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  1. OMFG! Have SJW's infested this forum now? People telling a responder his humorous comments are "offensive" to the original poster who laughed and actually enjoyed them. What the hell has this forum come to?
  2. Only once have I seen Snappers do damage to anything, even without PD Mountain, just standard ships PD has been enough to neutralize the threat of Snappers the vast majority of the time.
  3. Sorylians got the $#!t gimped out of them in this edition. They got the shortest range band weapons, which wasn't bad in and of it's self, but then they really got bent over without without lubricant by the simultaneous reduction of Attack Dice, Firing Arcs and Range Bands of their regular and heavy cruisers, frigates and corvettes. The battleship just sort of stayed the same no changes or improvements, which compared to every other battleship which got something better out of V2, it now lags behind. If that doesn't change and this whole thing of Scatter being further reduced in effectiveness to only Range Band 1 stays in, the Sorylians will become the race you play if you just don't want to win at all.
  4. The Trident sees a lot more use in our local meta since it's last round of stat changes. With the Hardpoint option of Hidden Killer it gets a lot more play. Even worse for me, with the Scout Hardpoint and the advent of the Pugeo, my Dindrenzi opponents have figured out how to out-Scout my Hawker fleet now (allowing them to change position on said Destroyers for maximum optimized lines of fire on me) The Falchion also sees more play and got deadlier with a pair of Decurions in accompaniment. 12 Wing carrier group that can link P/S and Gun Racks for Praetorian Gun Rack levels of firepower on one side and Nausicaa gunrack levels of fire on the other side, not to mention the 11AD linked torpedo shot. Lets hope such awesome does not get FUBAR in V3.
  5. I agree, my group had area terrain ideas on the to-do list of things to house rule.
  6. This is what I miss most about V1.0, where a ship or wing could move at half it's MV rate through terrain safely without damage effect. Terrain was still dangerous and had to be respected, but if you took it slow and careful, a ballsy commander could use dangerous terrain to their advantage.
  7. Second the Push-Pull for Gravity Weapons. Also make Split Fire a standard general Firing Option again instead of an Upgrade limited to the most retarded weapon systems nobody would ever use it on. But only for non-torpedo weapons! Don't want the return of Torpedo Spam. While we're at it how about an optional rules for capturing boarded ships. Don't know about how Terrain will be handled but I'd like to see the old "Half-Speed/Safe-Movement through Terrain" rules of V1.0 reinstated as optional rules. (I HATE the damned random rolling BS of V2)
  8. I've experienced it first hand on both sides of the coin playing Planetfall. My play experience the last two years has been that non-exploding shields is a total screw-over to Terrans. Also as a primarily Dindrenzi Planetfall player, I don't like the Kinetic rules in it since it's really a screw to my Terran opponent and it also doesn't help me do jack-$#!t against other factions. As a player of both Terran/Hawker and Dindrenzi, the new versions in V3 are a mutual screw-over. As a Hawker player, Cyberwarfare is **** now, it's the worst thing I've seen so far. The one thing I hate more about new editions than anything else. TAKING AWAY MY OPTIONS!!! I used to be able to plan my attacks, strategise, target this specific subsystem to setup for a following attack from another fleet asset. It required forethought, planning, strategy and patience to reap the payoff, and it was GREAT! But NOOOO, now I don't have any choice at all, I just get to randomly roll $#!t on some damned table and hope I get what I need. I also don't like the Cloak = Hard Dice thing, as Directorate player it never really did much for me. For the Relthoza in Firestorm it's a total deathcurse. I play against a Relthoza fleet regularly in V2 and Endrasalem has a difficult time not getting his fleet wrecked by me with half-dice cloak. With Hard Dice cloak, based on our Taskforce and Planetfall game, (unless Spiders get some serious stat upgrades) I predict Relthoza players will be getting table wiped regularly.
  9. Ugh, does this mean we have put up with that god-awful Minefields bull$#!t rules from Taskforce!?! This really is going to be the next V1.5 edition. It's going to be so house ruled to hell and back nobody will be able to play anyone else across gaming groups, and forget about Tournaments. No one will be able to agree on a ruleset except that they don't want to play by the book.
  10. Earlier it was stated that some of the SRS/Carrier rules were being ported over from Dystopian Wars v2.5 Based on the accidental copy of DW I received, Carriers in Firestorm may be getting a system of special Carrier Command Points like DW. Each carrier model has a rating of how many points is has to perform what is called Carrier Actions. For example you can spend Carrier Points to restore lost Wings to an SRS token (ala Deck Crews) for a point per Wing restored. Or you can restore a completely destroyed SRS for 3 Carrier Points (to the minimum 2 Wing count, and then you have to Deck Crews it back up to full strength from there). There's a two or three other things you can do to your wings in DW 2.5 with those points etc. Carrier Points replenish each turn, so there's a limit to how much per turn your carrier can do.
