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  1. I believe he meant 'competing' games systems. ie: those in direct competition with Spartan's products.
  2. Oh, I expected them to release it of course. I also expected it to follow the precedents they had set with previous snippets of fluff and certain racial MARs.
  3. It seems very much that way. And I know which game has both superior rules and superior models. PHR Athena. The only unit that looks good, fit for purpose, and maintains racial style is the Dindrenzi longbow. The rest are pants as far as I'm concerned. I think I'll just stick with the only other 10mm sci-fi planetary assault game on the market.
  4. And because of Spartan's official tech overruling and destroying all my work (that was posted, useable, and widely accepted by the community before the v2 book would have been finished in pre-press), I've decided that I'm never creating any more of these for F:A. For DzC on the other hand (most of the work is already done there though, it's just minor details for some batrep stuff).
  5. Don't you know that in Xelocian that glyph means "this end towards enemy"?
  6. Had a good game on Sunday. Sorylians vs Directorate. Sorylians: 620 VP (450 from objectives) Directorate: 270 VP (50 from objectives)
  7. Same here on opponents (although sometimes we do run pretty fierce lists). I use an ALEPH force composed of 5 Dakinis, 2 Garudas, a Maruts TAG Lt, 2 PostHumans (Engineer & Hacker), 2 Netrods and 2 Yudbots. That's right, barring the PostHumans, everything in this force is a remote, or otherwise hackable. Yes, it is a massive weakness, but I was going for theme (AI/Non-human assets only). I have an alternate list that trades out the TAG for an Asura Lt, Naga Hacker, PH Sniper & Doctor (Instead of Hacker & Engineer), and trades a Dakini for an EVO Repeater Probot. Getting back on topic though, for 270 points this DN just seems grossly overpriced. Okay, sure, it's got lots of torps, and lots of HP… but so do other dreads. The Apex has plenty of torps (only fore though), as does the Titan (not quite as good up close). All the other dreads have GUNS… and this thing is easily out-tanked by both the Apex and the Retribution. So how does it justify costing as much as any of these beasts, while bringing nothing comparable to the field?
  8. Yeah, noticed that myself. I figure they just copy/pasted the MPV from v1, forgetting that certain factions had 40% DN limits.
  9. I have just one problem with the design of that ship: Apparent Scale. Going on the engines, and the weaponry at the front, anyone who sees it for the first time is likely to assume that it's a moderately large atmospheric gunship (say the size of Mi-24D or similar), not a kilometre long spacecraft. The side ports could easily be seen as smoke discharges, and the smaller turrets as an advanced anti-missile system. The central section could also be an air-droppable cargo unit. In this case, the design is made of pure win. As a warship though… not quite as much. That's just my personal opinion though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  10. The group I play with normally use the tournament composition rules, as it helps give the fleets a different flavour from each other. It's not really that restrictive, unless you're trying to Min-Max a list. (Sorylian Mediums and Aquan Large ships come to mind here…)
  11. I name all my ships as well, but only major personalities get names. (Fleetmasters, CAGs, exceptional captains, etc).
  12. Ravager


    My take? A little brassed off… how much effort did I put into those weaponry articles? Anyways, the fluff expansion is good. The Aquan navy essentially turned into a bunch of Leviathans. (re: Farscape). The Directorate… you mean… you didn't know? The Saurian link was interesting, as was the revelation of multiple Sorylian subspecies (the more reptilian assault troops for example). Relthoza are interesting. Their description of cloaking devices is pure fail though. (What you really want is an Emission Sink. What you don't want is for said sink to be on the outer hull where it will radiate energy and give you away…) The additions are good in some places, not so great in others though. I'd say its a mixed bag, but it's nice to actually have the bag this time.
  13. This is true, but I wonder how Sector Shielding Interacts with the Shield Projector MAR. It may turn out that you can give the Aegis 3 shields towards a particular arc, in which case that gives battleship grade protection to all small & medium ships from at least one direction. An excellent strategy when closing the range, I'd think.
  14. Orders Received! v2.00 Updated to Version 2.0 to coincide with release of Firestorm v2. Changes too numerous to list. Primarily streamlining terrain to fit with v2 rules & layout. Invasion objective changed to destroying the objective in a boarding assault. High commanders changed to experimental ships, gain 2 positive MARs like Torpedo Spook & Stealth Systems, but also gain a negative MAR such as Vulnerable. Page 7 has been left intentionally blank. Anyone that wants to provide a nice is more than welcome. (Two painted fleets on a fully obstacle'd up battlefield would be awesome.)
  15. I feel your pain. Trying to re-write Blaze of Glory for F:A v2 is going to be a mammoth undertaking.
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