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  1. Personally I just don't think the crying about the lend lease being non-core is justified to the extent we see it here. Basically it is a luxury problem. When playing DW you usually decide which faction you want to play with. If you go for the KoD you do find a nice selection of additional units you can use without the restricitions for allied forces. The only restriction there is: Stick to a viable KoD core force. LL helping out was important when the KoD only consisted of Raggnarok, Skagerrak, Sigurd and Korsors. But with the addition of Fafnirs, Magnis, Asgard and Tyrs the KoD actually have a decent choice of units. If you want to field some prussian units you might have to drop some air units, so what? Even in a small 1000 point force you can easily include air support and PE lend lease in a variety of KoD setups. Assuming most KoD players have both boxes by now, I really don't see the "hard cap" of LL anywhere. And if one really wants to go with less KoD units, why not go with another Faction and field the KoD as allies? R
  2. @Yasbir: While one can still get 4 activations of the 10 planes this sure does matter as it means 2-3 less fighter planes. And while squadrons of 3 have a brutal AA value these have two weak points. 1) They usually are not enough to bring down an enemy SAS in one go (9AA = 7.2 hits). 2) They tend to get wiped out in the process or through the following occasional AA fire. To exaggerate a bit, they won't get a second chance to act, thus the opponent has a better chance to win air superiority. The (small) change intends to: - Give some more flavour to the fleet - replace a now unnecessary doctrine as the KoD have access to good Carriers. - be a small tweak against the SAS spam lists that caused problems. In this regard it is one of several tweaks and it does its job. R
  3. Personally I still like the Sigurds a lot (had the chance to use them for playtests). The 60 points, 6AP versions were just too brutal when used in bigger numbers. @Tyr: Having 6 different boarding parties makes it highly likely that at least one of these guys will survive. So no nerf, just a tweak and surely more logical than having "Aggressive" guys on the Carrier and "Regular" guys in the boarding assault craft... R
  4. Varnos did a great summary in the "New ORBATs thread", I'd just like to add another small change that was included: The Commodore doctrines got a small rewording, not much of a change for "Repel boarders", but a necessary clarification and a nice boost to the one use only "power to the shields". Besides that: I really hope you guys have fun with the new ORBAT. I am really interested to see how the SGS will be included in your forces and what you think of the units that got the "bigger" changes like the Hasta, the Fortuna and so on. Feel free to report any outstanding new balancing issues with playtests. Cheers and happy gaming! R
  5. Sadly, James took the decision to withdraw from the SG Community with a heavy heart and for personal reasons. He was a Giant of this community, I wonder if we shall see his like again... R
  6. sitting, waiting, wishing,...

  7. @Merlin: That's perfectly fine and I'll happily reply: @Small turret: Units like the Gladius, Minerva, Affondatore really don't need any more dice (same goes for the Frigate which already has some very strong dice pools for its main weapon). The small difference on the small turret gives the Mars an edge compared to the Affondatore and again to the Minerva. Depending on the firing mode and the damage the model has taken it varies. It never is a big difference, but it is enough to give the Mars an edge. In RB I+II an undamaged Mars gains interesting options to fire more (up to 6) attacks against targets on one side of the ship while eg the Minerva (or Affondatore (depending on damage level) will rely on linking the small turrets into bigger dice pools. The Mars 11+11+12 (RBI undamaged) is pretty sexy for example (Minerva would do 11+11+9). @Gladius (incl. small turret): Looking at the Gladius a bigger AD pool on the small turret would simply unbalance an already very good Cruiser. They already have some of the very best AD pools for all Cruiser in their favourite rangebands, they have great speed and very high damage resistance and they have the option to bring an additional activation. The comparison with the fragile KoD gunships imho is misleading. Critting a KoD gunship is easier to achieve than putting a single damage on 1 gladius (at least assuming standard gunnery). To make it short: The current Gladii are well worth their 75/85 points. Maybe there is an inclination to go for the Uccisores (this may vary depending on the matchup). However, keeping the option gives more room in list creation and for something the current Orbat is missing... @Cinquedea: The torpedoes on the frigates simply are not meant to take out enemy capitals, however 8AD faster torps are enough to damage most mediums and do an occasional crit on enemy cruiser/gunship/BC class vessels. Fired at enemy smalls they are a pretty good chance of getting rid of one of those. That aside there is the nice option to fire 2x5 torps against the same target which again has a good chance for damage against smalls and mediums. Just noting: The Cinquedea can dish out more hurt than pretty much any other frigate and the Cinquedea can use several interesting firing (each frigate on its own, link two turrets for 11/8/5 or link all turrets). Even with a "low" model count, the LoIS have a very well rounded ORBAT that allows for different fleet builds. They are pretty competitive without being broken as a faction and if we can smoothen some of the edges remaining, we have a gem of an ORBAT here. R
