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  1. Looks great! Are there any plans for terrain for dystopian wars??
  2. So excited! My son and I are ready to test the **** out of this!
  3. I agree, more frequent updates might be nice though...
  4. I agree, battleship plus squad of cruiser/light cruiser plus a squad or two of smalls that are 20-30 points each. I try to make sure the points are relatively even, given a full squad of the cruisers and then matching the points with however many smalls are needed.
  5. Do you have any pics that show how this method turned out? Both of these methods sounds interesting. I do have an old Citadel paint that is a blue metallic, it's still in decent shape even though I've had it for 20+ years. I was thinking of painting them blue, like a lighter sky blue type of color, then putting the slightest dot of white or very lightened blue in the corner, then after the model is done and I've Matt sprayed it, I could dab a little gloss coat or 'ard coat onto the windows.
  6. I've learned a lot about miniature painting over the last few years (thanks to Sorastros YouTube channel) and now that I am playing Dystopian Wars again I am getting the itch to paint my fleet. My original color scheme was pretty dark grey with some dark red, even the wood planks were dark. My plan is to lighten it all up quite a bit and work a little on the details. I was showing my wife the color scheme thread for the Prussian Empire and how painting the windows really makes the miniature pop, I definitely want to do that this time. What methods do people use to paint the windows? It's such a small space, but it would be nice to show some reflectivity. Also I am interested in adding a smokey look around the rim of the smoke stacks, some kind of weathering on the Tesla weapons and that strange rusty look that runs down from port holes and rivet locations. Any suggestions on how to accomplish these details?
  7. I really like it, keep it up! Some of the pics seem to have a strange red/orange tint? I really like the camo you are using on the Russian ships, looks great!
  8. Oh wow, that's awesome. I missed that in their model type. This is a pretty sweet box. 1000 points.
  9. Hey, Prussian player here, I got my son into Dystopian Wars and he flagged CoA as the fleet he was interested in. He got the starter box for his 14th birthday today and it comes with diving templates for all the medium, large and massive models. I haven't seen anything in the rules that gives any of these ships diving abilities though. Can someone clue us in? Thanks!
  10. How dare you! You must be in the wrong nations forum lol. I don't recall anything indicating they had to be the lead weapon, hope not. Not a big deal breaker, but would have an effect at times.
  11. It's a nice video, but it's also 1.1 not 2.0. That's the problem I keep running into lately is a lot of the content I am able to find is last edition.
  12. While I think it would be neat to once a year have a massive scale Land/Sea/Air battle, I can't imagine doing it very often and I have zero interest in Land battles that aren't in conjunction with a Naval battle. For that matter, I also have zero interest in air battles, though I love all the aerial models in the game, I would only include them in a Naval based battle. Most of what I use are bombers anyway, which don't work against other aerial vessels. As long as Spartan supports Naval and Ground simultaneously and not at the cost of one another.
  13. Welcome! Though I think it's closer to 1.3mm scale correct?
  14. Hey guys, I recently ran across this blog by accident: Full Spectrum Dominance, it has a huge emphasis on Dystopian Wars, though there is also a lot of Infinity and Dropzone/Fleet Commander as well. I love it, the guy is an awesome painter, his fleets look amazing. The blog has lots of cool battle reports as well. Does anyone else know if any good blogs, podcasts or YouTube channels?
  15. What are the Ironclad rules? What are the victory conditions for the 3 scenarios?
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