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  1. I would absolutely come along, as I live not too far away. Slight problem is you have picked Easter Sunday, and I will be at church in the morning rather than gaming from 10:00am!!!
  2. Indeed, and sometimes I have a hell whale of a time making sure I don't contradict something I, or someone else, wrote for Spartan before! (Whilst at the same time bowing to the fact that anything I do write can be retconned whenever that is needed) To be honest, and this is the way I've always approached it even before I started writing parts of it.... the Dystopian Wars world is a take it or leave it affair. Those bits you like, enjoy! Those bits you hate.... create your own story
  3. Professor Evans hypothesis was indeed correct when it was originally published... most scientists however now agree that Element 270 is most effective for the production of various effects when in gaseous form. An electromagnetic charge passed through a variety of Sturgene gas concentrations results in quantifiable and observable effects. The most stable of these, now often referred to as the 'Evans Mixture', results in the shield generator effect that repels and slows oncoming projectiles given a continuous source of power. Less common alchemical products result in disruptions in local gravitational effects, a localized optical disruption or even a nullifying effect that 'dampens' the fields of other generators; all, we must add, requiring the production and storage of potentially unstable Sturgene gas concentrations as well as a power source capable of providing a stable and contained electromagnetic field. Indeed, the most time consuming and powerful of generators takes these properties to the extreme. Russian Mimic Generators operate on the principle that by observing the emanations of opponents' generators, one can deduce the chemical composition of the gas involved and replicate it. This is not an exact science, and has to be done 'on the fly' by teams of scientists. When it works, however, either through luck or skill, such Mimic devices can produce almost any field if they possess the required quantities of known materials used in Sturgene Concentrations and can deduce the correct field strength required. It is a testament both to Russian scientists and their military intelligence services that they are capable of such replication so often. The most extreme and power consuming use of Sturgene gas in this way are the Covenant's teleport generators. These require dedicated power coils way beyond the capacity of most warships (and indeed most nations) and also require an anchoring point (the science of which is not currently understood. At least certainly there are theories about 'duplicate particles' and 'sympathetic bonds' ) that involves a similarly charged compound of gas for the generator to lock onto.
  4. I'm happy to jump in and answer any questions about the world, and will enjoy reading other peoples' rationalizations as well... given that I can't keep the entire DWars world in my head! Interesting note on the boarding troops, as that's not one I've truly considered.... I always assumed that they were the jetpack armed guys from Legions, as that made sense to me. Also note that the Ritter boarding ramp may not be intended as a siege ramp in that it crashes down on the ramparts of an opposing vessel... it might be better considered a run-way. Imagine behind the steel blast doors a battalion of Prussian luftlancers, waiting for the light to go green. With a hiss of pneumatic pressure the armoured plates fold back, and the light bathes them in an acidic glow. As the ramp crashes down they are greeted by the shining sun, and immersed in the sounds of battle and a skyline lit by tracer fire and the puffs of explosions. Up ahead aircraft describe lazy contrails in their eerily graceful dance of death. The officer yells incoherently, and the rest follow him out, boots clanging on the gang-way as they rush up the incline. As they reach the apex, they hit their jump controls and are boosted into the air. Up ahead lies their target, the looming Kursk Class Land-Dreadnought like some predator city, all guns blazing as it rolls inexorably towards the Wolfgang Fortresses. AA fire begins to stitch its way up as the jump troops reach the crest of their arc.... several fall away like tumbling autumn leaves, or else spiral uncontrollably off course as rounds shed power cables and control links. Then they are falling, the Kursk grows bigger and bigger and its gangwalks become clearer and clearer. Legs are braced and lances charged.... a final burst of acceleration and then CLANG! Blood and Iron. + That's how it appears in my head anyway.
  5. It may have escaped peoples' notice, but the howdah on the Leviathan can be mounted on a base on its own as a 'skiff' style mount.... potentially negating the need for the giant lizard part of the model. I must admit, I too initially disliked the Leviathan, but I think it comfortably exists in the 'Dune' or 'John Carter' sci-fi milieu, where things are slightly weirder and less 'the modern world' but IN SPAAACE.
