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  1. Yes it has been quiet. The crickets had formed a band and began to play old Who songs from the 70's.
  2. Perfect I like that decision to go with alliance core helixes.
  3. Your first line in the post is the key comment. And it is not a coincidence that the tournament kits are in the same release.
  4. You then create problems with core versus non-core in the OB.
  5. Yes I agree. Especially after seeing the Assault helixes.
  6. Oml I should also point out that fleet OB's are also supported and influenced by the background story and vice versa. In the new background that accompanies the fleet list the Danish are asked by the Prussians to increase the size of their navy by using Norwegian and Swedish sailors for the coming campaign in the Baltic. This could mean further additions to the fleet OB which would in turn make the issue of lend lease non-core rather mute to those gamers who want a "pure" Danish force of models on the table top. Conversely by keeping the lend -lease units around Spartan has not invalidated the gaming pursuits of the original intent of gamers who wanted to game with the Danes on the side. In the end the Danish fleet continues to expand ( slowly and surely ).
  7. It may be to "restrictive" for some, but you can work around it and come up with a list that is competitive. Especially now that the Danes have new units. This supposed "loophole" we knew was there and it was intentional. We are only dealing with a small number of Prussian units and an even smaller number of those units that would benefit from CQG when taken as close allies in a Prussian list. The gamer has to decide if he wants to do that. This is not the only list where lend-lease is non-core by the way. The Indian Raj lend lease air units are non-core. Merlin You are right to surmise that part of the reason is to get more Danish players to use "pure" Danish units. And as you say there is nothing wrong with that.
  8. The distinction is what type of ally you are referring to not between lend-lease and ally. ( Page 134- 135 of the Commodore rulebook. )
  9. You are missing a key distinction about allies. The Danes are close allies to Prussia, but the Prussians are factional allies to the Danes. There is a difference. The Emperor BB is non-core as lend -lease and non-core as a factional ally in a Danish list. It becomes core only as a pure Prussian unit in a Prussian list ! Conversely a Danish Ragnerrak is a core unit as a close ally in a Prussian list. So your example of a Emperor BB, two battlecruisers and corvettes in a Danish list are non-core units no matter how you spin them as lend -lease or allies.( By the way corvettes are not lend -lease. )
  10. Yes. Using the Havel as a lend -lease model means the SAS are Danes.
  11. Okay what does Spartan do after the Assault helix is released ? That's the last one, so has anyone heard what happens next ? And if you were the person making the decision what would you do ? I know what I would. Add another alliance helix for starters !!!!
  12. The Skagerrak has gained more balance. During the early playtests for DW 2.0 I fought to keep the Skageraak MkII....( it was nearly scrapped! )...with that ship included in the ob plus the additional ships that the Danes have received recently you have to tweak things a little to maintain some modicum of balance. Nothing in DW happens in a vacuum ....so a Skaggerak that is perceived by your opponent as being vulnerable must be weighed against other threats of the Danish fleet that can counter board in a subsequent activation such as the Tyr assault boats or Magni assault airship. These two elements were not present just a year ago ! Change brings about adjustment to the order of battle. Who knows what will be around in a year from now.
  13. It's really not your fault and you don't have to apologize for Spartan. But the time has come to release the consolidated orbats with the Assault helix included. The models for all the forces in the Assault helix look amazing and having the stats early may actually drive up sales. This has gotten ridiculous as I like so many others have been waiting to start playing the game again.
  14. The French and the FSA have already fought each other in the North African desert. ( Operation Sirocco )
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