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About Me

My name is Giles Pritchard, better known (though by fewer people) as Baron Gilos Pritchardus the VIII.

I spent the first 9 months of my life engaged in the most rigorous process of self-development and refinement I have ever been through, it was during this process of self-improvement I grew the fingers with which I am typing this.

Some years after all that I completed a Professional Writing Course and then, when I realized that most writers were very poor, I completed a teaching degree and now teach as well as write.

I am the greatest dancer known to humanity, although I can only perform when on my own and when no one is watching and/or recording me. Thus, despite my heavenly talent for dancing, I have achieved little recognition by it.

You can find me as @caradocp on Twitter

My blog: http://castlebymoonlight.blogspot.com.au/

My podcast: http://gamesschoolslibraries.com/

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