  6. Happy New Year! I say, Matthews, are you sure these fireworks are quite safe? They do seem to be glowing awfully...
  7. Hate to break it all to you but the background for the RSN is the purview of Spartan Games and any freelance writer they happen to turn to help develop it (ahem... ) so if you don't like it.... use your imagination and make something else up! For reference, however, they always struck me as having a Brotherhood of Nod feel to them; with a healthy bit of NKVD/KGB/Cheka/Gestapo/SS/Stasi thrown in; add a pinch of the Peoples Republic of Haven from David Weber; simmer through a brutal war and serve with a side order of awesomesauce. Also, to put fears at rest - the RSN helix looks fantastic, the robot has REDACTED BY PIONEER-GROUP LEADER RUPERT KELSAR - THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MARKED BY INTSEC (INTERNAL SECURITY) AS TREASONOUS TO THE FEDERATION AND WILL BE PURGED. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR HOMES TO AWAIT RSN OFFICERS WHO WILL TAKE YOUR STATEMENTS.
  8. Hi Garthim! More info can be found in the Kurak Alliance fleet guide, but some quick answers to your questions are: 1) There are minor alien races resident on Terran planets, but there are no alien dominated planets that are members of the Alliance. Aliens are a minority, but an accepted and encouraged minority, within the Alliance's human dominated structure (unlike the Federation, which excludes all aliens within its own borders pretty much) 2) All built and owned by the government. The NTSC and the AFTSC are centralized military organizations, unlike the DCFA, which has a single command and control structure but which draws its units from the member systems. Of course, ships will be built with the assistance of planetary governments, crewed by people from across the Alliance and hail from different shipyards, but these will often be mixed with units from other parts of the Alliance in a fleet or army. 3) Nothing has been set down, so name them how you like! The prefix is NTSC (Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter), but no set rules exist beyond that. Hope that helps.
  9. It's quite simple, I imagine that the veteran helix is a special detachment for which you can use your older models and which are designed around the initial wave of releases but also around a box of replacement 'veteran' models that can also be used, with the same stats etc. In short: a helix for the units in the original box is coming out, so those with the older box have units they can include in their army from day 1, which will then have more up-to-date models in the longer term. Or that's what I would imagine! In the meantime: fiction drives....engaged!
  10. Now that is how you do a 10mm sci-fi game Awesome looking stuff there...
  11. Planetfall is coming, Planetfall is under development. Be patient...there really is no point getting worked up about this. As any developer (of anything) should say, 'it's done when it is done', and you'll all see it and hold it in your hands when that happens. In the meantime, enjoy life, go for a pleasant walk, embrace the truth and beauty of existence! In short: Planetfall is coming and that is a hard fact. By all means be excited, but just relax a little.
  12. Police investigations conducted by a joint Terran-Aquan taskforce into these terrorist attacks suffered serious problems in acquiring positive leads. Whilst sensationalist theories abound, with the Directorate considered the most likely culprit, recent reports suggest a very different story. Inspector Chateau of the 12th Sectorial Precinct noted in his report that significant numbers of 'low lifes' interviewed showed signs of addiction to the proscribed Aquan drug 'Mahja', more commonly Terranized as 'Mojo'. Whilst in humans the effects are mild (recent studies suggest that addiction is hard to break but the health risks low) for various Aquan sub-species, the effects cn be very serious indeed (although the 'high' is correspondingly greater for Aquan users). Whilst the Inspector was never able to prove his theory (the task force was terminated by Senator Dracken's Policing Review Board) he surmised the Creche, far from the idyllic world most assume it to be, had a thriving underground. The various Aquan Tongs he believed, were responsible for the attacks on the floating cities, all of which were attempts to shut down the newest trader in narcotics: the Syndicate. Believed to be operating out of the nearby Terran border system of Lazarus, the Syndicate has now used the large volume of traffic (both genetic tourism and food transportation) to hide a smuggling operation that aims to expand Syndicate influence in the Sebrutan in the classic ways: anything illegal goes. Attempts to verify these claims have all failed,and must no doubt remain mere conjecture. All that is known is that the Syndicate registered 'yacht' Cortexus has repeatedly made visits to Creche...circumstantial? Coincidence? Or something more?
  13. As far as I recall from publications: The PE uses SMS (Seine Majestat Schiff). KoB is HMS (or HMR for rotorcraft and HMLS for landships) The FSA uses FSS (FSAS and FSLS) EotBS uses INBS (Imperial Navy of the Blazing Sun) COA uses CAS for ships, not sure if they use a prefix for sky-monitors and landships. Russia and France do not use prefixes. That's at least the rules I follow!
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