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  1. Commodore Jones

    Aquan vs Terran 1200

    What happened? What was your opponents forces composed of?
  2. Commodore Jones

    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    Decimator is easy, though I've never playtested it my first idea would be like this: If all Weapons contributing to an Attack have the Decimator Warheads MAR and the Attack equals or exceeds the target’s DR, the target Squadron must take an immediate Disorder Check. If the Attack equals or exceeds the target’s CR, the target Squadron is immediately Disordered. If an instant Disorder is too much, as an alternative I would have it work on a Critical Hit and each multiple crit after that add +1 to the number of successes needed on the Disorder Check. For example: a Decimator weapon scores a Hit on a cruiser so it makes a standard Disorder Check requiring two successes on the roll to avoid being Disordered, on a Critical hit it would require three successes to avoid Disorder, on a double crit it would require 4 successes, etc.
  3. Commodore Jones

    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    Oh dear gawd NO, not the different color dice **** again!
  4. Commodore Jones

    Sorylian re-stat

    We simply give cetain Sorylian ships their V1.0 attack dice ratings, firing arcs and MARs back and problem fixed.
  5. Commodore Jones

    Model availability

    Sweet! I can get SRS tokens for all my older fleets, and I know Endrasalem will got nuts knowing Harpoons and Wayfarers will be available again soon! He's been wanting some prime escorts for his Tyrant for a while now.
  6. Commodore Jones

    Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries

    So if the hints Warcradle is dropping are true that Hawker will switch sides to the Zenian League and join the Directorate, where will that leave the Kurak Alliance in terms of Cyberwarfare weapons? Shafted from the looks of it. I for one really don't like the sound of this and I'm also losing my favored ally for the Terrans and will be forced to use the cr@ptastic Terran battleships again (unless Warcradle fixes them)
  7. Commodore Jones

    Model availability

    But somewhere there's going to be some tournament organizers who are going to demand all new bases or you can't enter/play.
  8. Commodore Jones

    Model availability

    There had better at least be a bulk discount of some sort at the very least, if not a freebees (maybe to a certain limit). I certainly don't want to spend the money to have to re-base the 400+ Firestorm models in my collection.
  9. Commodore Jones

    Future FA rules

    If Warcradle does this, I will be soooo p!$$ed off! Think my hatred of V1.5 was bad? This will be a whole new level hatred unseen by any before.
  10. Commodore Jones

    SRS rebalnace

    We've implemented playtesting of similar rules in our own gaming group with a few differences. - SRS can Link fire their PD with any ship in their PD radius as though they were a squadron of models, (so they link with the 1 Minimum rule) effectively meaning that any SRS token (w/PD rating) only provides it's token/FW rating in PD to a ship/squadron when linking . But Interceptors haven't been completely gimped, see the next point below. - Interceptors can make a second type of Intercept Move, an Interceptor SRS can declare an Intercept Move and move to touch the base of any ship/model within it's 6" Defensive radius that is currently under attack from Torpedo or Ship's Boarding Assault. The Interceptor SRS can then Combine it's full PD with that ship/squadron against said attack. However an Intercept Move counts as an Interceptors "Attack Run" thus Interceptors MUST return to base after making either type of Intercept Move. This brings Interceptors down to function exactly like any other PD capable SRS Token, you now have to choose whether to keep your SRS token out and about for a small amount of PD cover or make an "Attack Run" to use it's big dice and loose that cover. We've found this eliminates PD Mountain and the Interceptors-never-go-away issue and brings them in line with other SRS types without having to resort to drastic measures like removing all PD from Bombers/Assaulters. -Escorts Combine their PD with their parent ship (and each other) for ALL occasions, even against SRS. This makes Escorts a nasty PD screen against SRS, both for it's parent Tier 1 ship and for any other squadron when an SRS token has to fly though the Escort's PD range to get to it's target. Also, I'm trying to convince them to test a rule where squadron's Link PD against SRS (making a Driven-Off result actually possible) but haven't had much luck in convincing) As for Fighters, if everyone realized how potent Fighters truly are, there would be posts here screaming to have them nerfed.
  11. Commodore Jones

    Critical hit table

    I'm laughing at this, repairs at the models activation was a V1.0 rule. It all got changed to end of turn in V1.5 and V2 because players complained about it being confusing. Now it swings back to wanting on ship activation again. LOL!
  12. Commodore Jones

    Mine detonations

    Nevermind, found in the last of the errata.
  13. Commodore Jones

    Ship Stat Changes

    After having played the Sorylians for the past few weeks there is nothing wrong with the Falx/Swordbreaker battleship. It's the cruiser, heavy cruiser, frigate and corvette that need desperate stat adjustments. The dreadnought is in far greater need of stat adjustments than the battleship, the Broadsword is ranked up there with the Terran Titan, "why would I ever want to field this overpriced piece of $#!t "
  14. Relthoza and Sorylians are races to avoid introducing new players with. Cloak and the patience needed to use it properly are a bad start off to teach a new player, also on the opposite side, we've found out firsthand that half dice and re-rolls (Cloak and Stealth Systems) against a new player will frustrate them into quitting and never wanting to play again. Sorylian stats in V2.0 are so gimped that any new player (hell any experienced player) playing Sorylians are flat out going to LOSE.
  15. If you're looking to intro people to the game avoid Taskforce at all costs. It has almost no resemblance to the full 2.0 Firestorm Armada rules and will only confuse new players.

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