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  1. I've always stood by the Wraith being the best unit/helix in the game, especially as you can take 2 with full grand company in a 3000 point game. A lot of factions just have no effective counter to that at that points range, making for an incredibly tough battle.
  2. Thanks heaps for the detailed response, I appreciate it. So I'll need to pick up a bombardment box and look sadly at all my carriers except for Kepler's sitting in the transport box. Should make for an interesting list...glad I didn't shell out for extra diophantus' when they were first available on the store!
  3. Remember you can always take a Directorate assault helix as Dindrenzi - it's what I'm considering doing!
  4. Hi guys, There's talk in my gaming group of getting back into DW, it's been a long while since we've played, so I'm here to ask - What's the current state of the Covenant? It looks like drones got punched pretty hard? Can we reliably fight using surface combatants?
  5. Awesome, thanks, in the cart they go! (once TCC has them in stock again...)
  6. Can you whack them next to your Archangel so I can see the size of them? They look much better with paint on them.
  7. Will the Iapetus still be able to be built with twin blades?
  8. I've never seen my Terran opponent have much trouble using a combo of Heimdals, Vidars and Valks on overwatch to wreck any Pods and Nyx squads. They're such short range that it's not like they'll be shooting at anything else anyway.
  9. Delingr looks fantastic, nice work!
  10. You'd have to use the Caramis walkers to zero the Relthoza SD markers. The Relthoza recon helix has always been tempting to me, because I thought it'd have some unreal synergy with dindrenzi core and RSN helix (use the temple to try to break overwatch, then bring the infantry rain), but I held off getting it until I saw what the Din aerial helixes would turn out like...I like the stats on the ground attack helix but can't really handle the look of the actual models, so I'm not sure if I'll end up getting it as liking the look of my models is as important as their performance to me. I was initially very poo-poo on the turrets, but after using them a couple of times they're actually really useful, so din recon is also tempting to me now. Dindrenzi vulnerabilities (imo) are being somewhat fragile up close once hover is no longer a concern (the armoured forces can struggle against other armoured forces I've found), somewhat expensive, activation disadvantages early on (due to squads awaiting sky drop), lack of quality AA
  11. Well, I guess we could ask how far you can take the bonuses for building a battlegroup? You could say: 'The Diogenes-class Frigates of the Energy Artillery Battlegroup are experimental support models and replace their standard broadsides with a 3/3/3/3 energy broadside'
  12. I like that - gives incentive to put the Euclid in harm's way, by having it stick close to bombers making strike runs, or plunging into a SAS dogfight.
  13. Iota Heavy Sky Monitor Squadron. 1x Daedalus Beta 2x Icarus flyers Next one is likely way too strong: Olympus Command 1x Euclid 3x Capek Free card: Olympus Protocol 30 Points Drone Squadrons launched by the Euclid this turn may ignore the drone network feedback rule. The Euclid lacks punch imo, outside of it's PA. An expensive squadron to bolster it's secondary armaments.
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