  8. @Merlin (and others): Thanks for the interesting feedback. As a long time LoIS player and member of the Focus group, I'll try to reply to some of these things to explain my view. Hasta: No doubt needs some tweaks. The regarding DR/CR and CP/Squad Support seem logical. Gladius: Here I pesonally disagree. The Gladius is one of these models were balance was fragile, they went through a couple of iterations during the creation of DW 2.0 rules. Of all these the current setup including pointcosts seems to give a very interesting choice for a cruiser model and a imho very good balance. Having the Uccisores as possible upgrade is nice to have in an ORBAT that does not have many options for tweaks (in using the last couple of points). The main problem for the Gladius right now actually is the... Minerva... which needs (small) tweaks and will be fine. Small turret: I agree these are not consistent and it usually is a aim to get the same turret with the same stats on the battlefield, if this is possible regarding internal and external Balance. For the LoIS this simply does not work. The small deviations from the standard turret (7/5/3/-) for the Mars, the Gladius and the Minerva are important to keep the balance. Stilettos: Most people agree those need some tweaks, they are not awful, but to be honest a couple of Cinquedeas is better at anti air duty in every rangeband right now. Cinquedea: Here people should not think of a destroyer, but of a frigate. This was a deliberate design intention as the model simply is rather a frigate than a destroyer and it is always nice to have space for a possible future destroyer model... So think of it as a frigate and it is a nice (but fragile) one. Imho looking at the model (6! smokestacks) it could do with just a tiny bit more speed which would help with the hit&run as well. All in all, without saying too much, all of these things (and some more) have had quite some attention during testing and I really hope we can present you the conclusions some time soon. @Presidente: I think you made a good observation regarding the Cruiser vs. Battlecruiser balance. However I think it is a very fickle thing for most of these "duels" and it does not apply to all of the Cruisers/Factions. Imho looking at the LoIS example, a small tone down for the Minerva would be enough to fix the "Issue" even more so as the Gladii bring the same amount of activations. Or for the KoB balance is fine imho (personally I prefer the double Lord Hood, but I know enough players who'd rather go with 3 Tribals). Reading the Forums the Cleomedes seems to get quite some love by CoA players as it is a wonderful allrounder by the way. Cheers R
  9. Conclusion The event: Superb! Very well organized, enough space for all the tables, a good time schedule, cheap and tasty food, great scenarios and games, prizes for everyone and most importantly wonderful people. A big fat Swiss thank you to Thunderbolt for all the work he put into organizing and running that event. The 900 km trip sure was worth it. The games: I had five fun games with nice opponents. The Scenarios made sure things did not get boring and while I think some pieces of terrain (just 2-3 out of 11 tables) might be a bit too large for DW all tables were suited for very interesting games. The Scenarios felt balanced and it made sense to adjust the tournament point matrix for each Scenario. After the first round there actually were only few 20:0 results with all results being possible. Thanks again to Thunderbolt, Asghar, Earlybird, Gobbos and Bratr for 5 very challenging and memorable games of Dystopian Wars. In the end Thunderbolt finished 3rd, Bratr 4th, Asghar 5th and Gobbos 6th. The other fleets: 21 participants, 11 different factions chosen, none of them was taken more than three times. There were not even two fleet builds that were similar, actually all fleets were pretty unique. Surprisingly (to me) there were a couple of air core fleets present and some of them did pretty well (eg Thunderbolts Chinese which finished 3rd). There were two dreadbots (EoBS and CoA) and both finished on 18th and 20th place. As expected on 1300 points there were quite a few dreadnoughts at the tournament. Again only two made it to the top 10. Some of the lists were tough as nails, using allies had some of the usual suspects showing up however I think the overall list variety was great, the overall balance worked out fine. If we check for similarities within the top three, all of them had a high activation count, a high SV, many SAS and pretty good boarding abilities a high percentage in large/massives and non-core. My fleet: Well here we go. I had decided to go with my KoB. I wanted to build a rather classic fleet that should be competitive enough to keep up with most things to come without going for activation/carrier spam. And what shall I say… I really can’t blame my fleet (or dice) for my results. Illustrious: A nice commodore. Don’t bother about the “firepower”, use it as a supporter and a reliable place for the Commodore. I really think this model is fine and it works the way a skyfort should. Rulers: I think the ruler is a nice little battleship. For an affordable 180 points one gets a reliable ship of the line that is best at RBIII and RBII. With the latest update the P/S torps suffer a bit (they switched), but I think the basic concept works