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  1. I'm thankful that Warcradle picked up the Dystopian Wars line... I have a lot of models and I'm far from done adding to the collection. Hope to see a lot from Warcradle in 2018! I'll be supporting you! -Andrew
  2. Sorry Doc, but that doesn't really make sense either... In effect, it makes the value, damage-wise, less than if they fired at range band 2. True, you have fewer dice, but the number of chances of hitting goes from 50% down to 33.33%. That's a mighty big penalty. In naval terms, you are firing at a target that's in very close proximity, bring the guns to bear on a target isn't an issue and would actually be easier, the closer the target is (less adjustments for range, windage, etc.) the odds that you hit should go up, not down. I just wondered what's the reasoning for the rule? Thanks, Andrew
  3. My group and I were playing DW the other day and the question came up, "Why do Primary Guns only hit on a 5,6 at range band 1?" We understand why they can't fire at submerged or flyers at that range because the guns can't elevate or depress enough to aim at the target, but if you are shooting at another ship (especially a capital ship) why are you being penalized at close range?? Does anyone know the reasoning behind this rule? Thanks in Advance, Andrew
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