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  1. Someone is playing their lizards wrong then. It clearly says in the orbat that the rerolling of 1s only applies to Armoured elements, and furthermore only applies at effective range, where most of our big guns have lost their full punch. The Leviathan is an elevated element, and thus doesn't get to do that. I wish it did, it would make it far better than it is. Also, I don't have the levi, my force consists of 2 core helixes and the heavy support helix.
  2. That would have made it even more one-sided. Almost all my points came late game when he was over-confidant after having taken out all my heavies and got his valuable units in assault range of my heavy infantry. This isn't like a single game's problem either, I have been consistantly unable to win regardless of models/helixes used, different tactics, or terrain. With the exception of the APC and the tank destroyers, there isn't a single model in the Sorylian army that I have found able to win its points back on a regular basis, and I have faced off against Terrans, Dindrenzi, and Relthozans, so it isn't just being bad vs one army either.
  3. I can't speak for any other factions, but the lizards are complete garbage. I have 15 games with them and 12 losses. Only reason I haven't sold my planetfall models on ebay is that nobody in the club wants to go back to playing FSA because the games take too long.
  4. Players: iyaerP / not on the forums Points Value: 2550 Factions & Allies: Sorylians / Relthozans Starting Zero Hour: 51 Zero Hour Score: 15/0 Turn Count: 7 This one was brutal, I got tabled, and the only reason that the score was as close as it was was that my opponant repeatedly moved his walker squadrons into assault range of my heavy infantry, allowing me to get a number of kills that I really shouldn't have. Cloaking is 100% bullshit.
  5. I have never gotten good use out of the Marshal. I recommend against using it.
  6. Players: iyaerP / Pilfermonkey Points Value: 2750/side Factions: Sorylians vs Dindrenzi Starting Zero Hour: 55 Zero Hour Score: 0 / 8 Turn count: 4
  7. Odin. His opening shot killed 2/3 of my tankhunters, first shot of the game, and my heavy infantry got obliterated as soon as they left the building they were in to try and attack the odin
  8. I had to face my first leviathan last saturday, and I have to say, it didn't go well. I already feel like the Sorylians are weak all around, but facing a leviathan without one of my own made me feel completely helpless and ineffective. Has anyone faced one on the battlefield and emerged victorious, and if you did so, how did you do it? Because I put all my long ranged guns towards putting it down when I faced one, and I only got a single hull point on it over the course of the entire game.
  9. I use both, but the infantry sit in an objective while APC goes light tank hunting because it has amazing stats for its cost, and at only 2 TV, doesn't really hurt to lose.
  10. Players: iyaerP/Hardygun Points Value: 2700/side Factions: Sorylians vs Terrans Starting Zero Hour: 54 Zero Hour Score: 37 to -3 Terran Victory Turns Count: 4
  11. Dead weight: Aegises. They feel like free battle log points for my opponants, the gun isn't bad, but there's only one of it, and the fact that they have to activate seperately from what I want them protecting means that I almost always am going to have something outside of the bubble, so it really doesn't do its job like it's supposed to. If they could attatch to a squadron of other ships, I would like them a lot more. But also, hitting on 3s isn't nearly as good as just +1SH was. I know that the +2SH of beta was OP, but +1SH would be better than what we got. Because really, the only thing that benefits from the presence of an Aegis is an Apollo or Titan, and those are already super-tough. I want aegises to protect my small fry, which they manifestly cannot do with their current rules.
  12. I'll be honest, I am probably just going to go back to playing firestorm for now. I was already losing every single game of planetfall as it is. I see no point in buying further into this. At least in FSA, I can work around the presence of bad units by bringing something else. Here, I have no choice. And I don't like that.
  13. I would seriously like an answer to this, as almost all of the terrain available at our gamespace will include little foam hills, and this will effect every one of our games going forward.
  14. Players: iyaerP / Matt Points Value: 600 Scenario: 1: Line up and kill each other Factions & Allies: Terrans / RSN Battle Log Scores: 9 / -5
  15. iyaerP vs Matt Capture the Station 1200 pts Terran/Hawker vs RSN 3 to 7 (Draw) BC: 2 / 0
  16. With hermes, I always run them as +1 HP, Beams and Weapon shielding. 5HP matters SO much that it isn't even funny. It is the difference between garbage and worthwhile. As for people complaining about our heavies, I can't actually believe that you have used them correctly if you have that many issues with them. They have more firepower than ANY OTHER SQUADRON IN THE GAME. Just shunt them in behind your opponants flagship and get a guarenteed crit on it. A double-crit isn't outside the realm of possibilities either. Since most things you will be fighting don't have weapon shielding themselves, being down a crit on a DN or BB is a big deal, especially since that means that it will be that much weaker shooting at your Apollo as it drives up the board for the melee brawl. Furthermore, if you position them well when shunting, you should be able to get a nice nuke on some frigates or cruisers in addition to the LASER DEATH you get to deliver into your enemy's rear. Worst case scenario? You lose initiative after shunting them in and your opponant scrambles to redeploy something to deal with them. This is great for you, because it means that they are leaving the rest of your force unmolested to drive up the board and get into the scrum that Terrans prefer. I have never had shunted Templars fail to deliver, because if your opponant turns his flagship to deal with them, he isn't shooting at your Apollo. If he ignores them, you get to kill him from behind. It's great. Yes, they are expensive, I don't deploy them under 1000 points, but at the same time, there is nothing in the game that can just shrug them off, something that can't be said for our normal cruisers or frigates. Templars are the best source of damage in the Terran Fleet. They are not the most points effective source of damage that we have, that goes to Missionaries, but they are killier than anything else we have, and when the vast majority of our fleet does well against mediums and smalls, but struggles with larges, that is a very important slot to have filled.
  17. I really have yet to see the battlecruisers even come close to earning back their points. Titan all the way.
  18. If the Pilgrim torps were the same at RB3 as RB4, I would take them more often, but as is, they are rarely getting effective use of said torps.
  19. I will say that if you aren't fielding a DN and your opponents are, you are in for a very tough time. In anything above 1000, they are an auto-include for me.
  20. I always take temporary solutions. Cyclic shielding I have never found to be useful.
  21. iyaerP vs Aaron (no forum profile) Terrans/Hawker vs Dindrenzi 800 Points Battle Log: 5 / 7 0 battlecruisers
  22. Templars are definitely the better heavy cruiser model.
  23. I have only tried them in patrol fleets, and I really don't feel like they carry their weight there. You're better off with a squad of Templars for shunt in, or a carrier battle group to drive up the board with.
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