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  1. Please does any one have a copy of the Russian and kingdom of Britain Alt stat cards for 1.1 rules of dystopian wars please the ones done by nail
  2. Druss

    Sorylain Collective My Journey

    Thanks for all your lovely comments I have very ill last few months so have not made much progress need. But am going to be back on them
  3. Druss

    Works Raptor Science Technology

    Very nice mate
  4. Druss

    The new terrans.

    Mate I have to say I really love this scheme. May have borrow parts if that's ok?
  5. Druss

    675th Ohobbodin Sphere Outriders

    very nice. dear chap I know how hard it is to do those checks
  6. Druss

    Terran Battlestation (WIP) UPDATE 4/28/14

    Looking nice mate
  7. Druss

    Stop Apologizing for Your Photos!

    Another way to avoid direct sun is to live in the uk
  8. Druss

    Quick shade vs others?

    can you get minwax in the uk or is sold with a different name
  9. Druss

    Intro to airbrushing?

    watch this video guys. its a very very good video on what to look for with airbrush http://youtu.be/zw9qdL_r5xQ
  10. Druss

    Sorylain Collective My Journey

    ok hear are my finished cruisers and heavy cruiser
  11. Druss

    Erebi´s Flying Circus

    Very nice been looking for sum sort of mess any you have it there i never thought of using cloth mesh or is it think metal mesh?
  12. Druss

    Kaptyns Plog

    Hope my first attempt when I get an air brush is half as good as yours. Still saving up for one What air brush you use mate? Also compressor what make it please as I am slowly saving up for one
  13. Druss

    My Royal Oak

    they are the small turret from the old Firestorm battle ship Terran battle ship
  14. alex you still not sent me that email and the file so i can help out i have tried mailing you via the form but its say your inbox is full
  15. does it have protective layer on top ?

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