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  1. That's a really striking colour scheme! I've got a bunker and some towers here to paint - really looking forward to taking them in a game to see how they go!
  2. If the STAR cards are being redesigned, it would be awesome if the brain boxes at Spartan could look at the card deck they will release, and see if there is room for some objective/event cards like those to be released in the objectives set, but to replace dicing for field orders - you each draw an objective/scenario card and play that. Such a deck could be integrated with the objective/event cards to help create something of a random scenario generation system. Speaking of which - I'd also love to see event/objective cards that tie into the towns and installations, airfield, hangar, dock etc.
  3. Ha! Thanks ed0 and Delboy! I've been busy painting the house (and hardly any minis sadly), so I didn't get to reply on time (and haven't done much for the podcast yet) - speaking of which... it's nearly time to record again! Thanks for your kind words! If you have any feedback - positive, negative, things to improve or things you'd like us to chat about - let us know!! Cheers, Giles.
  4. Episode 2 of the Element 270 Podcast, Splitting the Link… In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese talk news, and then tackle the topic of split and linked fire, we then get around to answering some listener questions. We talk about the Black Wolf, hopes for 2014 for Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions. We talk about the split and linked firing options, and how they can be used to best effect. Peter reflects on a recently run tournament. We talk scenarios and campaigns, what’s been happening on the Element 270 blogsite, and try to answer some listener questions. At the end there is some special news, and tournament interviews! We hope you enjoy! Find us at our website: www.element270.wordpress.com On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/ Or follow us on Twitter as: @Element270 Our Hot Topic for this episode is: Split Fire… should it be removed from Dystopian Wars 2.0?: http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/hot-topic-for-episode-2/ You can find the episode here: http://element270.libsyn.com/webpage Cheers, Giles.
  5. Thanks guys! I was totally surprised at how awesome the game was (now, I thought it would be fun - but we were having a blast). Thanks! Giles.
  6. I would love to be involved! I am really excited about the prospect of 2.0, and would love to help out in whatever small capacity I can. 1 – Beta Testers MUST actually PLAY the game! I play the game, currently I own a pretty extensive CoA fleet (naval, air, land) and an Australian fleet, as well as the amphibious set. But I am looking at adding more soon. Other players I play with regularly cover the FSA, KoB and Ruskies... 2 – Beta Testers SHOULD have a good working knowledge of the Dystopian Wars game in its 1.1 format, and it is also a good idea for those wishing to get involved to brush up on the other Spartan Rules if they have the opportunity. I have a reasonable understanding I think, and am happy and willing to learn! 3 – Beta Testers MUST sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Spartan Games. Can do. 4 – Beta Testers SHOULD structure their feedback in the manner set out by the Spartan Design Team. So no carrier pigeons carrying Tengwar Elvish script? I guess I will have to adjust. 5 - Beta Testers MUST maintain a polite and courteous manner on the forum, both in the new Beta Section AND outside in the Forum proper. I must what in the what now? I suppose I can manage this, with the one caveat that I am allowed off the leash when discussing a) local politics and the Hobbit films. 6 – Beta Testers MUST have a sense of humour [and a good measure of patience too....] - This is Spartan after all! This is the one area I fail in. My apologies. 7 – Beta Testers SHOULD consider mentioning in their application any outside experience or skills that they feel may be useful to the Spartan Design Team. Those applicants who are reluctant to identify themselves or their workplaces on the forum, can instead contact me directly via PM [to my Delboy log-in] so that I can pass on any relevant information to the other Spartan Designers. I'm a teacher. I run several podcasts including the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast, and more relevantly I am one of the three dulcet voices on the new Element 270 podcast (www.element270.wordpress.com). I blog regularly - often at element270 - about DW. I once mauled a bear, it was stuffed, but I was pretty tired as well. I done a full-on righting course (and for anyone not quick of eye enough - that should read: I have completed a professional writing course - marvel at my editing skills, marvel I say). I once lived in the 1800s for a week and have full explosive experience with dysentery. Some of the above may be stretching the truth, but you'll note, like dysentery, I come clean in the end. 8 – Beta Testers SHOULD have a good grasp of English. BUT perfect English is NOT ESSENTIAL. Dystopian Wars is a global game with many enthusiastic players all over the world and applicants should NOT feel put off by the fact that English is not their first language. [... as a Scotsman I'll be the first to admit I butcher the language on a regular basis!...] Mi Englisk isn'f perfet, bart it'z preaty cloze. In all seriousness, I do speak and can write in both Strine and English. Thanks for the opportunity to throw my hat into the ring. Cheers, Giles.