out perfectly fine. Hoods: Top notch battlecruisers. Their speed and reliable firepower was important. As with the Rulers the key is to keep them in formation preferably even covered by the Rulers and tagteam with some of the larges to concentrate fire (the lack of a coherent formation and thus failing to concentrate my firepower on the right targets was crucial for two of the games I lost). Vanguards: Nice supporters to do things the other ships could not do as well. For 110 points a very affordable unit which cannot be ignored by most opponents. Swifts: These were key elements. I rightfully lost two games where I threw them away for nothing. If they get to do more than just a boarding rush they really shine as their 2AA can change the course of the battle for the skies. Overall: Is it a good idea to go triple BB for a competive build? Likely not, but one can still play the game without being at a “big” disadvantage. The crucial part is the lack of proper air coverage. The Swifts could help out a bit if played well (which I failed more often than not), but I actually misjudged the amount of SAS to face at the venue. In our local meta one or two Carriers are common for 1250ish points, three are pretty rare. In Berlin all of the top three had about 30 SAS and at least three Carriers. The big exception in the overall picture were Bratrs FSA, which imho speaks a lot for him as a player. However I did not have to face too many Carriers myself and the three games I can’t really blame on my list. I think regarding the matchup it was tough for game 1 (Chinese Air Core, which I won with deployment, movement and luck) and game 3 (LoIS, which I lost due to bad deployment). The other three matchups (KoD, 2x FSA) were more or less even sometimes even with a small edge for my KoB (imho). When I lost I did lose because of clear mistakes on my side and well played enemy fleets. R
  10. Game 5 with Bratr, FSA What plan…!? Scenario: Three towers are set up between the two fleets. Both players can score points for destroying and or capturing them (30 points per HP) and if one should succeed and capture one of them one is free to use its gun and rockets. Boston Submarine ©, 6 Assault Subs Liberty, Shields Liberty, Shields San Francisco, Shields (6 SAW) Annapolis B-72 4 Augustas 5 Reveres 5 Reveres 10 SAW (local air support) This time we had a very nice table with a couple of small islands one of which actually looks like Iceland as Bratr recognized. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this battle myself, but I found one that shows the end of the battle and put online by the organizers. This is the game which I cannot really memorize (maybe Bratr can help here and show my poor explanations are no more than propagandistic lies…). I was pretty confident I could do okay in this game. The FSA fleet is a good allrounder without being extraordinary in any regard and I really hoped to bring my huge number of KoB guns to bear. So I was initially aiming at roughly 10 points or even a couple more and I was pretty sure no side would score more than maybe 14 tournament points… how wrong I was with that assumption . After setup I was still happy how my heavy ships were starting out. The basic idea was to try and lure Bratrs main fleet to advance through the relatively narrow corridor between two islands and then hit these ships hard from two directions. I decided to ignore the opportunity to board those turrets or shoot them and instead wanted to focus my fire on some of Bratrs models to gain a small advantage early on. Turn 1: While Bratr scored about 300 points by destroying two of the neutral towers, I could not get any really good shots at his fleet. However I could take out some frigates and damage the B-72 somewhat. Things were not looking too bad, but I had to realise that instead of just running into my “trap”, Bratr was advancing slower than I had expected and that he was using cover to good effect for the mainstay of his fleet. Turn 2: The Annapolis and the Boston started to put some damage on one of my Rulers, one of the Liberty BBs added more damage. On my side of things I threw away some of my Corvettes in another futile boarding attack (again without any real options for following attacks). The B-72 was nearly brought down. And then I made quite a big mistake and advanced the Illustrious which led to Bratr having range for two Attack runs for his FSA Fighters against my Commodore. The result were 3 very unnecessary damage points. Turn 3: The Illustrious took more damage from some Heavy BB shots. The Turtles took out one of my vanguards, which had surfaced to ram some Corvettes. The other one had fallen previously. Towards the end of the turn the Illustrious really should just have died, but instead it tanked the two wings of Fighters, the Boston firing at RBII and the full gunnery of the Annapolis without losing the last hullpoint. On the left flank some of Bratrs Corvettes had failed to board the last of the three neutral towers and they took some losses. I had lost most Corvettes and the fight for air superiority and I knew I was lacking the means to bring down those two heavy BBs, which were still advancing steadily and gunning down more of my ships including the HMS Hermes (Ruler with the Guardian). Turn 4: I did a death or glory boarding assault with the Illustrious (which was on the very last HP) against the somewhat damaged San Francisco (which had previously lost some few marines) and subsequently lost all my marines for no effect giving away the Illustrious as a prize. Some