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  1. Without the HQ MAR, you just get the CP for the Regiment.
  2. "Incendiary Shells" I looked for a "flame" effect fo a long time as well. This one was well worth the wait.
  3. So, There is no "Cumbersome" MAR listd for my EotBS Large Walkers. However, the rule reads: "All Units that belong to the 1. Large or Massive Size Category, and 2. Units with the ‘Cumbersome’ MAR, must move directly forward when making move actions." To me this means that the model must be both (1) large/massive AND (2) have the "Cumbersome" MAR to have to adhere to the MAR rules for movement. Correct? Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the interesting and informative inputs. Also, a big thanks to SPARTAN for getting out a clarification! What a difference We've played three or four games now and boarding is come to the forefront as being the great equalizer. There have been several instances of not doing much shooting wise, but assaulting would win the day. Two inches to close is tough, but doable. It's also a great way to get rid of those pesky fliers in range band 1.
  5. So, Let me make sure I understand how boarding works: Formation A with 3 units having assault values of 3 each (9 total) launch a boarding assault against Formation B with 5 units, each at 1 AP/1 AA. Formation A rolls 7 hits. Formation B rolls defending AA and gets only 2 hits; leaving 5 through Formation B is completely wiped out and now loses all of it's units and Formation A still retains a full complement of AP. Correct? Thanks in advance for the help
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