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  1. I don't play FA, but I do have a group that plays DW and DL if you are interested. Also, check out Game Empire or At Ease Games. Both are local stores which fairly large play groups.
  2. Righto. That was supposed to come out in book form as well, right? EDIT: Doesn't look like it. that's too bad. I like the hardbound books.
  3. It says on the cover that this is "Campaign Book 4". What was campaign book 3?
  4. WE usually do starter boxes for the first few games, so point changes won't matter too much. Stat changes, though...
  5. Awesome report! My main opponent uses Russia, and my Chinese fleet should be in today! I can't wait to have these kinds of nail biting battles!
  6. But what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?!
  7. I'm just getting annoyed. It will be 17 days in the mail come tomorrow. 17 days.
  8. In southern California, shipped out on 10/22 and I STILL haven't gotten it.
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