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  1. Thank you Ureel, I had to give me a try on modelling. It went better as I was expecting. Another idea I had is a picture/photo in token size for a commodore ...
  2. Hey, I´m myself my 100th and 101th replyer Remember my commander token a page before? He´s called Prof. Dr. Dr. Hartmuth Stövers and is a mad prussian scientist who loves tesla weaponary
  3. Well ... erm ... "going strong" may not be the right expression ... There are ships in my fleet yes, but I´m a lousy admiral ... an never ever won a game with this fleet But I´ll keep on trying!! Lord Hoods are on the way and their allied Australiens form up to be a fleet.
  4. I may have mentioned in my PE blog that my gaming table is ready ... But it seems like I´ll need some scenery in the near future
  5. I decided to beat the RC, give my friends who arn´t playing by now an intro game and needed something to get rid of some free time Here is the result:
  6. Thank you again jpj I´m using Citatdel colours for brown: scorched brown (old), lighter parts in calthan brown for "white": Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone (both old)
  7. Great advise I should think like that when I face RC next time
  8. Thank you jpj. Actually I´m working on a tesla-less part of my fleet. I´m speaking of the real danish part: When my gaming table is ready (just have to notice that one spray deep blue isn´t enuogh) I´ll present my whole fleet. In the meantime I started parallel another project ... Sneak preview: Well ... and there´s something funny too (It wasn´t me if not ): I like a professor commanding my fleet from his skyfortress ... he should look alike Gustard: But as a token and with a beard (like me )
  9. Your fleet looks great Daemonette666!! A very good copy of the SG-sceme! My Aussies arrived last saturday and I hope that I can post my fleet soon too.
  10. That hurts me as a PE player ... but it cheers me up for my KoB Fleet Impressive victory for the god of dice!!
  11. Thank you fracas. I´m looking forward to try out the UPG.
  12. After some scolling through my posts I realized, I´ve never posted my Emperor without my Tesla generator All three generator models saved by a shield generator 3 views of my UPG
  13. I hope your gaming group appreciates your efford!! It´s one of the greatest Dystopian Wars-scenery I have ever seen
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