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  1. Speed isn't so much the issue as the combination of shorter range bands compared to almost every other fleet and reduction of firepower at the furthest range bands. (several ships had entire Range Bands cut off or drastically reduced) Give these cut-down ships back they're V1.0 Range Band 3&4 Attack Dice and Fire Arcs, you already fix more than half the problem.
  2. The rest of my gaming group will be overjoyed to hear you are continuing work on Firestorm Armada for Battlescribe, Steve_990! Right now I think I'm the only one with a usable Battlescribe because I'm the only one who didn't immediately upgrade to Battlescribe 2.0
  3. Or you can always go historical, the fluff does have periods of war where Terrans fought against Sorylians. There's always Admon Ter'Quai's war against the Aquans. Also the original war between the Aquans and the Sorylians. Sorylian vs Sorylian in the civil war. Aquans vs Aquans with the Illosian break-away war. And we humans are notorious for our infighting amongst ourselves. Among the minor Kurack members, everyone has been raided at some point by the Veydreth. The wandering Xelocians can have trespassing border spats with any of the Core factions, compete against Hawker for salvage rights. The Ryushi, there's any number of regional asshat system lords/commanders that don't want ships full of poor refugees hanging around in their system who will resort to force to make them move on. The Tarakians might not want any of the 'younger races' meddling around a dangerous or important (to them) sector and will use whatever force they think necessary to remove them.
  4. Templar with it's own separate stats from the Hauberk as well, make it a true heavy cruiser again and not a glass cannon gunship. Bring back to the old style Sorylian Heavy cruiser, I can't stand the look of the new one. The old Relthoza heavy cruiser was cool too. Personally I'd like to see some more Tier 2 and 3 ships for Hawker. Some cheaper Frigates/Corvettes, maybe an R&D cruiser or Intel Specialist Cruiser (Dirty Secrets MAR, maybe some Cyberwarfare or Decimator guns)
  5. I'm also of the opinion that v2.0 is pretty damn good as is and only need a few tweaks to the rules and some stat changes. A few amongst Terrans, a little more Dindrenzi, mostly to the Sorylians (Good Gawd Almighty do the Sorylians need some SERIOUS un-gimping!)
  6. So true, most of what I'm quoting above was on the very first Firestorm forum which crashed with all info lost and has since been replaced three times over IIRC.
  7. Well, I haven't done it yet. Lack of proper tools, space to actually use tools, and the lack of desire due to the craptastic V2 stats of the dreadnought in this edition have kept me from actually finishing it. No point in all the hard work for a ship I will never, ever field in a game. But this quick shoop job is the basics of what I'm trying to build with them, basically double decking a pair of Razorthorns and with a hex-engine array. The extra underside turrets from each ship I'm going to use to fill in the big blank spaces on the sides.
  8. The Saurians, in the old fluff they were involved in a huge civil war between two factions of themselves. The whole reason they gave Terrans shield technology was as an apology for not being able to honor their mutual defense treaty with the Terrans against the Dindrenzi. With their own forces tied up in the civil war they couldn't spare the ships/fleets to the Kurak Alliance so instead offered to outright give the Terrans the long-coveted secrets of Shield tech.
  9. That depends on how 'random' they are, as I recall the random objectives from V1.5 were highly unpopular.
  10. A little bit of slowdown but I don't know how much since it was a new thing being tried. Basically moving up/down an altitude level cost half your base movement, and counted as your Secondary Movement action. When measuring to a target you use the usual distance measuring and each difference of altitude level counted as an entire extra Range Band on top of the actual distance. (example a cruiser at Mid level fires at a destroyer 13 inches and one level lower away, 13" is Range Band 2 but the difference in level brings it up to RB3) We don't use this method hardly at all, it's there, we tried it, it works reasonably, but we felt we really didn't need it unless we wanted a specific reason/battle-theme for it.
