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  1. SO new issue: The Tiny Flyer Compliment -Do you deploy the tiny Flyers around the airfield like normal? ie- can you break it into 3 deployments (airfield, scout plane, wave of dive bombers ect) People in my game group were making a case for it being unfair / illegal to deploy tiny flyers outside the normal deployment zone because THEY aren't 'emplaced'. What say ye? seems to me they have to stick near the field. The haters [jealous of the Tsars foresight ] thought the tiny flyer compliment should have to start un-launched / on the field.
  2. Awesome, thanks for that. I'll probably be lazy and make it on a small island 4"x7" or so.
  3. How does this rule work in navy games? The Russian airfields have 'emplaced', does this mean they can deploy anywhere on their half of the board? or just on islands/land in their half of the board?
  4. Does anyone have experience with the 'Emplaced' MAR ? Specifically in naval games. I'm making 2 airfields out of the Spartan kit because I love the idea of throwing tiny flyers and some decent shooting at the enemy early game as the slow Russian fleet advances! BUT how exactly do you deploy them??? -Can they go anywhere or do they have to deploy on available islands? I've been thinking about basing the airfields on a very small island for this purpose, but is that cheating? -This probably goes without saying, but do the tiny flyer compliment have to deploy around the emplaced field? Let me know, thanks
  5. I do not hate the Myshkins and I use them every game....let me repeat, I do not hate the Myshkins and I use them every game. Granted I didn't go out of my way to buy any, I just use the 2 in the starter fleet, but they have been solid. I think the big thing to keep in mind is that they put pressure on your opponent. I'm not particularly eager to sacrifice 50pts to drop 12 AD on someone...but they don't know that But even when they wise up they don't ever forget that it's an option. I think the much discussed tactic of going obscured and advancing till your in range is the way to go, right down the middle so they'll always have targets. The bombs are solid on small and mediums and as soon as your opponent gets annoyed and starts to put a damage or two on them you just kill it for them....right through the deck of a damaged large or medium ship Anything that draws fire off your ablative armor is worth it in my book, and its got some nasty bombs and a cool suicide attack to boot!.....not to mention compared to your fleet its actually kinda speedy, so its a perfect screen for cruisers and your battleship.
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