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  1. scuy

    Planet Construction

    I would go about first painting up the planet without it. So I feel lighter colors first followed by darker colors. Because I may do a earth like planet I would go with blue over the entire thing the follow up with the earth colors.The weather effects I would be painting them in using pictures as reference. Getting the clouds to white will be a challenge over the darker land masses but not impossible. I figure going over with a gray then up to white will give good coverage without having to keep apply white over the dark areas. When I get a day off I will work on this. I hope Monday will be a good day to attempt this.
  2. The one facing you in the photo, the large side. Because all their pictures of their products show the front side in the first picture.
  3. Will the other ground vehicles come modeled without it? I sure hope so.
  4. scuy

    Planet Construction

    There is no wrong way to paint, just different methods used for different effects.
  5. It looks like the bases are part of the model? I was hoping it wasn't, but can live with it I suppose. =p
  6. scuy

    Planet Construction

    I forgot to say, if I wanted an even coat, I would use a airbrush and do multiple passes till it was a solid color. Maybe another planet I will do that for ocean part and paint land masses, then weather effects. (Future project/ goal!)
  7. scuy

    Planet Construction

    Best I can tell you is that I use a brush, put it in paint and brush the model. :-) I kind of don't want to share my silly methods. But really it is kind of like blending, don't try to force a solid color in one go. On the blue planet I basicly just brushed in two direction from left to right. Because I wanted to look of rings I used mainly a wide flat brush and the thin edge for diffent thickness effects. Let dry a bit and then repeat. After multiple coats with this method it was done. Also the blue planet is done with just a primer gray and one color. No washes or changing colors. Manipulation of opacity is the goal. For the red planet it maybe harder to explain. Primer. (Vallejo gray) goes on smooth and will hold. Red (pick color you want). Black (to darken color). I used a wide flat brush with red brushed in random directions. Using the basic concept of opacity at this point it looks like a jacked up patch work of red. I repeated this a few more times. Then taking a crappy brush for drybrushing I stipple (jab) at the planet, at the same time I am brushing patterns of terrain too with the same brush. The paint is some what wet when doing this. I repeat this process with added black to the red. After going back and forth with different colors shades of my red. I use a smaller brush to paint more patterns to blend and accent random patterns. If you seen me actually paint though the steps (no real ordered steps) most of the time it would look terrible. One advice is to learn what the paint will do when used with water also helped with the painting of the red planet, were the paint would bead and collect. So try to follow my painting style. Lol :-P
  8. scuy

    Planet Construction

    I used some plastic spheres I found and panted them up. I just find planets shouldn't have textures that can be seen but rather painted on, more like photos. The white is from my desk lamp shining on the red planet. This comment is in no way to disrespect those that make their planets textured, just a preference I have.
  9. scuy

    Planet Construction

    I painted up two planets for space gaming.
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