of my ships now broke as the Commodore had fallen, however I could still run for cover with the Lord Hoods (one was down on the last hullpoint), and keep two Rulers floating. All other ships had fallen. The battle was lost, I had failed to take out any of the enemy larges and only brought down most enemy smalls, the B-72 and possibly the Annapolis (not sure any more if that one was blown apart by one of the Rulers or not). However the bigger difference came from Bratr being smarter and more effective regarding the Scenario. While I only scored a meagre 60 points from two damage dealt to the neutral fortifications, Bratr had scored 480 points here which in the end led to a decisive 18:2 victory for his FSA fleet. Looking back: While game 4 was lost by one big strategic failure on my side, this game went down in a long series of small and medium mistakes here and there. Thinking about it, this likely was the tactically worst game of DW I played in a while. I threw await my Corvettes for no use and thus lost my best chance to win air superiority, I put the Illustrious in unnecessary danger and gave it away as a prize in the end. One of the Rulers was destroyed without getting any good targets, the second Ruler drifted to the left flank unable to help my last Lord Hood in the fight against the enemy larges… The game still was good fun, the biggest "problem" was that I was too tired to do much conversation or be a more entertaining opponent. Thanks again to Bratr, it was a pleasure to meet and play you. Some thoughts on the tournament and the fleet will follow. Cheers! R
  11. @Thyphs: Thanks for the kind words. It indeed was a wonderful event, regarding the "luck", day one was really weird (in a positive way). I think January 23rd must be the German national sturginium flare holiday. There was a game which had 5! of them happening . EDIT says: I'll comment on the fleet at the end... right now I am off to look for more excuses on why I lost the last game . --- On to day two and more excuses for my losses, prepare for propaganda. I was placed third after the first day of the tournament so I prepared for a likely strong fleet, strong player... basically a great challenge. Game 4 with Gobbos, LoIS Stick to the plan... Scenario: Nominate three enemy squadrons, one primary, two secondary targets. The primary is worth triple, the secondary targets are worth double VP IF they are fully destroyed. Affondatore, 6 Assault Craft, 6 SAWs © Mars Ballistae, 6 SAWs 3 Gladius Cruisers, 6 Assault Craft Minerva Minerva 4 Cinquedea Frigates 3 Cinqueda Frigates 10 SAWs The LoIS likely are the fleet I know best in DW ... so basically I knew what was coming... When I saw the terrain, I was sure I could not go in this fight heads on. I could not match the LoIS activation count, airforce, speed (including hit & run which would work great with those small islands) or IDF capabilities. I even decided to throw everything to the left flank where there was the biggest space of relatively open waters and do a long flanking move. This would of course lead to a game where turn 1 and likely two would not see too much damage and likely no side would score more than maybe 12-14 tournament points. Nevertheless this seemed the only reasonable choice for the game (see brownish arrow in the plan). However I foolishly chose three tough targets (Affondatore, Mars, Gladii), and I started setting up my forces directly opposing Gobbos fleet. After deployment I looked at the table and was pretty sure my fleet was doomed. Why had I decided to do that suicide run on the right flank, (where the LoIS had superior forces) and through that narrow channel, where I could not even hope to get through alive? *BIG FACEPALM* Turn 1: Gobbos played the waiting game and I did not get any good targets to shoot at due to terrain. As some of his last activations he moved the Gladii to RBIII of my obscured Skyfortress and crit it and then 4 frigates just added another crit at RBIII. The second crit was a magazine explosion scoring a massive 5 damage, which left my commodore at 2 HP after just two RBIII attacks. Turn 2: I tried to minimize losses and still go for a lucky punch with a Corvette boarding against the Affondatore, however my marines failed miserably (I could not blame them as I was really pushing my luck here and I did not have any good follow up boardings ready). My Commodore of course was destroyed (big explosion), break tests did not hurt too badly and the other ships started trading some blows while the two nodes were knocking out my defences on a couple of ships. Turn 3-4: I was still trying to keep my most expensive units alive as good as I could and score at least some points. At some point the first Ruler sank (after tanking a lot of fire from one Minerva and the Affondatore + some divebombers). I could cripple the Mars with two Rulers and bring down one of the Minervas while scoring at least half points on the second one. In the end I could score about 430 points while losing more than half of my fleet including several hundred bonus points for Gobbos (triple points for one Hood, double for 5 Corvettes) resulting in a crushing 3:17 from the KoB perspective. Looking back: At the very start of the game Gobbos mentioned he only ever scored two magazine explosions in all his DW games yet. Both of them happened against the KoB. Well, now he can claim a third one . However this was in no way the decisive factor in this game, the battle was lost by my inability to stick to the plan and enforce a fight in "open waters" and of course trouble had started earlier with the way too bold choice I made regarding the primary and secondary targets. However it still was a great game and good fun and it sure was a good experience to face the LoIS with me sitting on the KoB side. This actually confirmed my thoughts that there are a couple of things where a "classic KoB setup" simply does not have a decent answer in this matchup (eg the Uccisores) as long as the LoIS player does not do stupid things. R
