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  1. So... Spartan - Do I bother asking? Are we ever going to see the updated Orbat pdf's for the non core nations that were promised 4 months ago, or has DW been dumped so hard like a red headed step child, that even the simple task of putting a pdf up on the site is beyond the motivation of SG? Don't want new shiny miniatures, don't want another game system, just want you to support the games you actually have. End rant.
  2. Now I get the "404 - Jumpshare file not found". Am I the only one having drama's?
  3. Just downloaded 5.2 and it wont work. Get the following error; "The data files could not be loaded due to the following errors; File: dyswar.def (line 97) - Macro's 'a_SGS_' - Bitmap file not found: SGS"
  4. Its taken the whole concept of screening and escorts out of the game. Unless your bringing the escorts along for the AA/CC boost (and lets face it, other than KoB escorts, they all suck), total pointless in bothering with any tactics. Screening, and planning your movement, and putting thought into game was the attractive part for me. But obviously the majority just wants to roll marbles accross the table at each other.
  5. It’s not the same at all - it’s the exact opposite. It takes a rule that was unique to DW and nerfs it into another basic "I can see you, you can see me" piece of dumbed down rot. Was it so hard for people to actually plan and move accordingly. The way we are going, we will just line figures up and throw rocks at each other to establish a winner. If people so intent on playing a dumber version of a game, go play GW products. All the weird and wonderful is what attracts some people to great games, and DW rapidly losing its appeal. Vent over.
  6. My KoB v's Moridin's FSA. 1000pts. First "token" shot of the game by the FSA at range band 4, at my Avenger. Very few dice, lots of 6's, followed by lots of 6's, etc etc. Avenger gets Crit'd by opening long range salvo. Double 1 on crit table, Avenger explodes in cloud of fire and debris, and hasn't even moved or fired yet this game. But that's what I love about DW. The gods of Dice can be cruel.
  7. Thought it was about time got off my backside and posted my invader fleet up in the Gallery. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/album/688-atchos-inv-fleet/ Unfortunatly not all figures in the shoot, will add the missing ones once done. Fleet: 2x Scarab "Hive Ship" 4x Sentinal "Cruiser" walker 10x Terror "Frigate" walker 6x Predator "Bomber" 10x Drone Cluster 65x Drone Tokens .
  8. East Indian Ocean Fleet KoB & DoRANZ Navy / Air. Massive: 2x Carrier (Avenger): HMS Avenger, Ark Royal. 2x Sky Fortress (Illustrious): HMS Illustrious, Invincible. Large: 1x Dreadnought (Majesty): HMS King George. 3x Battleship (Ruler): HMS Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Queen Victoria. 2x Pocket Battleship (Cerberus): HMDS Australia, New Zealand. 2x Large Submarine (Vengeance): HMS Vengeance, Valkyrie. 2x War Rotor (Eagle): HMS Eagle, Falcon. Medium: 4x Battle cruiser (Lord Hood). 6x Gunship (Agincourt). 4x Gunship (Victoria). 6x Cruiser (Tribal). 3x Support Cruiser (Dominion). 2x Submarine Tender (Tasmania). 8x Submarine (Vanguard). 4x Scout Rotor (Hawk). 4x Scout Rotor (Osprey). 15x Bomber (Doncaster). Small: 12x Destroyer (Orion). 16x Frigate (Attacker). 8x Escort Frigate (Protector). 12x Escort (Bastion). 10x Corvette (Swift). 10x Small Submarine (Valiant). 8x Assault Submarine (Crocodile). 10x Interceptor (Merlin).
  9. 2.8 crashes when opening for mine. "The data files could not be loaded due to the following errors: Syntax error in 'live' tag expression for Option 'frArCrWpn1' -> Tag 'Size.M' not defined Syntax error in 'live' tag expression for Option 'frArCrWpn1' -> Tag 'Size.M' not defined"
  10. VK. Kind of defeated the idea of small scale encounter. This size we found quick and easy, and it was achievable to get lots of games in a short period of time. We still play big size 1000+ games (otherwise 6000pts of KoB built for nothing!), just this allowed you to play 5-6+ games in a day, or 1-2 after work during week, using different fleets, or different ships that wouldn't normally get a run. Atcho.
  11. Fee free to read post #4....
  12. atcho


    http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4106-dw-fleet-2/ Ive based my fleet, and so have all the others in our gaming group... works just fine. The world hasnt ended and it hasnt destroyed my gaming experience!
  13. SD Nothing further to add. Played few more rounds against moridin and jimthewookie, and happy with the game, but do like Rasmus idea of "everything else ounts as 70% when opponent takes a big battleship" thing... I ran against an FSA list the other week that contained that horrible FSA Battleship - and it was unstoppable with 300 points.. But then again, there is nothing stopping you from picking a list along the same lines.. so good with the bad - it seems to be working OK. But maybe my KoB laying in tatters at the bottom of the ocean has caused a little bias to my opinion.. just maybe.
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