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  1. I know its a shock.... but a certain retail outpost based in sheffield (UK) has pre-orders for Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus 2 player starter set. Release date 30th Jan.... Russian Commonwealth v Covenent
  2. Well guess my DW stuff is going back in to the cupboard until next year.... along with this account! If the blog announcement says they'll be doing DW BETA games at Spiel '19 in Oct. there is either 0 chance of a release before christmass OR they arent sure of what their time scales are......
  3. Actually this is something that GW are getting right at the moment with the Sister of Battle release.... Its something that the community has been asking for so they announced it with a beta of the rules since then they have done a little article once a fortnight giving a dribble of information, some weeks its just a case of here we've painted this model look at how we've made the black look different .. but its something regular keeping people who have been looking forward to it hyped and not spending their hobby money else where (for the most part). Where as for DW I'm one of 3/4 people at my local club with fleet(s) and the only one whos taking ANY notice of whats going on, the thought is well theres no info so I'll carry on playing these other systems.
  4. This is the internet... if its not written in clear on either the companies website or a blog /article of a known wargame dissemination site (ie something like Beasts of War) then its just hear say :p
  5. The issue is if you start to build up hype you have to keep it going, if you let it drop then its twice as hard to get the momentum going again. Its better to show one or two thinkgs every couple of months than 7 or 8 in one go then a 6 month period before you show the next thing. Example of how not to do it is Star Wars Armada where they announced the SSD, the next con showed it off put two articles up.... a year later still nothing more, not even a release date! It kills off any enthusiasm for the game system as a whole
  6. I'd expect/hope something at either GenCon or Spiel...... However the Radio silence is deafening...
  7. @Phant Mastik - yep thats the same thing! I've got a message from @Warcradle Zak... they are looking into this & think they know the cause. So a big thank you to zak for getting back to me.
  8. Weird... since I last checked the Vignette #18 post has moved from 'News & Rumours' to the WWX forum where I can now see it, and it appears in the activity log. Only thing I can think of is the permissioning on the 'News & Rumours' is a bit off from the rest of the site. As this would explain why an old account (mine) & the guest views have the same problem and only with that forum.
  9. The same problem has occured with the new News post 'Vignette #18 - The Price' Guest (ie not logged in accounts) have the same issue as mine... and give the same Error code 2S136/V This is tested from 3 browsers on a (work) PC, chrome on a mobile and safari on an IPad.
  10. Update - something has changed in the last couple of hours on this... I can now read the threads & a number of other ones I hadnt seen before have become visible. Thank you to the webmaster!
  11. The beta ship rules are generic and not nation specific....so only a few shops from the crown actually match up to the rules. (Dominions, tribals fit to the cruiser. The valients fit hunter subs, and the vanguard is the assault sub..) Edit - protectors are frigates...better match than the British ones the Cerberus I’d run as heavy cruisers, and the Victoria’s and tasmanias as normal cruisers. The crocs I’d run as hunter subs in the beta
  12. Update - I see the same issue with the guest (ie not logged in) account.
  13. Different device, same issue I’m afraid. Zak had emailed me saying the issue with the bill and teds post was fixed, and it was with no input from me. However the under lying problem is still there. i did reply to the support email with full details & was just wondering if the issue was unique to my account.
  14. I have already raised this with Warcradle support team via the contact us link.... However is anyone else only seeing new posts on the front page list and not anywhere else? including the 'latest posts' side bar and the sub forums themselves? I'm seeing this on the broadcast posts, eg the one about Bill & Ted game & the one about WWX June previews.
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