  12. @Thyphy: I guess you are waiting for James but until then... 1) Allowed, as I was told by that guy with the doggy Avatar (however it was no simple Khatanga, *cough* Windsor *cough*). 2) Same story. R
  13. rufus

    Orbat Changes

    To be fair, this seems consistent with the model in use. The forward Torps seem way more impressive than the P/S torps... still it trades a blow to my triple ruler fleet . Bot alas I think the ruler is perfectly fine with that adjustment. R
  14. @Bratr: I'll surely do those two reports. But this might take another few days and sadly I think I have only one picture for these two games. But maybe you can help me explain how I lost that last game... or you could tell everyone they should not believe in KoB propaganda and excuses for yet another loss. R
  15. Tell that to the two Nemesis Battlecruisers that got hit by that 10 AD linked mine from the Illustrious just two weeks ago... or to yesterdays RC force which had to run their Suvorovs a very looong way, as they did not want to try the passage through a 8" channel with 6 magnetic mines floating around... On a 360° movement flyer the mines are actually a pretty strong tool in the box. R
  16. Game three with Earlybird, FSA Sink the Centerpiece… Scenario: The table is split into 6 squares. Both players secretly note down one of the squares. At the end of the game each square scores 100 points for the player who has more hullpoints left in it. Squares on the opponent’s side of the table are worth 200 points. The squares noted down by both players even get double points. Enterprise Dreadnought, Shields, Kinetic © San Francisco Carrier, 6 SAWs Liberty Heavy Battleship, Shields 1 Annapolis Battlecruiser 3 Lexington Cruisers, Rockets 4 Augusta Frigates 4 Augusta Frigates 5 Revere Corvettes 10 SAWs An Enterprise always is a might to reckon with, however I was pretty confident for this game knowing that I had superior boarding abilities and some additional activations, which would greatly help my ships to get into their firing positions. That aside my Corvettes would be able to advance safely and hopefully get a good target for a boarding attack in turn two or three. At least one of the larges would have to fall to them if I wanted to chew through those three tough targets. What you can’t see on the picture are 2 Vanguards and a Lord Hood on the very left and on the right flank the second Lord Hood. The Vanguards were there to stop the Lexingtons and Augustas from advancing too boldly while two Battleships were going to face the Dreadnought and the last battleship plus Corvettes were meant to run up the corridor in the centre where they should hopefully do a devastating strike against the advancing Carrier, Heavy Battleship and the enemy Airforce. On the left flank things did not run as smoothly as I had hoped. One of the Vanguards was forced to surface after suffering a critical hit and they subsequently fell after doing a bold ramming and boarding attack, sinking one Frigate and derelicting an enemy Lexington Cruiser early turn three. However the Lord Hood battlecruiser on that flank did a good job, crippling another Lexington, sinking a frigate and drawing some attention from the Dread and its “escorting” Annapolis so that my battleships had more time to focus fire on the enemy Commodore. Not a very good plan, the islands are a bit out of proportion. Actually the firing corridors were more disadvantageous for Earlybirds FSA, my ships had better cover than the plan suggests. However it might help to give a rough idea of what I am trying to tell in the next couple of paragraphs. The "explosion" marks the end of the Enterprise, the "sun" the place from which the Liberty teleported off the field. On the right flank, the third Ruler, HMS Baal, went completely bonkers. Turn 1 it did not have any interesting targets, but it executed one Revere at RBIV. Turn two it gave full broadsides and destroyed 4 frigates on the right flank. Turn three it doublecritted the Liberty at RBII and teleported the badly damaged ship off the battlefield. And in the endgame it hunted down two additional frigates helped to destroy the Annapolis and scored points in one of the 6 quadrants netting a total of about 600 points on its own. The Corvettes played an important part in the game too, they crippled the enemy airforce with their AA and drew a lot of fire from the San Francisco and Liberty, and in the end were still able to prize the Carrier before the last stray Corvettes ran in different directions to secure more quadrants. However the decisive battle played out between the Enterprise and Annapolis on the FSA side and my two remaining Rulers with support from one Lord Hood, the Illustrious and the Royal Airforce. Early turn two one Ruler put a lucky three damage on the Enterprise giving my ships the edge in that fight. Another two full broadsides in turn three and 2 attack runs with divebombers later the enemy Commodore was down and as it was at the same time that the Liberty teleported off the field and the San Francisco got prized, it was basically game over. Looking back: Another crushing 20:0 for my British. My opponent had some bad luck with the shields and I had rather hot dice. However I really think my triple battleships and double Lord Hood had me in a pretty strong position from the very first moment onwards. Even more so with the big islands providing good cover for my fleet which had more activations to use this advantage to the max. R
