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  1. That dreadnought remains the sexiest thing in space! *sigh* another new fleet for me!
  2. Veydreth! I know they are already closer to being there than others but an assault carrier and a dreadnought would be awesome :-)
  3. Good news for you! http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWI0423 :-P Liking all of these. Sorylians are my favourite, though the Iapetus are very nice also....
  4. Yeah, driven by stockists as I understand as lots of blisters took up a lot of space. Also it was a pain for independent stores to go through a huge stock list.
  5. I too deliberately broke them at the half way point so that they are flush on the top and the bottom and then filled the gap.
  6. Great colours, and well executed!
  7. Mountbatten

    CoA Coeus

    There is a Paricle accelerator in the mouth, between the mandibles and some rocket batteries on some of the plates on the back.
  8. I far prefer this chap to the bear idea. The standard Russian 'city' bit on the back is fun, makes me think of unstable or dangerous power sources or material in the middle so the crew are as far away as possible! Steam axes have a rather nice mechanism as well
  9. To be honest I am surprised to see this much. Spartan usually does not do a December release at all due to Christmas shipping difficulties. Tokens are nifty!
  10. Not as interested as I would be in trying to mount the command skiff on the back of the Leviathan instead of the gun platform so I could field double heavy helix and keep the Dinosaur in!
  11. You could do, though I think you have the dice and the tokens the wrong way round. The dice indicates the number of SAWs (tokens in V2 speak) in the squadron at deployment. As tokens are destroyed they are removed but the dice stays the same. This is because when you replenish at a carrier the squadron cannot be bigger than it was at deployed. you could do it the other way round if you wanted using the dice to keep track of losses and the number of tokens to be the starting strength but it would be harder to change your mind at the start of the game if you wanted to use different sized squadrons to normal.
  12. Will be picking up my Sorylian and Directorate ones. they look great, and also huge! A bit envious of the Aquan one, that was looks good and has a heck of a lot of guns! I think the Terran one is nicer than the original from the rule book. Looks a bit faster and like it could deal with terrain better.
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