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  1. Friday, Hermit and myself tried out the V3 rules as presented using some hodge-podge conversion to V2 ship stats to try them out. Attacker/Defender: Wasn't thrilled with this at all. As I've stated in an earlier thread, the dice didn't favor me and Hermit took the Defensive (or whatever military-pompous thing it's called). I felt the Initiative bonus to FTB wasn't balanced against a regenerating Command Point by a long shot. For a 1000 point game, I started with 9 Command Points and was out by turn 3, while Hermit, started with 5 and still had 4 by the end of the game at turn 5. Watching your opponent get a guaranteed bonus while you have to rely purely on chance with only a slight edge, NOT fun. Fleet Percentages: We both tried to break it. 1000 point fleets, I went with a pair of Terran Marshals, a Regent with Xelocian Escorts, fully upgraded Sentinel Squad, and a Pilgrim squad. Hermit had an Eliminator battleship w/a pair of Impacts, Works Raptor battlecruiser w/Torp Cruiser accompaniment, Annihilation gunships, Nemesis Destroyers, Liquidator frigates. Then came the suck of deciding how much to spend on damned Command Points. I didn't have enough to points left to get a Hawker frigate squad like I wanted so I just spent it all on 7 extra Command Points. Blew 3 of them right off the bat on Focused Shield Harmonics on the Regent. With Damage affecting how many wings can be fielded I wanted more shields on it to keep Bombers and Support Shuttles on the map. Placement/Deployment: We both agreed the forced order of deployment was a no-go. Neither one of was wanted to place our Tier 1's out first, especially at this small of an engagement size. We both wound up with one of our Tier 1 squads in less than optimal starting positions. This whole forced placement order does absolutely nothing but hinder and limit your tactical options during placement. Worse with the new Scout MAR rules. I'm a Hawker player primarily, the one thing I DO NOT want to do with my Endeavor frigates is race them up their full movement on the first turn! I want them to hang back and torpedo the snot out of things until turn 2 or 3 then rush up from cover and gun-blast things to the next incarnation. Keep Scout the way it is. Ooohhh better yet, do both versions! Scout MAR: Once a squadron with the Scout Model Assigned Rule is deployed, it can make an immediate, free movement action. The Fleet with the most models with the Scout Model Assigned Rule can redeploy any one of its Squadrons after all Squadrons have been deployed on the Game Board. (This way you get to keep the awesome that is V2 Scout and at the same time not frak-over every other player who just happens to have fewer ships with Scout MAR.) Ok Scout MAR ranty thing aside, this new deployment rule stinks. It does my biggest pet peeves of a new game edition, IT TAKES AWAY MY OPTIONS! DON'T TAKE AWAY MY OPTIONS!!! Activations/Gameplay: Overall the game did play faster, not because of the new movement rules, that didn't change anything. Heck once I figured out how the new turning method used with V2 Turn Limits gave everything effective -1 to turning limit, movement happened even faster once we figured out how to apply the old templates to map out potential moves. What really sped up the game was how amazingly fast ships died! The 8 hull point Regent bit the dust before it could even activate on turn 2, never got to try out Cyberwarfare. Two hits, a PD Crit and Crit+Hit with a roll of 7 on the Crit table and it was gone! The same thing happened to the Gunship squadron, sort of, a quadruple-crit from the Marshals beams at RB1 instantly ended one and torpedoes rolled a Crit+hit and a Hard Pounding ended the other in the single activation. A lot of the other mediums got brought down like this, either a crit+hit or a the-most-common-crit-roll of 7 Hard Pounding instantly put mediums 1 point away from death, or holed out the battleship and battlecruiser rather quickly. The Eliminator died in turn 3 (had a planetary cover for the first two turns), the WR Battlecruiser was ended by the two remaining Sentinels and the Marshals in Turn 4 along with one of the Destroyers falling to Crit+Hit w/Hard Pounding. Command Points, I started with 9, spent 3 on +2 Shields rest of game on the Regent (fat lot of good it did! ), 1 on fix Point Defense down crit, 3 more on a Emergency Vectoring to keep an engine crippled