  11. Back in the day of V1.0 it came up about every 3rd game or so (used to play a lot back then, could get two sometimes three 1000 point games in a single four or 5 hour play session) But I suggest limiting it to Tier 2 and 1 models, suicide frigates became an issue and we house ruled them out of the ramming option back then.
  12. I foresee problems at tournaments with this. There's going to be lots of Ref calls on opponent's moves.
  13. Hence the request to make it an optional rule. For those of us who actually do use it.
  14. Some things that came up in the Firestorm game this weekend. Things the guys in our group would like to see added back in 3.0. Ramming: At the very least make it an optional rule that players have to agree upon before game like Voluntary Decompression. It wouldn't be that difficult to implement, just take the ramming rules from v1.0 and make it a Command Check instead of a d6 roll. Split Fire return as a standard Firing Option: But ONLY for Direct Weapons (do not want Torpedo Spam). This one came up 3 times in the same night, once with Aquans (14 AD broadside on a single Frigate) , once with Dindrenzi (battleship had a fixed fore line on two cruisers, split would have been nice) and the poor newb who (logically) assumed the Terran battleship upgrade would apply to turrets, and voiced the opinion that splitting broadsides was dumb when we informed him otherwise.
  15. Maybe me and the others in our group are missing something, but how the hell are you supposed to use the turning template that came with the Taskforce two player box?
  16. Here's what we use locally to fix the Point Defense Mountain issue, quoted from my post in the Interceptor SRS Rebalance thread. So simple, you get rid of Point Defense Mountain while not completely denying the awesome amount of PD offered by Interceptors. You simply have to choose when to use it wisely just like every other SRS type. I often see the complaint that there's no reason to take Escorts when you have Interceptors. Why not simply change a few sentences in a paragraph and allow Escorts to Combine fire their Point Defense with each other and their parent ship against everything, including SRS. Most battleships don't have enough PD on their own to Drive Off a 6-Wing SRS, with an Escort or two they can! Plus if you implement the Interceptor/PD Mountain fix listed above, Interceptors might have Return To Base, but Escorts Don't! More reason to take Escorts! But in the interest of balance you can also shoot down Escorts as normal so you avoid the problem of PD Mountain from Escorts. On a related Issue, you think SRS are too powerful? (how often does a single ship have enough PD to actually Drive Off a SRS token)? A house rule we use, make those non-killing Hits on a PD roll count for something. Every Hit below the Driven Off threshold removes an AD from the attacking SRS token. (Note, this is for the Target Ship/Model of the SRS attack only, Hits from drive-by PD attacks of others do not count towards this AD reduction.) Example, a 6 Bomber SRS attacks a battleship which rolls it's PD getting a Kill and two Hits. This kills one Bomber Wing, reducing the SRS Token's wing count to 5, the two remaining Hits are not enough to Drive Off, but they further reduce the AD by the number of Hits, so the Five remaining Bombers roll 13 AD (5 Bombers x 3AD = 15 AD) -2 Hits = 13 AD. Takes a little of the sting out of that unstopability of SRS, makes you feel like your PD roll is actually worth something besides hoping for 6's. Basically a few changes to sentences in the book and you fix game problems without major changes or re-writes or porting stuff over from other games.
  17. How about some simple adjustments to V2 rules to fix it's problems instead of the partial re-write it looks like we're getting.
  18. Not liking this at all. Fixing linking? Nothing wrong with that at all! We're going to wind up with some kind of craptastic Taskforce/Dystopian Wars hybrid that makes the horror that was V1.5 look like fun, and the game as we love it will not survive this $#!t-show.
  19. Yep, sounds like yet another V1.5 cluster-frack. Importing from Dystopian Wars has been a bad sign of things to come.
  20. This is how mines were described in the V1.0 book. As clusters of several dozen networked omnidirectional munitions pods and/or explosives with a friend or foe identifier system so allied ships do not set off the minefield. But it was still possible to get caught in the blast/attack radius of your own mines if an enemy set them off while you were too close.
  21. That's kind of how it worked in V1.0 a Flight would fly into the mine's detonation range and set it off, the Wings would get to roll their PD rating to reduce hits/damage they took from the mine attack. Interceptors had the highest PD rating thus the best survivability of any Wing type.
  22. Plus a better way to make Escorts more attractive, give them the ability to Combine Point Defense fire with their parent ship against EVERYTHING including SRS! Also give them the ability to at least link PD fire (if not Combine) with nearby ships assist with PD just like SRS do.
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