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  1. I also hope that it does. I do like this game, but our FLGS {4 in the state} have no interest in this game anymore. They have a lot of the armada and planet-fall space game as well as Halo from Spartan games But no Dystopian War. I am afraid that it might go the way of the sail fantasy game { I also own 2 fleets in this game - they are also shelved }. Time will tell. At least I have the rules and a few fleets to always play the game with if it does disappear from the tabletop landscape. Take care.
  2. Not a rant at all - Thank you for giving us your insight. I am just worried, the game has been withdrawn from the brick & Mortar stores that I visit across 3 states. People are just not playing it. I must confess, I have also shelved my fleets and have played other miniature games that are more actively covered by the parent company and continue to push out new product and or revise old. Just my $0.02 worth - But Dystopian War is 3rd in line being Halo and the other Space game. - which feels like it is heading exactly the same way as Uncharted Seas {I still own 2 fleets from that game}.
  3. Plainly - get both for maximum enjoyment - I did and was glad that I did so. The La-Rochelle is my favorite. After all -who doesn't like big weapons on big ships?
  4. I would like the Voltaire to be slightly better, I agree that it is lacking something - maybe a secondary weapon - a small Bombay with 4dice dame at RB-1 to harass Frigates and corvettes?
  5. I own 2 squadrons of Almas - Their movement helps me to use islands and terrain for blocking and then running out and picking on targets {Sniping} they also can foil a lot of other frigate torpedo attacks on them. They are not great by any means, but they can work for you.
  6. I am still on the fence at purchasing it. Our Meta has dropped this game - only 2 of us playing right now, down from 9. So I think that purchases for this game will be scaled back.
  7. Good advise. Just finished painting my Bombers -- going to give an all aerial squadron a try.
  8. Agreed. I was thinking that it would be much more impressive. But on top of that we have some very nice ship designs - and this one just makes no sense. I am very disappointed - Just my $0.02 worth
  9. I am not blown away by the stats for 400 pts. I will probably not invest my gaming funds into this model.
  10. They are nice looking ships. I painted the Marseilles hulls red from where the waterline should be down.. It kind of matches the Air Wing that is painted red except for the Vauban and Tourbillon.
  11. Just hoping. If it has outstanding stats, then I will add it to the lineup. If not then sorry. Still do not like the sculpt. Just my preference.
  12. Got 4 painted {Voltaire's} But really don't use them anymore. Though they look impressive in the all painted aerial wing {Painted Red}
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