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  1. Cocolia

    Planetfall in Brno

    Hi guys, here is couple wip photos of our forces....
  2. Cocolia

    Teutonic order

    Wow, thank you all for positive feedback....
  3. Cocolia

    Teutonic order

    Hello, I finished my TO for my Scandinavia table... Hope you'll like it.
  4. And here is my defenders of fjords :-D
  5. Hello guys, sorry for delayed reply. NC is right. I bulit terrain from paper, glue and soft sand (for cleaning chinchillas :-)) Im happy you like my table. Ill bulit some islands asap for upcoming event. Ill share photos.
  6. Thank you :-D Im pretty sure about stated time. I have some special techniques to create tables very fast...
  7. I made DW simple Scandinavia table... Its took two evenings of work.
  8. HI guys... Im really sorry for long pause. Ill wait for big realease under SG and Ill update Planetfall cards then. Im looking forward for full release of this game. New version of cartds will be uploaded on dropbox.
  9. Here is MK2 cards... with green color for dindrenzi and added new models.... please use "Stahnout" button to download printable PDF.... http://ulozto.cz/xuTgRdS/fip-cards-print-pdf
  10. Many thanks for positive feedback.... :-)
  11. Cocolia

    IMG 3892

  12. Cocolia

    IMG 3891

  13. Cocolia

    IMG 3812

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