  11. Update 12/31/17 Terran: 1 Valhalla Station 1 Dreadnought (just to have one of the fugly things officially to substitute a model for) 2 Razorthorn Battleships (2 more Razorthorns being kit-bashed into a dreadnought) 1 Apollo Mk2 Battleship 1 Tyrant Mk3 Battleship 2 Marshal Battlecruisers 1 Zenith Carriers 1 Ares Carrier 5 Sentinel Cruisers 3 Templar Heavy Cruisers 7 Hermes Cruisers 1 Perseus Light Cruiser 4 Harpoon Torp/Perseus Light Cruisers 3 Teuton Cruisers 3 Aegis Shield Crusiers 3 Artemis Destroyers 12 Pilgrim Frigates (6 more Pilgrims still unassembled) 8 Missionary Frigates 4 Armsman Frigates 12 Wayfarer Light Frigates 7 Guardian Escorts Dindrenzi: 1 Retribution Dreadnought 1 Nausicaa Battleship 1 Praetorian Battleship 3 Claymore Carriers 3 Secutor Cruisers 6 Thraex Frigates 4 Sgian Corvettes 6 Pugio Light Frigates 3 Gladius Gunships 3 Trident Destroyers 1 Velites Cruiser 1 Decurion/Velites Cruiser 6 Buckler Escorts Sorylian: 1 Broadsword Dreadnought 1 Swordbreaker Battleship 1 Xiphos Carrier 4 Skyhammer Cruisers 4 Halberd Heavy Cruisers 3 Bombard Gunships 6 Scythe Frigates 5 Plumbata Corvettes 6 Arrow Escorts Aquan: 2 Poseidon Battleships 1 Manta Battle-Carrier 1 Triton Carrier 1 Oannes Heavy Carrier 2 Shiva Gunships 2 Sulis Heavy Cruisers 8 Storm Cruisers 1 Tsunami Heavy Cruiser 2 Chironex MKII Cruisers 3 Stingray Destroyers 12 Piranha Frigates 4 Chimera Frigates 6 Snapper Corvettes 6 Remora Escorts RSN: 1 Banshee Dreadnought 2 Phoenix Destroyers 6 Siren Escorts 6 Bulwark Frigates Tarakian: 1 Ganak Battleship 8 Sulan Cruisers 12 Tarl Frigates Xelocian 1 Kindartu Battleship 4 Hantari Cruisers 4 Tindaku Cruisers 15 Karn Frigates 10 Shanari Frigates 6 Larshan Escorts/Corvettes Terquai: 2 Arual Assault Cruisers Omnidyne: 9 Synergy Corvettes. 3 Auditor Gunships. Hawker Industries: 2 Excelsior Battleships 2 Regent Carriers 6 Resolute Cruisers 8 Endeavor Frigates Ryushi: Shautrai Battle Carrier 2 Hokita Cruisers
  12. Already have tried house riles doing this, but we had only three "bands" and instead of a token we marked the flight stand of the models with three layers and wrapped small rubber bands around the stand. We just rolled the rubber band up and down the peg to the marked bands to show which altitude band the ship was in.
  13. Same thing with negative Planetfall experiences. Like never being able to occupy an objective, at all, thanks to Focused Anti-personel Valkyries, and Focused Barrage Terror Weapon Heimdalls. Focused Shield Busting Kinetics across the board. Heck, just porting anything over from Planetfall is a bad idea. There's a reason why my group doesn't play Planetfall, nobody likes the rules well enough to want to buy into it. Even myself who has the most forces, they're barely painted and the rules are off-putting enough I don't want expand. I definitely don't want the rules being ported over to and ruining Armada for me.
  14. Currently under V2 we go about 4 or 5 turns. Our first V3ish game went 5 turns, but they were 5 short turns, played in half the time of a V2 game only because things died so fast! An 8 HP carrier with 3 Shields never got it's 2nd activation, a two-gunship squad was wiped out in a single activation, a battleship died in two turns. Two 3 ship cruiser squads were reduced to singles in 2 turns. Didn't get to heal much, the forced placement of Tier 1's first put both of us off our game and our Support Shuttle carrying ships wound up too far from anyone else to help anything and they both died before they could get close enough to help anyone anyway.
