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  1. How many models were stat-ed in the original rule book? I think it was 90 or thereabouts. The models available now? Over 500. The alliance books that are coming out later this year (Imperial Bond, Grand Coalition and Free Nations) will have all the relevant stats, as well as a bunch of extra stuff like Specialist Group Squadrons, plenty of fluff and so on. For now the PDFs are a great way to play with everything. Could they have not included the stats for the Battlegroups? Probably. I think they were trying to consider a new player buying the rules and one of the new battlegroup boxes. Do they recommend checking the website for updated stats? I'm not sure, as I don't have my rule book yet (sooooonnnn)...
  2. Some flying units wouldn't go astray... or you could wait for the aerial battle group box that will be coming in short order... To be honest though - pretty much everything has a use now - play with what you have for a few games and discover how they work together, then add a squadron here or there as you see fit. The Covenant is a lot of fun! Cheers, Giles.
  3. Not to put up a shameless plug - but we recorded some episodes going over the feel of the various fleets (core and alliance) on the Element 270 Podcast (episodes 3 and 4 respectively). www.element270.wordpress.com These are under the 1.1 rule set - and there have been some changes since to all the fleets... we'll be recording updated versions in the future... but if you listen to podcasts it might give you some feel for the various nations... All the best! Giles.
  4. PM - I'll go the email option... Cheers, Giles.
  5. Tried - seems Ben's inbox is full! Thanks! Cheers, Giles.
  6. So how do I apply? I'd love to... what's the process? I'm already NDAed...
  7. Interesting list of Cons - to each their own! In terms of table layout - I guess this predominantly to generate a fair table - especially useful in con or competitive games. I usually lay something out based on some scenario idea! Disorder - this is one I actually really like - the end phase of the game is vital - and having your ships thrown into disorder (or having fire or corrosive tokens on them) is actually frightening. In 1.1 any time a ship got disordered I didn't really give a hoot - now I really do! I certainly didn't find it game breaking - but certainly frightening! I think the end phase is a much improved version over 1.1 - I really like the changes - but it would be a dull world if we all agreed! TAC cards - I likes 'em! So there! Height levels - I can see where you're coming from, but then I also like the idea of deep diving and stratospheric flight - so I personally like them. Boarding AP - I think the system is smoother than 1.1, but still time consuming certainly - mind you, I never really board that often (I'm mainly a covenant player - although my Thales are teaching me to be more aggressive in this department!) Tokens - awesome change! Linking - yes! LOS - Primaries vs Secondaries makes it interesting! Robot boarding - hell yes! ORBATS - in every way a more balanced and holistic fleet build - everything has a role to play. Light cruisers - not capital - that's one of the subtle changes that doesn't seem like much at the time! New carrier rules - oh yes - these are fantastic - love the aces as well! All right - that's enough exclamation marks and smiley faces from me for one evening. Cheers, Giles.
  8. Ha! I know that feeling - when a new set of rules for a game with which you are familiar comes out I am usually the one still wearing the heavy-as-a-brick-filled backpack of assumptions!
  9. That's fair enough - it was an adjustment for me though - which is what started me thinking about it. Relearning a set of rules which is different to some smaller or larger degree from a previous set is, for me, usually more problematic than learning them fresh!
  10. I actually wonder Spike, whether the game will be easier for players completely new, and a bit more of an adjustment for those coming from 1.1. 1.1 players have all the understandings of terms and rules that may have changed, even subtly, between the last version and this one. New players won't have to alter, delete or replace terms, rules, and so on. Just a thought I had during the beta. Cheers, Giles.
  11. Yeah - I love the new robot rules - one of the biggest improvements I think. Robot combat now actually feels in the game like... robot combat.
  12. Awesome job Peter! Jealous!
  13. Welcome to episode 9 of the Element 270 podcast. In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese are joined, for a question and answer session, by Derek Sinclair and Neil Fawcett (Delboy and Spartan Neil - or - lead designer of 2.0 and owner of Spartan Games, respectively). We hope you enjoy! You can find the episode here: http://element270.libsyn.com/element270-009-q-and-a-with-neil-and-derek We love feedback – if you’d like to contact us you can email us at element270podcast@gmail.com Follow us on twitter at @element270 or join our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/
  14. How did you get 17? With the heavy turret (6), turret (3) and broadside (3) a squadron of two would be leading with the heavy (6) plus a pool of 3+3+6+3+3/2=9 for 15? Or could get 6 + (3+3/2=3) for 9AD for each Fresnel at RB4...? Am I missing something? Cheers, Giles.
  15. I would imagine it will be in some way or other...
  16. If you head over to the downloads page on the Spartan site you can download the 2.0 army lists for the 7 core nations - in this it lists all the models that will be coming in the Armoured Battle Groups - (though as James mentions they also come with Local Air Support and Infantry). It's also been mentioned that all the new Battlegroup boxes come with a TAC deck - which is a great way of getting all the bits you'll want (though you'll also need a rules book of course! ) As a beta tester who absolutely loves the land game - the new boxes are going to be amazing - a good number of points (as you can see in the lists), with a really solid balance - they give a good army for a good sized game, as well as some options in a smaller points game if that's how you want to go. James and Derek have done a magnificent job with the rules - if you grab one I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Cheers, Giles.
  17. The Archimedes and the Aronnax can tear stuff apart though - really tear stuff apart. I shall raise a quiet glass to the once glorious scuttle, and when the new sun rises tomorrow I shall lay my plans to rip stuff up.
  18. Absolutely! Read the TAC cards carefully! They allow for some more subtle interactions and effects than it might otherwise appear at first blush!
  19. I also think what the MARs do is streamline complexity - the core rules are solid, interesting, and have plenty of subtleties. The MAR system allows for a richer exploitation of those core rules, without making a list of rules ten miles long, with exceptions and conditions, that needs to be remembered. When I play, I need to know the core rules and the MARs that impact the models in my force - anything I need to know that is MAR related can be quickly found in the MAR chapter. Add to the fact that the list of MARs has been greatly reduced and at the same time deepened and made more flexible, means that one MAR can be x on one ship and xy on another - and all of this is very simple - I would say that the MARs in 2.0 do much to consolidate what was becoming a somewhat bloated list of exceptions and conditions, and brings them back to the core rules in a more easily digestible and yet more flexible system. That's my opinion at least! Cheers, Giles.
  20. Also note that in DW2.0, during deployment, the SAS from the carrier is deployed at the same time as the carrier (ie: it's one deployment to place the ship and the SAS), whereas the Local Air Support is placed at the end of deployment (well- when the tiny models are placed). Also (and again in DW2.0) - you can only take one recon plane from the carrier, and one from the Local Air Support (important as the recon planes in 2.0 can actually have a big role to play). Cheers, Giles.
  21. And what's interesting is that some of the repercussions for the new deployment rules can have an impact on what choices you make when building your fleet...
  22. Note the weapons arcs and how they have changed - oh yes - they make a difference across the board!
  23. Also - the Plato is a Light Cruiser (not a capital model) - which means it can hunt smalls more effectively and can't be targeted by certain weapons...
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