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  1. Obviously, because I only found out about him being with Spartan when he made the beta test thread!
  2. Also don't forget that it looks like Delboy has been officially hired by Spartan! (Now posts as Spartan Derek, has been taken off the list of Vanguards)
  3. My Black Wolf slams a Frensel MK I with guns, knocking it backwards into my opponents orb. The orb goes BOOM and half of his fleet plus a third of mine goes down in the ensuing blasts as several magazine explosions occur. Absolutely insane turn, something like 1000 points sank! All due to the guns of my Black Wolf (which didn't survive the explosion )!
  4. Actually, I rather like the way you took it. It leaves room for a very interesting plot twist..
  5. Delboy, can you post the Polish stuff right now to celebrate?!
  6. It is important to say that nations can play very differently in different theaters, for example FSA navy loves to sit at the back and blast away while their land vehicles love to be up close and personal, with a fair bit of boarding. Meanwhile, air remains a mix of the two. So what theater is attracting the most interest?
  7. So seeing how the Metzer got changed so it was actually use full in a sea game, why don't whe do the same thing with the Washington. Lower the movement by one(6" movement), replace amphibious with Multipurpose, and you should be good to go, but I feel like there is something missing. What else do you guys think should be done with our ugly duckling if Spartan were to make a mark II version? One more AP and AA, or Devastating Ordinance on the turrets seems reasonable with a 20 point cost bump to me (bringing the vessel to 150 points). But let's hear your thoughts!
  8. My understanding is that you can take 3 Trentons, plus one Reno, and then add one Triumphant. Definitely worth its points from what I've heard (I don't play land often, but know a guy who does).
  9. Good god, Minotaur! Let's be a little bit nicer and not immediately shoot down other peoples ideas! Get over the fact that you are a bit of a noob and need help, let us teach you some things you should know. Yes the Trenton isn't the best medium in the game and yes the Washington is a BFB (Kudos to whoever figures out the acronym). If you want my opinion, use the Alamo and Tennesse for an all land battle, the Washington is only good with amphibious assaults (although Hunger is right in the fact that it does have some defensive value). As for Trentons, get some bloody Reno and Triumphant tanks and attach them to your Trentons, that helps a lot! Our bombard is also world class, especially if you get some Lee scoutships(a great addition for any FSA force). Also, consider replacing your Valley with a Savannah, for ten points more you get much more ability! One last thing, never let an EotBS player get away with pounding you from range, we are quite good at raining big explosive thingies on giant walkers at range. Overall, get a more positive attitude, and have fun playing the FS of A!
  10. Excuse me while I rant a bit, but I can't help but cry when I hear the word "overpowered". Spartan's number one goal is provide us with a fun and BALANCED game to enjoy. Spartan strives to make sure all nations are properly balance, read some of Delboy's posts if you don't believe me. Any fleet is very powerful, in the hands of a capable player. All have weaknesses, however. For example, let's take you complaints about the Ottomans. Yes they have amazing gunnery and are masters at controlling the board, but they have very little ap (although sharpshooters does help with that) and they are fragile! To bring your lovely broadsides to bear you end up presenting the biggest profile of you ship, which makes a very juicy target for enemy guns. Plus the little fact that then your fore bombards can't hit the target, limiting the AD you can throw into one attack! I can't help but feel defeated when people complain about nations being overpowered, have faith in Spartan and their playtesters! Even if a nation is too powerful, Spartan has shown their willingness to make changes, like giving the Russians a small nerf and the Anarticans a more practical AD spread for their energy weapons. This is not GW we're dealing with, this is Spartan!
  11. In the Danish thread under alliances and mercenaries. Just randomly browsing the forum one night when low and behold I found that giant! Note: If you click on the pic it takes you to Delboy's photobucket, you are sure to find any pics he posts there!
  12. By Danish models, Delboy may be referring to this:
  13. A small robot with a helmet mounted flamethrower, and a pair of swords that are assault weapons? Yeah- that sounds like something the EotBS would go for!
  14. Hey, at least I know some players who aren't jerks, that's better than you, my French friend! Best of luck with finding some decent players.
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