  17. Game 2 with Asghar, Kingdom of Denmark Scenario: Standard victory points. Units that make it to the opponents advance deployment zone score their points worth in VP (double if they make it to the opponents main deployment zone). Skagerrak reloaded… Asgard ©, 6 Tyr, 6 SAW 1 Raggnarok 1 Raggnarok 3 Skagerrak (2nd turrets) 3 Skagerrak (2nd turrets) 5 Korsors 5 Korsors 12 SAW Asghar is one of the three guys from the Czech republic who made it to the event. I was happy to get a chance to play him in Berlin. Both sides deployed cautiously, Asghar knowing that he had superior speed and IDF abilities while I hoped to create a strong right flank where I planned to destroy 3 Skagerraks some Korsors and the Carrier with 2 Rulers, 2 Hoods and a couple of Corvettes, possibly luring more KoD ships there later. However I was not careful during deployment and set up a ruler in a position that allowed Asghar a turn 1 RBIII shot with one unit of Skagerraks. In the break of dawn you can see the KoD fleet setting up for battle. Turn 1: Some careful movement on both sides, some IDF from the Danes and as his last activation Asghar moved the Skagerraks to RBIII and crit my Ruler. Return fire from the Ruler and a Hood failed to bring down a gunship and so I really had to win initiative in… Turn 2: The KoD won initiative, the Skagerraks moved again, doublecrit the Ruler including half gunnery. In the centre the Raggnaroks were advancing at a fast pace, but I was more worried about my right flank that should actually win me the game (according to plan ). So I tried to take the Korsors out of the equation with my Swifts, but failed to kill a single model with guns and boarding. Now the Korsors did their move, mined a couple of my Swifts and some even got in a RBII and RBIII firing position on my hood critting it and teleporting it directly off the table. However I now started to bring down those gunships a single gunship surviving, but I knew this was too little too late as the second squadron was already getting in position. Turn 3: The new gunships triplecritted my Hood while I was able to prize the last Skagerrak out of the first group. A full RBII ruler broadside on the fresh Skagerraks resulted in some stray damage without bringing down a single Skagerrak. My centre was slowly breaking apart. The annoying Korsors even prized the badly damaged ruler. Turn 4-5 (might even have been up to turn 6), wiped out all of my remaining forces in the centre including the Commodore on the Sky Fortress and I basically only had two Rulers left which finally had been able to bring down the second group of Skagerraks with pretty hot dice while salvaging the third Ruler that had been prized before. In the centre Asghar was already hiding some left over Korsors in safe positions within my main deployment zone while the Raggnaroks were getting there too and trying to help out the Asgard Commodore that was under a bit of pressure by the two remaining rulers. The Asgard placed a couple of BIG linked high payload mines hoping to block my path towards his deployment zone when pushing the mines a few inches. Turn 6 (or higher): The slightly damaged Asgard decided to salvage the prized gunship which was a bit risky as one ruler might be able to make it into boarding distance to the Asgard. However the Danes did a good job only losing two marines. I was not so sure if the Ruler would be in range and/or able to prize the KoD ship which still had some AA and 5 marines left so I decided to close in and shoot it, for a possible boarding in the next turn. The Ruler scored a crit… teleporting the Asghar on top of two linked heavy payload mines which did another two crits destroying the KoD Commodore. In that moment the time was up. Both sides had nearly been wiped out. I had one fresh ruler and one at half HP left. Asghar had two fresh Raggnaroks and three Korsors. However Asghar had done very well completing the mission scoring an additional 760 points through scenario conditions, while my Ruler had not yet reached the enemy advance deployment zone. A fun game and a fully deserved victory for Asghars KoD. 4:16. Looking back: I really can't blame my fleet. If I had to choose fleets, I would stick with my KoB. If played carefully they have so much staying power that the Danes will have a very hard time even though those have the bigger guns and faster ships. Taking a look at how the game went, the first two turns were crucial. I made some mistakes during setup phase and did not place my units carefully enough turn one (especially the Corvettes), but the annoying Korsors on my right flank really became complete game changers when they survived everything I threw at them while killing 1 Lord Hood, prizing a Ruler and knocking out 4-5 Swifts. In the end I was more than lucky to score any tournament points at all when the teleporting Asgard turned the tide again. Asghar took this very unfortunate effect like a champ and I think this crit will sure make it in my all time top three for critical effects. It was great fun to meet Asghar and play him. He knows how to play his danes very well and getting a game last for 7 or even 8 turns was great fun. R
