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  1. Looking for 1000 pt list

    Add Weapon Shielding to both those Teuton squads above, the forum won't let me edit for some reason.
  2. Looking for 1000 pt list

    As an alt version taking into account your Harpoon shortage Tier 1: Marshal w/Harpoon Accompaniment: Marshal w/Nuke-Spook, Harpoon w/Nuke-Spook and Turrets = 215pts Tier2: Teuton w/Aegis Accompaniment: Shields, Beams, Nukes = 275 Points Teuton w/Aegis Accompaniment: Shields, Beams, Nukes = 275 Points Tier 3 Perseus Light Cruiser squad. (Your upgrades could go either way, take +1 Shield/Shield Projector Self for maximum surviability or w/Turrets and Weapon Shielding for maximum plinkage/damage output) = 135pts Missionary frigates (or a short squad of Wayfarers.) = 100
  3. Is the 3.0 in the pipeline scrapped

    It's not usually an issue, most of the time you only have to take big models (battleships, carriers, larger cruisers) off their flight stands and usually only for one turn or possibly less once the next activation moves any of the interceding models, and then you can put stuff back on peg. Trust me, from past experience 2D printouts are far worse about overlapping than models.
  4. Looking for 1000 pt list

    Can always try a shielded nuclear torpedo nightmare Marshal Battlecruiser squad w/nuke-spook =280 Harpoon Torp Crusier squad w/Nuke-Spook and Turrets =225 (turrets instead of shields for maximum plinking against Dindrenzi) Teuton Crusier Squadron w/Shields, Nukes, Beams, and Weapon Shielding = 225 (or swap for a second Harpoon squad if you have it) Aegis accompaniment for the Teuton squad =50 Armsmen frigates (or full Wayfarer squad depending on your preference) =120 Missionary frigates (or a short squad of Wayfarers.) = 100
  5. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    You get rid of defensive rolls and you get rid of me. (Now watch everyone on the board demand Warcradle get rid of defensive rolls. LOL) But seriously, I am NOT fond of static defense bonuses, I prefer to roll against.
  6. Point Defense from allied SRS

    Now that we got an official forum back. Do you get Point Defense from allied SRS? Say you're playing a 2 vs 2 player game, for the example a Dindrenzi player and an Directorate player were teaming up against a Terran and Oroshan player team. Would the Dindrenzi ships benefit from being within the 6" Point Defense radius of a Directorate Interceptor SRS token? Now assuming of course that an enemy SRS is NOT going to be adding it's PD to an enemy ship, can anyone find a listing in the book where a allied but not part of your fleet SRS token wouldn't give you PD Cover? I haven't found it, so by RAW you CAN get PD protection from allied SRS token.
  7. Exploding d13's

    I disagree, one of the better selling points of Firestorm to new players in my experience is that they don't have to hunt down lots of weird sided dice. You can get lots of D6's anywhere. Right now I could walk to my local grocery store (or any other retail store) and get twenty d6 dice of decent quality for around $6. Try to find that kind of deal for readily available polyhedrals.
  8. Movement Changes?

    Not even going to bother explaining why, I would just get shouted down, but I would never play using this.
  9. Rulebook downloads?

    Now that the old Spartan site has been taken down and the forums moved to Warcradle, what about the the rules downloads? I still support Firestorm Armada and where will I now link people to download the rules sets and fleet codex's?
  10. Alternate Targeted Strike rules

    I don't see anything wrong with exploding dice, having played it across 3 editions, and would prefer it to anything resembling the colored dice methods.
  11. Is the 3.0 in the pipeline scrapped

    What? I never had much issue with the V2.0 rules back then, with the exception of Wings/SRS (the SRS levels of overpower I've gotten used to, but still don't like the lack of overall utility, and the brokeness of Interceptors) and Disorder Checks (still hate checks for half squadron loss). Now Ship Stats were ALWAYS my first and foremost complaint issue with V2 and still are.
  12. Alternate Targeted Strike rules

