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  1. Take an airfield and forward deploy it. Also do you have any DD's. Orions give e eryone a hard time.
  2. You need a commodore and he/she/it can only be on their own nationalities model.
  3. My advice is also to ignore it, go for the rest of the fleet. If you draw mediums, change it to 70% and then kill the rest of the fleet. The terror ship is dangerous if you spend too many AD trying to kill it. Don't be fixated by it. This lets the rest of the EoBS fleet operate freely.
  4. Having a powerful fleet doesnt mean it can all get to sea. Take us Aussie's, we have 5 good subs but due to many reasons, one being lack of trained crews we can only get 2 to sea. Not 2 at a time, only 2. I should say thats 2 operational boats. We could get 4 to sea with very reduced capabilities.
  5. Read the whole thread that's in my signature, "Med Campaign Rules" There's a number of good campaign ideas if you start at the beginning of that thread.
  6. It also helps if you are running more than one carrier to have one on each flank with the SAW's deployed in the middle. That way you can swing your SAW to attack either flank and that keeps your opponent guessing. It also forces them to spread their fire as you can always switch your attack to the undamaged carrier. Most of my battles have been in the 1,500 point range and that allows two carriers. Be careful of no carriers because your opponent can swap SAW's early and then rebuild for the main attack. Use a large obscured flyer to draw out their SAW's (the Eagle is good for that) and then destroy their wings and then rebuild and follow your fleet in. They cant ignore and Eagle or similar flyer because if it closes then the bombs and mines are crippling. Or use a carrier and two wings to support a boarding rush by corvettes, they cant be ignored and they wont be shooting at your carrier. These tactics are just part of the greater plan and must be used with care, they themselves are not overwhelming, but they force your opponent to react to more than one action. The air war over the fleet has changed significantly and it will take time for you to adjust your tactics. For me it has added a fantastic element to the game.
  7. I know a good therapist who wood be willing to fly to Townsville to help you.
  8. Remember your SAW's don't have to attack. Holding them back in your formation of ships as a threat to enemy units that get themselves to far forward. Those SAW's force your opponent to be more cautious with their units. A 20" strike range with fighters will keep other flyers at RB3/4. I've found that players are not using as many bombers as they used to and other flyers are far rarer than they used to be. I have been playing carrier heavy fleets in testing and found them very effective once you get yourself into the SAW's mindset. Its very much like the US Admirals before WW2, the big gun fleet, which was effectively 1.1 now the carrier generation has arrived and tactics have changed. The big difference is its like the first fleet carriers (converted BB and BC) fast, lots of guns, but those guns were for defence not to get into the main battle line. DW is a bit different in that those carrier can go toe to toe with other units. Make sure that your SAW end their turn within 4' of the carrier before it activates or plan for where your carrier is going to be so that next activation its within 4" Now even if you don't want to run a carrier fleet, always slip an Apollo CVL into your fleet. This forces your opponent to plan for you to change those fighters into strike SAW's or vice a versa. Without this, you lose the ability to confuse your opponent and are forced into a very obvious tactical approach with your SAW's. For example, turn one move your fighters forward 10". Then later in the turn move your carrier 6". Next turn you have two options keep the SAW's as fighters or change them to a strike SAW. That 6CV unit can change two units and that does force your opponent to move far more cautiously. Well lads back to the ready room the enemies in sight.
  9. When comparing the poor Tribal to some of the alliance cruisers, she comes up a bit short. The Agi is about right for its points but the Tribal needs to come down or get piercing torps or guns to make it a better choice. There are still some options we cant talk about (due to the NDA) that can make the Tribal a little more effective within the fleet.
  10. Wait until the allies are out and then we can continue this discussion without risk of the nda.
  11. You choose your hand from your deck after deployment and selecting your field order. You use the cards to help you achieve your mission or hinder your opponents. This makes the selection a game in itself. You use the cards to get VP's or to confuse your opponent about your field order. Since you can only play one card in an activation or pre turn, it means you need to be careful because if you play one you cant cancel your opponents.
  12. Two frigates in front of the Borodino and that stops or causes partially blocked LOS and that's 1/2 AD. Now the Lios MTB's and FSA and Aussie subs are very cheap LOS blockers for torpedos. Park a frigate squadron in front of our DN and its almost immune to torpedos. Rockets are by far the better weapon. 360 vs fixed channel (OK there are some Torp turrets) normal los rules vs easily blocked useable against air vs useless against air restricted against diving vs effective against diving useable against skimmers on terrain vs useless late game when (T) weapons become effective, both AA and CC are generally reduced to 1.
  13. Edit due to change between the test and new rule book.
  14. Lots of changes in the new rules. OK Springfields only link now but their biggest use is to replace lost AP on their parent Ship. Read friendly boarding.
  15. Valiants are now very good at boarding 2 reckless AP each. Thats 5x2 and thats a threat to any BB. Back up a squadron of corvettes and even a DN should be scared.
  16. The DN doesnt loose a turret. No KOB ship does anymore. And external generator can be targeted during the firing phase, an internal one cant. Still waiting for my book so no references are available.
  17. My young grasshopper all will be right with the world........ Await the words of wisdom from the Master....Delboy
  18. Have a read on how to get the most out of your TFT in my signature.
  19. Never has a truer word been spoken.
  20. Sorry, I would love to be there but 12,000 miles is to long a swim at my age.
  21. Our groups has done quite a few. They are generally senario based rather than free for all. The forces divided with a percentage of the force naval, ground and some players choice.
  22. If a model can't clear another base, there are two options 1. If a models minimum move does not reach the base of the obstructing model then you can't cross over the base unless your movement allows you to clear it. 2. If your minimum move puts you over the base of the obstructing model then you get extra movement to clear the base. If there are obstructing models all around so that the moving model cant fit anywhere, then you may need to use "least disturbance" rule.
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