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  1. I assume you also still get the Torpedo trait of being able to alter one damage die result?
  2. How do the Kinetic and Torpedo weapon qualities work together?
  3. Question about ship speed. Starting speed is determined either by the scenario or just the bog standard starting base speed of 5. Is there a maximum limit? Can my battleship start at Speed 5 adding +4 thrust the first turn and then start at speed 9 and add +4 Thrust again to move 13 that turn and so on?
  4. Just wanting to be sure. I know of players who would interpret the rules that way so I'm clarifying preemptively.
  5. Linking fire question. Wording on the Beta document seems to indicate that ships in formation can link fire their weapons systems but only if the weapons have the same Qualities as the lead Weapon System. So for example the Dindrenzi heavy cruiser, by the rules I can't link Beam Lances of the other two heavy cruiser with the lead ship's Railgun, correct? Only the railguns with railguns, etc. But what about weapon systems on the same ship? Maybe I'm misreading it but it seems there is an exception for weapons mounted on the same ship. For example can the Dindrenzi Battleship link it's own Railguns with it's own Beam Lance?
  6. My initial question was answered later in the Beta document, but I'm going to go ahead and throw this thread out here for anyone else to add a question/clarification about the beta rules to keep it in single thread so that others will not have to dig through the scatter all over the forums and facebook(ugh).
  7. I sure as hell hope so, gawd I freaking hate Facebook! Everything about it!
  8. Yay! It's like a early birthday present for me! Hopefully I can get on the list of testers.
  9. Bummer! I was going to order 4 more hawker cruisers this weekend. Wanted to have some dedicated carrier accompaniments.
  10. Well don't forget I'm a discalculic retard here, so I thought from the looks of it the port/starboard arcs would be a slightly different angle than the front/aft and require different arc templates. I'll admit I'm wrong about math stuff.
  11. I just realized this means we will now need two different arc templates. I'm starting to dread what the complexity of a single template is going to look like, or if we'll have multiple templates to deal with.
  12. So which way is the facing of the hex base going to go ?
  13. It's going to be hex!?! No! HELL NO! I am NOT going out and buying hex map mats, or drawing all over my starfield table cloths! Edit: Just remembered having to re-base over 300+ models with hex bases now too. NOT! This proves it, Firestorm is still following the good/bad/good/bad edition pattern. v1.0 Good, v1.5 Bad, v2.0 Good, v3 Bad.
  14. Of course it had restrictions, and they were reasonable restrictions! At a Terran Battlefleet level I needed one minimum Tier 1, one minimum Tier 2 and two minimum Tier 3 squads to have a legal build. In the sample fleet I listed above I had that, Tier 1 = Battlecruiser Squadron, Tier 2 = Torpedo Cruiser and Destroyer squadrons, Tier 3 = a Missionary and two Wayfarer squads, all legal by the current build rules. Now lets look at the Helix model. Now I admit I have no clue how Warcradle is going to set it up, but if you use Firestorm Planetfall's setup, as it is, as a basis it might look something like this. Terran NTSC helix build (using the V2.0 factions as an example) Core Helix: Battleship, 1 to 2 Cruiser squads, 1 to 2 frigate squads (assuming a basic starter/patrol box of a Terran Apollo battleship, Teuton cruisers, and Armsman frigates) with the 6 helix slots looking like this... Heavy Helix: Heavy Cruisers, Gunships Carrier Helix : Carriers, Heavy Carriers, Assault Carriers, (and maybe Battle-Carriers?) Battle Helix: Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Battle Cruisers, Battle Stations, (and maybe Battle Carriers could be here instead?) Cruiser Helix: Regular, Assault, Torpedo, and other alternate cruisers. Frigate Helix: All the varieties of Frigates and Corvettes as well as Light Cruisers. Support Helix: Destroyers, Defense Platforms, Space Stations, Escort Carriers, R&D Cruisers (although one could argue that R&D ships should go into the Cruiser Helix) So with the Helix setup being that you must take a Core helix and then build around that, would kinda make that above fleet build impossible, and it would limit your build variety. Being that no matter what I'd have to take a core of the Apollo/Teuton/Armsman squadrons, eating up points I might want to spend on other things. Like right now I don't use Terran Battleships in my fleet builds (the Tyrant is a POS and the Apollo isn't my playstyle). So I'll take a carrier or a single battle cruiser as a my Admirals vessel and take a Hawker battleship as my front line combat ship. Helix system puts a crimp on that. But I will admit, I don't know exactly how Warcradle is going to implement the Helix system, they may come up with ways around this and make it better, I don't know . But the preliminary idea of it though, I'm not keen on .
  15. Not sure about that. Right now I can build a Terran fleet with Battlecruisers, Torpedo Cruisers, Destroyers, whatever frigate combo I want. Will I be able to do that anymore while being forced to take a core helix of which will presumably be a standard battleship, regular cruiser, and basic frigates of a core/starter box?
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