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  1. Good to know there are a few fans. I'll have to check one out in person.
  2. Wow, I was not quite sure I liked the looks of the Dominance when it came out so I just grabbed a 2nd Overseer and called it good. Thanks to the picture above, I have to say I made the correct choice. Although kinda cool looking from the top, that side view is nast, like an old-style Cylon basestar gone horribly wrong. Does it look a LOT better in person? And is it two pieces (top and bottom)? Maybe I could just get a squadron of tops?
  3. I need one more Tsunami as well, complete the squadron. I implore you, Santa of Kurak!
  4. I dig your tokens, but I dig the BB even more, looks great!
  5. Great. I'll run them through my Sorylian food processor and make coleslaw!
  6. The symbol looks kind of "leafy". Maybe their plants. Groots?
  7. Agreed. The Banshee is the only RSN ship I find appealing. Bulwark is ok, but I'd vote for a rework of all the others.
  8. They look great. Was not sure about the look but with that bang-up paint job, I like them much more. Guess my Varnak and Sharnak will be getting some company.
  9. Agreed. I buy a bunch of dustables because of the way they look, much less on whether they'll be played or not.
  10. I like. Hopefully a Sorylian paint scheme will help me come up with a background story for my fleet.
  11. I saw the bug... Must be cloaked!
  12. Spartan must think that the majority of us are trust-fund babies...
  13. Oh, and for the Aquans, I see the Abyss' theme music playing as their ships breach the oceans of Csera and head off into space.
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