    Looking for some opinions on this alternate set of targeted strike rules. Would this make you more likely to attempt targeted strikes? In place of making one of their regular Ranged Attacks a Squadron may make a special kind of attack called a ‘Targeted Strike’. A Targeted Strike is a pinpoint attack directed at a particular system aboard an enemy vessel. Although not as devastating in terms of raw damage, such attacks have the capacity to cripple enemy systems, or take them off-line all together, leaving them helpless, toothless and dead in the void of space. It is not required that all of the models/SRS Tokens in the Squadron take part in the Targeted Strike. However, a Squadron may perform ONE Targeted Strike during its Activation. To make a Targeted Strike the controlling player must first declare which System they wish to attack on an enemy model. This selection should be made from the following options: • Bridge • Propulsion Systems • Weapons Systems • Life Support Systems • Defensive Systems A Targeted Strike cannot be made against an SRS Token or a model with initial Hull Points of 2 or fewer, as these vessels are simply too small to separate out their primary systems for attack. Making Targeted Strikes After declaring the Target System, the controlling player then compiles an Attack Dice pool, taking Firing Options, Ranges and Weapon Systems into account as if they were making a regular Ranged Attack. Any Weapon Systems that do not contribute to the Targeted Strike can make Ranged Attacks as normal. This Attack Dice pool should then be rolled as if it were a regular Attack. Damage from Targeted Strikes Should the Attack equal or exceed the target’s Damage Rating, do not apply damage as normal, instead roll a D3 and compare the result to the Targeted Strike table (dependent on which area of the ship was targeted, see chart on pg 73). Should the attack roll sufficiently to cause a Critical Hit, the target takes 1 point of Damage, then roll a D6 and compare the result to the Targeted Strike table (dependent on which area of the ship was targeted see chart on pg 73). These effects are repairable, in the same way as Critical Effects caused by other sources. Should the attack roll sufficiently to cause multiple Critical Hits, add +1 for each critical multiplier past the first to the D6 roll. This changes a few things in the MARs and TACs department so the following changes need to be made. Precision Strike MAR: Works as presented in the V2 rulebook pg 96. Aquan Prime, System Sniper Tactical Ability Card: Replace with the following Text: This Turn, any Attacks you make which benefit from the Precision Strike Coherence Effect gain a +1 ‘to hit’ modifier for making a Targeted Strike. The Directorate, Pinpoint Calculations Tactical Ability Card: Replace with the following Text: This Turn, whenever one of your Squadrons attempts a Targeted Strike they may take a Command Check. If the Check is passed, they gain a +1 ‘to hit’ modifier for making a Targeted Strike.
  13. Sell Me on Your Favorite Faction

    Speed isn't so much the issue as the combination of shorter range bands compared to almost every other fleet and reduction of firepower at the furthest range bands. (several ships had entire Range Bands cut off or drastically reduced) Give these cut-down ships back they're V1.0 Range Band 3&4 Attack Dice and Fire Arcs, you already fix more than half the problem.
  14. Fleet Building Software

    The rest of my gaming group will be overjoyed to hear you are continuing work on Firestorm Armada for Battlescribe, Steve_990! Right now I think I'm the only one with a usable Battlescribe because I'm the only one who didn't immediately upgrade to Battlescribe 2.0
  15. Firestorm fluff

    Or you can always go historical, the fluff does have periods of war where Terrans fought against Sorylians. There's always Admon Ter'Quai's war against the Aquans. Also the original war between the Aquans and the Sorylians. Sorylian vs Sorylian in the civil war. Aquans vs Aquans with the Illosian break-away war. And we humans are notorious for our infighting amongst ourselves. Among the minor Kurack members, everyone has been raided at some point by the Veydreth. The wandering Xelocians can have trespassing border spats with any of the Core factions, compete against Hawker for salvage rights. The Ryushi, there's any number of regional asshat system lords/commanders that don't want ships full of poor refugees hanging around in their system who will resort to force to make them move on. The Tarakians might not want any of the 'younger races' meddling around a dangerous or important (to them) sector and will use whatever force they think necessary to remove them.

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