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  1. Stephan

    Aquan Battlestation

    Thanks. For some reason the clear coat left a little bit of a shine to the surface.
  2. Stephan

    Aquan Battlestation

    I just finished the Oannes and thought I'd throw her in here as well.
  3. Stephan

    Aquan Battlestation

    I've got a pin vice drill. The challenge isn't the size or speed of the drill. The challenge is getting the hole straight so the model mounts properly.
  4. Stephan

    Aquan Battlestation

    The green is a standard highlight color I use on my fleet. It's gotten mixed reception since I first put it on, but I like it. See pic below. Quiet01, I'll check out the Hawk Widgets.
  5. I'm not entirely happy about how this turned out, but I thought I'd post for anyone else thinking of putting one of these together. The main resin parts of this model were really simple, just hemispheres with detail, and it's pretty nice detail. the problems came in with the hole for mounting the model on the flight stand and on putting the two halves together with the acrylic pieces. I don't have a drill-press at home, so I had to free-hand the drill to deepen the mounting hole. I got close, but the model still sits a little off kilter. Spartan, this is really an endemic problem among your models. I've had to drill out the mounting holes (stop giggling) on at least half of my models, and it's always hit or miss as to whether the model sits evenly on the peg afterwards. Please, please, please figure out how to fix this issue. Regarding the acrylic pieces, those are just a pain to work with. I've been in the hobby for over 20 years and have figured out most things, but those pieces gave me fits. It started with the painting. I painted them separately from the rest of the model, so that gave me some breathing room, but it seemed paint just didn't want to dry onto the acrylic surface. The acrylic also doesn't seem to react well to my standard super glue that I've used for assembly on everything from every other game producer for two decades. In the area of actual assembly, the two halves of the station don't actually fit together in such a way that you can simply slot in the acrylic pieces. No, that would be too simple. In final assembly, there's a gap between the two hemispheres that you either have to fill with something or you have to rely on the dodgy structural integrity of the acrylic pieces themselves to hold the whole thing together. I chose to fill the center with Milliput, which worked really well for getting the two pieces to fit together at just the right distance to let me slot in the acrylic pieces. Last, there are four holes in the top of each half of the hemispheres that were just begging to have something done with them. I drilled them out, clipped some toothpicks down to size, and then inserted them as a bit of extra detail.
  6. Quick question on the primer scenarios. Where it says, "use standard deployment rules", am I correct to interpret that we are free to use Reserves, including both Flank and Shunt entry?
  7. I heard a rumor that Spartan plans to release updated ORBATS that consolidate all the Helices into one list and that they'll be out sometime soon. Is that true?
  8. Does this special rule apply to all models with the Crystal Formation MAR or only the Votari Crystal models?
  9. ETA for the practice scenarios? Any hints on terrain density/type?
  10. If there was any way I could get my figs and terrain to Adepticon, and there was interest, I could totally set up an Invaders game for Thursday.
  11. When making the scenario, I assumed that although the Covenant figured out where the portal would take them, no scouts were sent through in advance of the initial assault so as to preserve the element of surprise. On the Invaders side, the portal had been inactive for so long they didn't think it worthy of fortification, so none of their forces were positioned to stop the Prussians from coming through.
  12. Thanks! I like getting the Invaders out every so often. The bombers are a bit too powerful, but otherwise the Invaders list is really good for this kind of scenario.
  13. After the original attack by the Invaders, the Alliance of Humanity is taking the fight to the Invaders homeworld using a portal uncovered by the Covenant of Antarctica. As the nation who bore the brunt of the original invasion, the Prussian Empire was given the honor of the first strike. Here's a link to the original Invaders battle: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/4718-war-of-the-worlds-genghiscon-xxxiv-in-denver-co/?hl=invaders The scenario begins with an initial deployment of half the Invaders force around their central pyramid and the last oasis on Mars. The Prussian land forces then deploy through the gate and establish a beachhead, followed by the remainder of the Invaders moving in their reinforcements. If you recognize the Relthoza drone spires, that's because we used them as Drone Hives for the Invaders. End of Turn 1, one Sentinel large tripod down to concentrated Tesla fire, one Metzger down to flaming Death Rays of doom. Turn 2, as the ground forces engage, aerial support from both sides arrive. The Gewitterwolke dies horribly. Oh! The Humanity! Turn 3 was hard on the humans, with the loss of another Metzger and a squadron of Geier due to a vicious onslaught from the Invader bombers, but the Prussians' allies have arrived. The Hochmeister steps forward and takes revenge for the Gewitterwolke, felling a Sentinel in one swift assault. Sadly, 46 AD from the combined Death Rays of two Sentinels ended the Hochmeister's reign of terror. The loss of the Hochmeister convinced the Alliance that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor since not enough firepower remained to deal with the next drone wave and bombers.
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