  18. Edited some pictures in.. sadly this is about half of all the usable pictures from two full days...
  19. Game 1 with Thunderbolt, Chinese Federation No plan survives contact with the enemy... Scenario: Standard rules. The commodore is worth double points. Main thought pre game: Be cautious, keep the Illustrious back and shoot the enemy commodore if he moves to aggressively. Even before deploying the plan was dead. Jürgen brought a Chinese Federation Aerial Core Force which consisted of the following: Zhanmadao ©, Carrier 12 Feilong Sky Fortress, 6 SAWs Feilong Sky Fortress, 6 SAWs 3 Chi Long Assault Flyers 3 Chi Long Assault Flyers 5 Zhulong Small Flyers 5 SAW 5 SAW Terrain obviously was not that important in this game as Thunderbolts Force would simply ignore it. The matchup seemed pretty tough, but I was really looking forward to play with Thunderbolt as I knew he is a good player from his tournament record and even more importantly I knew he must be a nice guy when he took a huge effort pre tournament to make the venue a great experience for everyone. While I was not really sure how my fleet could do against the Zhanmadao and double Feilong with those brute nodes there was one thing that immediately put my fleet in a decent position. Thunderbolt decided to take an aggressive approach and put all Chi Longs to the advance force a couple of inches left and right from the centre. I obviously set up completely towards one flank which automatically had 3 of the Chi Longs and even one of the Feilongs a bit out of place with too much space to cover and I hoped to increase this distance with my movement even further. Turn 1: Thunderbolt advanced, my whole fleet tore big holes in the closest unit of Chi Longs finally bringing two of them down at turns end. Turn 2: The first Feilong had range for the nodes and set a couple of Corvettes on fire. I moved further to the right flank slowly advancing towards the centreline while firing full barrages at the Feilong that had harassed my Corvettes. One of these shots resulted in a crit teleporting the Feilong 15" in my direction where I could board it as it had not been obscured. I obviously used the crew from my burning Corvettes for this and in the end had to scrap some models, but the first Feilong had fallen. Turn 3: The Zhanmadao arrived in highly effective range. The earlier rocket barrages had not hurt too much, but now it turned its guns on my ships critting a Ruler and flaming down some more Corvettes. My SAWs were doing the job of their lifes bringing down more and more enemy SAS and while the Chinese forces were still getting in position, I fired all guns at the Zhanmado scoring a couple of HP including a hard pounding. Turn 4: The Zhanmadao boldly advanced further firing in all directions, the Illustrious took some damage and one of my Rulers fell to enemy fire. After the other Rulers had put more damage on the Zhanmadao and the Illustrious was running (flying) for her life to avoid getting boarded by the Assault Flyers, I used the chance for a boarding attempt on the Zhanmadao with the Vanguards as they obviously could not do much else. They did an amazing job bringing down a lot of the enemy crew and scored another sabotage. At this point I decided to go all in and use both Hoods to hopefully get down those remaining 2? crew on the Zhanmadao or die trying. Fortuna was with the brave Lord Hood crew and the first attempt was enough to overwhelm the remaining crew on the enemy Commodore which was prized. Turn 5: Thunderbolt boldly fought on, but could not salvage the Zhanmadao as only one Chi Long got into position for the attempt, to make things worse HMRS Tanith survived all incoming CF attacks on the very last hullpoint with 2 corrosion and 6 raging fire tokens on the airship. The enemy SAS capacities were depleted, my remaining ships concentrated fire on the Assault Flyers and took more stray shots at the small flyers reducing the CF forces even farther. In the end phase the Illustrious repaired both corrosion markers (thanks to the Commodore ability) and the game ended here. (The Zhanmadao already removed after the game its position was to the left of the Hood/Vanguards) The sum of all tokens... or: What happens if you face chinese.... (sorting all tokens back in took more time than deployment ) Looking back: I had been really lucky both with the teleport on the Feilong and the boarding attacks against the Zhanmadao and in the end scored a brutal 20-0 victory with the Commodore alone being worth a crushing 1440 points because of the scenario we played. On the other hand Thunderbolt had a couple of pretty bad rolls one of them about 15 dice on the Illustrious hitting on the 5+ resulting in exactly zero hits. He did roll pretty good for everything that has flames. The nodes worked on nearly every model he targeted and there were at least 2 fires on every model that had been hit. The same went for the flame throwers, those regularly scored a lot of hits or even crits, but the real guns which bring down ships and don't just burn them slowly failed him miserably. To be fair, his airforce might be a bit light on actual gunnery. Even with about 500 points of his airforce being delayed through my deployment and movement I had a hard time winning this game and the game was way closer than the result may look like. However this did not hinder Thunderbolt from climbing up the ranking with every game and in the end he finished way ahead of me in the 3rd place with a crushing 65 of possibly 80 points in his remaining 4 games. R
