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  1. Can I keep re-using the spirits until it's too murky to clean? Do mineral spirits have the consistency of water? After I rinse the brush in the spirits, do I then have to rinse the brush out with water? Sorry guys...
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, after I dip them, I use testors dullcote. After this (ridiculously expensive) bottle runs out I'll be picking up the army painter's anti-shine spray, as I've heard it's a teensy bit better and you get twice as much for the $. Thanks guys. So, pure mineral spirits, or mixed with water? Does it have to be a full glass, or just enough to get the bristles in? Thanks, gang.
  3. I am being an ignorant consumer and buying the name brand Quickshade. I've tried finding the more commonly used standard varnishes at the local stores here, and I just can't find the ones that I would use (the equivalent of strong tone is everywhere, but I use darktone 99% of the time - I love the high contrast, cartoon-y look). I think I will just brush it on for these models. Now, I know it's varnish, so in order to get the gunk off of my brush, I would have to use mineral spirits to get it off. How do I do that? Do I stick the brush in the container of spirits? Do I pour a little cup of it and rinse in there? Do I mix up mineral spirits with water...? Thanks, gang. Forgive my ignorance, Archfiend.
  4. Or, actually, I might just dip 1 half, wait for it to dry enough, then dip the other half lol
  5. Yup I've got those tools I will give that a try. I had a feeling drilling a hole would be the way to go.
  6. Hello, all. I love me some quickshade. It's easy, quick shading that doesn't completely ruin the paintjob like some other washes (where you basecoat, wash, then reapply basecoat). The thing is, how to dip a ship? I have never tried the brush-on technique with quickshade, as I imagine it will turn out exactly like using a regular wash, where I have to go back and fix the basecoat. Has anyone ever tried to dip a boat? I'm trying to figure out how to physically do that. Glue it to dowel and dip it in? Drill a hole in the bottom and glue a rod in there to hold on to? I tried sticky tack and that ended ... badly.
  7. Haha Thank you. I hope I have pleased my master, Zed, and the Archfiend.
  8. Topic. Let's say I have a Russian Landship that only has 1 AP left for whatever reason. Let's say that a squadron of 4 Prussian medium tanks are boarding that are at full AP (which would be 4 ap each). Let's also say that all get through - ack ack was a major whiff fest. So... now what? That's 4 pools of 4 dice versus 1 ap. The AP gets allocated to 1 pool of dice... what happens with the other 3 pools...? Do they roll for # of hits to see if they sabotage? What happens?
  9. Awesome. You confirmed that I have been playing correctly. I like how you set up for boarding (placement of dice)... I will be incorporating that myself... Thanks a million
  10. Okay, Naz, you win Haha. Awesome collection, man. Do you think it's bad that for Firestorm Armada I want duplicates of all Relthoza models, 1 painted normally, one painted black with white specks (stars) for when they are cloaked?
  11. How bout a brief tutorial or recipes for your paint job? The UCS boards are so lacking in actual tutorials =(
  12. I just saw someone say in the battlereport subforum that UCS is no longer going to be supported... is this true...?
  13. Ugh. I curse my local gaming community. All of these great games, but they don't have "Warhammer" in the title, so no one plays it. I want to play this so bad!
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