Marshal from crashing into the planet, the rest went to removing Disorder Markers from a cruiser and the carrier. Hermit started with 5 Command Points used Power to Engines and Gravity Slingshot a couple of times, that Defender bonus regenerating Command Point kept him at 3 or 4 Command Points at the start of every turn. As I said above, frustrating as all hell when your own point count is rapidly dwindling and your opponents practically stays the same. Overall as I stated in a previous post before it got deleted for language, the whole Command Point system leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it smacks of Microtransactions/DLC from PC/console games being ported into tabletop. All the cool commands we used to have for free in previous editions of the game are either gone for good (Ramming, Split Fire, Belly-Up, Safe Terrain Moves) and the basic commands are there (Basic Commands/Maneuvers, TAC's) but only if you pay for it (Command Points out of your MFV) first now. Plus with the new more upgrades/commands (Faction Commands) are also only available if you pay (Command Points purchased). And if you don't pay, the other players who actually do drop the money (MFV) on them get mad bonuses over you and just pwn you and make the game no fun to play. That's the reason I'm not a electronic gamer. Please don't bring that poisonous play-method into my beloved tabletop game. Weapons Systems: Well Beams were still the same, no problems there. Nukes got gimped all to worthlessness. Even with fast-death from Crit+Hits and 7's, Nuclear never triggered at all. Even then 0-2 Disorder markers aren't jack in comparison to V2 Nukes. I don't like it, smacks of more Dindrenzi-love/Terran-hate that seems to be so prevalent in V3 (looking at you Kinetic vs Shield). Bio-Hazard didn't matter as ships died so fast it didn't have time to affect anything. Same for Corrosive, dead before it mattered. Didn't use the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary, the whole concept strikes me a totally unnecessary, especially since it mostly applies to that god-awful Focused Fire. I hate it in Planetfall, I double hate it being ported into Armada where it's not wanted of needed at all. We might try it later when we can either come to a group consensus as to what-qualifies-as-what in V2 or we see V3 beta ship stats. But I'm doubtful. Disorder Markers: Let's get to the point, I HATE, LOATH, and F-ING DESPISE the Disorder rules in Planetfall. Seeing them ported into Armada? NO! I cannot emphasize this enough without getting banned from the boards for bad language. Disorder in V2 Armada is bad enough as it is without making it epicly worse by importing that Planetfall hot-mess in. SRS: I was actually kind of impressed with the performance of SRS under these rules. It's rather nice that your ships Point Defense actually does more than jack-squat and actually accounts for something. The SRS dieing fast isn't an issue with the regenerating wings, but I foresee a problem. With Point Defense being so effectivenow, there's going to be carrier spamming, especially carriers/carrier-groups with 10 to 12 Wing Count. You want those Bombers to get through, you now need that ablative Interceptor cover, as many as you can get. So expect large capacity carriers to become the fleet spam norm. Other than that, like I said, carrier was gone before it's second activation, didn't get to do much it's bombers and support shuttles. I could see just porting this back to V2 and fixing a whole lot of issues, without the baggage of the other V3 stuff. Scoring: Felt like I was playing V1.0 again, I find I once again have to keep a notebook and pencil handy to keep track of my score, of the Command Point expenditures, calculations of a squadron's TV, and TV countdown till end of game. Kind of a bookkeeping hassle compared to the simplicity of just a Battle Log Track and a few Tactical Ability Cards. That's all I got so far. I may update after a few more games with the rest of our gaming group.
  2. I'm not keen on these repair and medical specialist ships. What's wrong with Support Shuttles on carriers? What's worse whole new ships cost MFV points, points that will probably make you unable to afford to buy the Command Points needed to actually use whatever special abilities those ships have. Or if you do spend the Fleet Value on them you're shorting yourself on more combat capable ships and just get yourself pwned.