  7. Meadow of Mayhem... an armoured battle between the Covenant of Antarctica and the Kingdom of Britannia. http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/meadow-of-mayhem/ A thoroughly excellent game. We used only the base battle boxes (armoured) and played about 650 points or so (If I recall correctly). Cheers, Giles.
  8. I made a quick and simple scenario, the first of what will be a series: An Island in the Mist... http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/an-island-in-the-mist-scenario-1/ It was good fun... can't wait for the next installment. Cheers, Giles.
  9. Episode 1 of the Element 270 Podcast is up, The Future... Peter, Reese and Giles discuss recent news and releases, the future of Dystopian Wars, tournament organization, and answer some listener questions. We talk about the Danes, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, as well as some the terrain releases from Spartan. We also cover what we hope to see from Dystopian Wars 2.0, and how the new Firestorm Armada releases might inform what we’ll see on that front. Peter talks about tournement organisation, and gives some tips and advice. Finally, we answer some listener questions. Find us at our website: www.element270.wordpress.com On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/ Or follow us on Twitter as: @Element270 Our Hot Topic for this episode is: Tiny Fliers - Game Winners or Game Wasters... join the discussion here: http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/episode-1-hot-topic-tiny-fliers/ You can find the episode here. Cheers, Giles.
  10. The Covenant face off against the French and their Australian allies... A 1200 point engagement. You can find it on Element 270 here. Cheers, Giles.
  11. Wow - they look cool! The announcement mentions Drone Subs - and the renders of the skimmers are amazing - love the rockets and the drones on the sides - amazing work from the Spartan team! Although as a CoA player I hiss and boo this release...
  12. Ah! Thanks! Not sure where I got the 5AD from! Thanks!
  13. So a full squadron of three Platos, all turrets having line of site to their target, and the EAG is operating, will be able to combine fire and lay down a single attack of 33 dice? (6 turrets x 5 dice + 3 from the fresnel turret?)
  14. A simple turn overview - Start of Turn - Activation - End of Turn - would be a neat little addition. Awesome job!
  15. Awesome! That was the plan Pistolwhip - glad to read that it's been successful. The more I think about it the more I think I'll go with relatively blank land tiles and some scenery pieces I can drop on where required.
  16. From Element 270... Planning on a Continental Scale... http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/planning-on-a-continental-scale/ Planning how to build some land terrain tiles for Dystopian Wars.... If anyone has any advice or ideas - I'd love to read them! Cheers, Giles.
  17. Looks awesome c0rruptd! I'll be using that regularly!
  18. Awesome! Thanks Rab! I am happy to note that the podcast can now be found in iTunes. Cheers, Giles.
  19. Thanks Fire@Will! That's a huge question - probably something to be answered fleet by fleet - but it's certainly something we plan on getting through! Hopefully the next one will be as solid - it'll give a better idea, in any case, on the structure we plan to proceed with (though if it doesn't work for you let us know - we want suggestions)! Cheers, Giles.
  20. Yes - hopefully this will change soon! It's ben submitted to iTunes - so hopefully it is approved soon! Cheers, Giles.
  21. Episode 0 of the Element 270 Podcast is up! http://element270.libsyn.com/webpage Welcome to Episode 0 of the Element 270 podcast. A podcast dedicated to Dystopian Wars, by Spartan Games. We’ll, be talking about Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Armoured Clash, news, reviews, questions and rumours. In this episode Giles, Peter and Reece introduce themselves, the blog site www.element270.wordpress.com and our podcast! We hope you enjoy! If you can't find us on iTunes - we'll hopefully be there very soon! But you can still subscribe via our rss page: http://element270.libsyn.com/rss Let us know if there's anything we need to change, or if you have any ideas or feedback! element270podcast@gmail.com Cheers, Giles.
  22. I glue the magnet to the turret without drilling - and sink the magnet in the model two deep so that the turret magnet recesses... Also - for flight stands - Peter, one of the Element 270 bloggers and a regular in the forums here, may well be writing up something about his experiences doing this... Cheers, Giles.
  23. I just posted a new blog entry on Element 270 - it's about using Rare Earth Magnets for Dystopian Wars miniatures... http://element270.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/the-laws-of-attraction/ I hope it's of interest! And feel free to let me know any better ways! Cheers, Giles.
  24. Looking good - in some ways I can't wait to see that ram at work... in other ways I can!
  25. We're starting to get some stuff up on the site now - let us know what you think! We've also recorded our 'episode 0' - an introduction of sorts, that will hopefully go up later this week... Will also record episode 1 later this week hopefully... In any case - thanks to anyone who has had a look so far! Cheers, Giles. www.element270.wordpress.com
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