  20. 2nd German DW Championships, Berlin The tournament was a great event (a big thankyou to Thunderbolt for organizing and running this tournament). I was happy to meet a lot of new faces and get to know some people within the German and Czech DW community and it was great to meet Guzizug again. Even if we missed the opportunity to have a game with each other because I started loosing a bit too early it still was a great weekend and I met a whole lot of skilled and friendly gamers. I had five very enjoyable games, all of my honorable opponents were perfect gentlemen and the venue had enough space for all the gaming tables, the time schedule worked out fine and I think all of the participants went home having had a very good weekend. I had hoped to finish somewhere in the top 10, but way more importantly I was determined to play and talk a lot of DW as this weekends 5 games likely would be as many games as I'll likely do during the next couple of months. In the end I finished 10th of 21 players loosing three of my 5 games and every single loss was well deserved , I really can't blame dice or my fleet. However this did not make the event any less enjoyable. I had built a fun little artillery list for my KoB which worked out pretty nicely in a couple of testgames and I had travelled to Berlin guessing there might be a couple of Dreadnoughts and likely Dreadbots to shoot to pieces (which the fleet can do deceptively well). The tournament format was 1300 points naval or aerial core and being used to our local meta I simply forgot about the aerial core part. However I did not really fear facing any possible aerial core lists as I felt sure 20 KoB redoubtable turrets would give those airships a hard time and my fleet was not relying on torpedoes. To start, let me just do a few short comments on my fleet... HMRS Tanith: Illustrious Sky Fortress (Commodore), Pulse Generator, 6 SAS [150] HMS Hermes: Ruler Battleship, Guardian Generator [190] HMS Baal: Ruler Battleship, Shield Generator [180] HMS Melqart: Ruler Battleship, Shield Generator [180] Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser [115] Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser [115] 2 Vanguard Submarines [110] 5 Swift Corvettes [100] 5 Swift Corvettes [100] 3 Swift Corvettes [60] 5 SAS Fighters 4 SAS Fighters 1 SAS Recon Plane The main thoughts were simple. I wanted to make use of the KoB guns (which I like) and build a versatile fleet that could pack a decent punch without relying on any single model. The larges should absorb quite a lot of damage (keep good firepower even if damaged) and provide cover for the Hoods which bring nice additional firepower. The fleet basically likes to form a battleline at RBIII and outflank its opponent while giving full broadsides from the Rulers and if the time is right, move to RBII and strike even harder. The Vanguards should help to keep enemy smalls/mediums at bay and the Swifts should help out with AA versus enemies with more SAS. Of course Swifts and Vanguards were there for possible boarding operations too and as the tests had shown, the Hoods and even the larges could do a good job for late game boarding too. All in all the fleet had 15 activations which I considered good average without being an activation spam fleet. Nice thing about the fleet is that it is "strong" during deployment as many fleets rely on more expensive larges or very expensive medium squadrons and the 4 larges and 3 medium squadrons allow to react flexibly. On to game 1...
  21. @Nicholas: It did a good job trying so... however the name comes from a punic/phoenician goddess (as for the batleships Baal and Melqart). I am not entirely sure, but the phrase itself - while likely being made up - is said to be a quote from Frederic the Great. @all: I'll start a write up asap, however I really messed up my pictures, guess the cam is finally dead and while the weekend was a superb event and great fun I can't do five full batreps because work is just eating my free time for breakfast...
  22. I used the KoB with a decent RBIII gunnery build for 5 games in a tournament over the weekend, add in a couple of testgames 4? I actually used the Commodore ability about 4-5 times (all games together), they did have an effect (enough difference in hits to score a damage or more damage) in only two of these. Basically I do like the commodore ability, but it likely should be more versatile in its use and possibly have a somewhat bigger effect. R
  23. Sorry that you have had bad circumstances with that event. I hope you still had some good games though.
  24. @Thyphs: But this part is set... because of the box...
  25. Some Alliance ORBATS have clear issues, most are pretty solid though. I DO very well understand there is frustration and I do not like the lack of communication from Spartan regarding DW. If I was in James position I would have given up with the bunch of you... (myself included) a couple of 100 times . But he doesn't just go on, he stays polite and helpful and at the same time does a hell of a job which gains little to no recognition in the official part of the Forums... Cheers! R
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