somepoint). Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion (Directorate, Works raptor, Terrans Veterans, Aquans and Terquai. Will probably add more over time.) Leeds - Aunshi (Aquans and Terquai) London - Cannor (Aquan/Terquai, Directorate/Works Raptor) Middlesbrough - DeadSteve (Aquans and Terquai) Sheffield - chrisbburn (Terrans) Sheffield - Drachenfutter - (Complete Zenian League) Sheffield/Norwich - likeAsir - (Aquans) Sheffield - Zeph (Dindrenzi & RSN) York - Minsk (Aquans and Directorate and something else who knows) USA: Arizona: Mesa - east (Relthoza, Sorylian, Kedorian, maybe vey'dreth) Phoenix - GT3000 (Directorate, Dindrenzi, and Terrans/Hawker) California: Bay Area-Meatwagon (Starter set factions, then Dindrenzi) Pasadena - Eumerin (TBD) Sacramento/Elk Grove - SageofLodoss (Starter set for now) Georgia: Griffin (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - MaxToreador (Aquans & Terquai, Dindrenzi, Terrans) Meansville (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - Cyb3rw0lf (Directorate & Works Raptor, Sorylians) Michigan: Lansing - SMDVogrin (Directorate) Lansing- Dreadbeard (Terrans,Hawker) New Mexico: Alamogordo - CuriousGames (Undecided, probably Zenian League) Alamogordo - Das Hobbs (Terran and Hawker at first, more may be added as budget and time allow.) New York: Endicott - Northerndragons (Aquans and Directorate) Niagara Falls - DoomMetal30 (Dindrenzi) Ohio: Columbus- Kabob (Aquans and Dindrenzi when they finally come out) (They're out!!) Columbus- The GuardTower: multiple races and players Pennsylvania: Lebanon - DarthPooPoo (Aquans and Dindrenzi) Pittsburgh - Clap! (Terrans + Directorate) Texas: Austin - BDub (Dindrenzi, RSN, Directorate, Works Raptor, Kedorians, Marauders) Dallas - Neiltj1 aquans, directorate (in time all the toys) Fort Worth - Phaedros (Aquans and Directorate, Dindrenzi and RSN when released) Keller(Fort Worth) - trideau (Terrans; I have Aquans/Directorate and original starters) Utah: Utah County - Gothith (Aquans, Directorate, Terran after full release) Vermont: Burlington - Durockowitz (Aquans, Relthozans)
  7. Menacingeye

    Poor quality of metal parts

    I just got the Aerial support box as well, but all the metal parts were fine with just a small amount of flashing, maybe you just got a bad batch?
  8. Menacingeye

    My Royal Oak

    Awesome work man!
  9. Menacingeye

    COA Herodotus assembly

    Thanks for the help! I was starting to get really frustrated with the model lol.
  10. Menacingeye

    COA Herodotus assembly

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get the pewter legs on the herodotus? I can't seem to get them to stick and be straight, any help would be appreciated!
  11. Painting up the COA armoured brigade box


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