  15. Actually with the V3 turn limit rules (unless Drift is a different ratio than Turn Limit) a Tier 1 ship can turn as tightly as a Tier 2 in V2 using the turn template.
  16. Going to play again with the V3 stuff with my Hawker fleet. My question is, how would Ops Center work with the Command Point system?
  17. Yeah, I'm not keen on that myself, even at present I don't take PD potshots, dogfight or take intercept actions against Support Shuttles.
  18. So I guess that means broke-@$$ Focused Fire is still going to be in the V3 rules?
  19. I think the complete lack of choice in both of these as presented will make V3 an absolute no-go for me. Not being able to target a specific sub-system is a total deal breaker on Cyberwarfare. Then there's essentially no point to Gravity weapons without the Control/push pull ability. It all boils down to my favorite pet peeve, taking away options, with a force-fed side random rolling nonsense. I weep for the future of Armada.
  20. This is a house rule we use in V2 right now. Works quite well, and Escorts see a lot more use that way.
  21. Fair Warning THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!!! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!!! I have absolutely no idea as to what Spartan plans to implement with limits to Wing types by carrier models. I've pulled this list out of nowhere to apply to V2 stats in order to experiment with and get a taste for the idea of carrier limits to different wing types. THIS ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT REFLECT WHAT SPARTAN HAS PLANNED! This is just what our group is using to try to familiarize ourselves to the concept of wing-type limits by carrier type. Wings by Carrier Type Carrier: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, Light Bomber, Heavy Bomber, Light Support Shuttle, Heavy Support Shuttle, Light Assaulter. Assault Carrier: Light Assaulter, Heavy Assaulter, Light Interceptor, Light Support Shuttle Battle Carrier: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, Light Bomber, Heavy Bomber. Escort Carrier: Light Interceptor, Light Bomber, Light Support Shuttle, Light Assaulter. Escort Carrier Accompaniment: (Escort Carriers acting as Accompaniment for another ship may use the Parent ship's Wing Type restrictions if it has any) Other Ships with Wing Capacity: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, EITHER Light Bomber OR Light Assaulter (Depending on the Ship's focus/stats), Light Support Shuttle. Feel free to use these to get a taste of wing limits until Spartan posts official.
  22. Oops, I forgot to list the PD Offline crit in there. Fixed in edit. He deliberately went for more ships for activation advantage over me and just spent his loose points on Command. He didn't have much reason to use them, Grav Slingshot on the battleship, power to engines on the battlecruiser and both were in RB2 to pound my carrier, Directorate Destroyers have Stealth Systems instead of Hidden Killer and didn't need Full Stop and Destroyer range bands don't need extra movement to close in. A few uses of Solid Repair and Disorder removal was all he needed since we mostly rolled 7's for crits, and Defenders bonus of regaining a Command Point each turn kept him from ever really going down much at all. As for me I burned 3 on Shields for the Carrier whole-game, had to use one to fix a failed PD repair roll, 3 points on Emergency Vector to keep a Marshal with Main Drive Failure from crashing straight into a planet, and the last two to fix the Disorder Marker from that so I could afford to fix the Main Drive Failure. Had I the extra points to spend, the Cruisers would have had Power to Engines and Gravity Slingshot played on them and gotten to fire support range of my carrier sooner. The Battlecruisers would have had Grav-Sling for a turn maybe two, to preemptively strike at the battleship and maybe spare the Carrier the death blow. Paladin 21 summed it up perfectly in the post above. Plus, personally I see it as a more of game-breaking Cheat-Code kind of thing. Just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever BAM! I get a +1 to hit bonus, just because I'm willing to spend more than you (see my Microtransactions/DLC comment). Also because we didn't want to take the time to hash out and possibly argue over which weapon system on each ship was Primary/Secondary/etc. and therefore got whichever Focused Fire bonus at whatever Range Band. Basically more stuff we didn't want to have to keep track of. Had the camera with me, I'll try to remember to use it next time.
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