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  1. I Just use the card tokens, but I keep meaning to chut up some plastic BBs, stick some lengths of paper clip to them and use those. now that I've written that down I guess I'll have to bump that up on the list of hobbypriorities.
  2. Can't find it on my phone, but search YouTube for Rubbish In Rubbish Out's Dystopian Wars table.
  3. DW novels? I'd read 'em! I think I'd be cool if Spartan organized a world-wide ccampaign with the outcome determining the future of the fluff.
  4. Heh! Just a big Gibson fan. It was also the first work that I heard being described as 'steam punk'.
  5. The Difference Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Stirling was my first exposure to Steam Punk. surprised no one else mentioned it already.
  6. Zer0

    Rare Earth Magnets...

    I had trouble magnetizing my flight stands. what worked for me was filing the top of the ped smooth, drilling a small hole in it, adding a section of paperclip, trimming and smoothing the clip and then gluing the magnet. The paperclip helps keep the magnet slipping off while the glue sets.
  7. That makes sense. I was thinking of the Ragnarok on it's own and not as part of the fleet. but my question was more why the raised turret and not the other two? replacingthe rear one would leave your forward firepower preserved and the front wouldn't be any different from the riased one, so why do you never see either of those?
  8. Just bought the starter box. Stupid question: I've only ever seen the Ragnarok replace it's superfiring turret with a UPG. Is this the best turret to replace? I play RC usually and have never had to think about these things.
  9. Very nice! I like the look of the Prussian land units (especially the Metzger), but went with Russians since I didn't forsee getting into ground games. how did you base your buildings?
  10. "And edit: Tiny note for anyone in the US - there are some ebay stores with decent prices. I think the pound is worth 1.6+ dollars at the moment" Just saw this now. if you still need it, try www.miniaturemarket.com. they usually have reduced prices.
  11. Zer0

    Full hull naval models

    Maybe not parts, but how about some artwork so we can bodge our own? I guess someone with enough familiarity with ship design could just sketch some.
  12. Impressive! I like how the PLC has a drastically different paint scheme from the Russians.
  13. I'll second the submarine aircraft carrier. Neat idea. I think some large and medium carriers would be fun. A cruiser-sized model with about 3 planes as an escort carrier and a large-sized one with the same complement plus cruiser level fire power as an attack carrier or something.
  14. I'd also like to see submersible carries like the Japanese were designing in WW2. and escort carriers, but I think they have those now.
  15. Touche. I think the martian heat rays in War of the Worlds was kind of a laser and robots were in RUR from 1920 which I think is close enough to count. anyway, I just want DW to stick close to steampunk and not borrow too much from other eras in history.
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