  3. Honestly, cloak in V2 was perfectly fine, it worked, it wasn't complicated (this coming from a dyscalculic math tard), most of all IT DIDN'T NEED TO BE CHANGED!
  4. So what if the Destroyers are safe, it still shouldn't be that you have to pay a command point to do it at all.
  5. Also I vaguely recall somewhere that Ambush was also being removed from V3.
  6. Having played a game with Command Points, I'm not thrilled with it. Some of the Faction Commands are outright broken, the general ones are somewhat useful and one did save my butt when a crit effect nearly caused one of my battlecruisers to crash right into the planet. The whole attacker/defender thing I mentioned above. Combined with the carrier rules for wing loss with damage, I would always auto-include Focused Shield Harmonics on my Regents. Before it was an ok trade-off of firepower for less shielding, and extra hull point. Now that becomes a liability, more hull points means more Wing Count penalties to ultimately screwover your carrier. Why the hell wouldn't I always put entire game extra shields on it.
  7. A question that came up in our test game, do SRS get their own activations after launch like in V1.0 and 1.5 or do they activate on the parent carrier's turn like they do now in V2?
  8. But what's nice is that your old tokens aren't invalidated. SRS have light and heavy varients so you thus sml/lrg tokens are viable indicators. Pull the colored dice codes idea from DW, where red die in the die socket indicates bomber, green die assaulter, white interceptor, blue support shuttle.
  9. Which I predict will devolve into arguments over either rules lawyering or accusations of cheating to determine whether or not someone made a legit turn or fudged it to get a better fire angle or dodge a terrain piece. The templates actually speed up the game making it easy to quickly and visually determine with accuracy (and thus visual proof to your opponent) that yes your ship can make that convoluted turn that just barely skimmed the edge of minefield and allows you to split the arc on his cruiser squadron.
  10. If they make it a Command Point then we're back to V1.x where there's no point to taking carriers. Using the current version of V3 PD vs Wings rule, wings DIE, FAST! Yesterdays game had me and my opponent spending 3 to 7 Carrier Points each per turn, just to keep our dead wings replenished. That's upwards of 280 to 560 points of your MFV spent just to keep your carrier from becoming empty shells for 4 turns (how long our game lasted).
  11. If they do, it then becomes more to keep track of and then what's the point or it? V2 movement rules would then become easier to manage and we're back to were we started. So why change what isn't broken.
  12. Hell no it isn't balanced! An extra FTB to initiative isn't jack-$#!t compared to watching your opponent screw you over with a regenerating Command Point each turn. That is some frustrating bull$#!t right there!
  13. Played a game using these rules yesterday, I like the fact that this physically reduces your turn limit. 1" Turn Limit Cruisers can now turn 8/360's like Frigates could in V2 (albeit with a 1 inch forward move to get it started) . A Battleships 2" Turn Limit gives it as tight a turn as a V2 cruiser. I'm jazzed I get to keep using my old turning templates! Though I don't know about the stat changes for V3, playing this on V2 turning limits makes Aquan Battleships f-ing scary! Battleships turning 8/360's like Frigates! Madness, epic hilarious madness!
  14. The only problem with this is the issue of separate dice mechanics, which can be a problem teaching new players. Explaining exploding dice, no problem. Explaining how/why this one things dice rolls 6's count as two hits and don't explode, while this other special thing doesn't even count as two and doesn't explode, and newb confusion all-around. When/where to de-cloak already gives the Relthoza a high enough learning curve without making it worse with variable dice mechanics.
  15. Exactly! This would work, there was already a backstory of dispute amongst the Saurians anyway. Why not have it so that one faction is siding with the Overseers. Don't need a damned ret-con, you already have existing story openings to build off of!
  16. Nope a long lost blog post from the days of v1 had it that the relationship between the two empires was such that in addition to trade, Terrans had a mutual defense treaty with the Saurians. While the internal internal conflict of the Terran/Dindrenzi civil wars didn't qualify for assistance, once the Dindrenzi became a separate stellar empire and attacked back into the Storm Zone, the Terran Alliance asked the Saurians for help in accordance with the treaty. However the Saurians were at then involved in their own civil war with the factious Kurchas Tribes, and were unable to contribute ships to the Terrans. But to honor the spirit of the treaty the Saurians offered the long-coveted technology the Terrans had so far failed to develop on their own, that of Deflector Shielding. The Saurians gave the Terrans fully functioning shield generators, more advanced than other races, with detailed documentation on how use them, the physics behind them, and instructions on how to build their own from scratch. Of course the Terrans utilized this allies blessing to it's fullest, Terrans put shields on EVERYTHING! Even the other known Shield using races at that time could only put Shields on the largest of their ships (battleships, carriers, heavy cruisers at the smallest)
  17. There's a huge ret-con being done to the Saurians as the Firestorm Armada fluff is being re-written. The Saurians will no longer be an offshoot race of the Sorylians and long time First Contact ally of the Terrans they once were, and are being changed into their own race who used to be favored enforcers of the the dreaded Overseers. When the Overseers left the other races retaliated against their former Saurian overlords driving them off into their own galactic corner of the map. Now that the Overseers are seemingly returning, the Saurians are going n the offensive again starting $#!t in the Galaxy at large. Seems to be the storyline Spartan be is going with now. Not fond of it myself.
  18. Pardon the formatting nightmare, I haven't had time to fix it.


    1. Polaris


      thank you @Commodore Jones:) ill have to see if I can round up some buddies to test it out, and i'll send you results when I get them :) 

  19. Already factored in. I've been working on a collected document all this week of the changes presented here and MAR changes needed to try them out on V2 ship stats.
  20. Does anyone remember the cost range of the faction specific orders? My group is going to try out the Command Point system this weekend and in lack of specifics we're just going to use the Alliance/Faction TAC's as the faction specific orders. As for pricing them, we're considering just using the Retrieval Cost +1 in Command Points, is that fair, overpriced, underpriced?
  21. Dindrenzi get Eye of Rense, ALL Command Checks automatically passed. It's not unheard of. Plus having to spend precious Battle Log to actually get that bonus helps balance it. Hence the mentioned Battle Log cost. Should it be higher? 2 BL, or maybe a incremental increasing cost based on your existing FTB? I thought about this at first, but the thought of the trouble and effort of printing out and adding a new card to the deck was discouraging. But with all the blank space on the Intel Gathered card, I thought it would be far easier to print a sticker with the added text and pop it right on the existing card. Plus if others want it they can just download it and do the same. Also Intel Gathered is a basic TAC card that every race/faction has access to.
  22. Yeah, yeah V3 is on the way, whatever! We're still playing V2 now in the meantime, and looking to fix some issues with it. Namely the Cyberwarfare defense and how you're kinda limited and screwed if you happen to have a low Fleet Tactics Bonus, or facing down heavily-cybered Directorate fleet or some bastard with good dice luck and a Hawker fleet . I came up with the idea of a slight modification to the Intel Gathered TAC. When playing Intel Gathered TAC, Reduce your Battle Log by 1 point to add +2 to your Fleet Tactics Bonus for Cyberwarfare Defense instead of your Initiative for this turn. Opinions?
  23. Which is an utterly stupid replacement. Say I lost weapons on my port side and I want to fire at a Port side enemy. Instead of a simple Belly-Up I'm now forced to flip 180 degrees and potentially present my vulnerable aft arc to the enemy in front of me, and I'm also being forced to change directions. What if I DON'T want to suddenly fly back the way I came. Its not a new option, it's a screwover.
  24. Don't change Hawker, they're fine as is, just could use a few new ships.
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