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  1. Yes, the Carrier and the other models in its Squadron perform their Primary Movement first, then the SRS carry out their activation before moving on to the Carrier's Secondary Movement Segment. The SRS are allowed outside the Carrier's command distance while the Carrier moves. However, when they then activate, they must move to and remain within the Carrier's command, unless they are performing an attack run. If they are unable to do so they immediately Return to Base.
  2. Hi Everyone, In the Firestorm Armada Downloads section of the website you can find newly updated statistics documents and a file of errata and rules clarifications covering issues and questions that have arisen since the release of the second edition rulebook. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads Happy gaming!
  3. To clarify: 1) Yes, as long as it is a legal Fleet, Kurak / Zenian allies are allowed 2) Released models only please We've had a few great entries in so far and are eagerly awaiting what everyone else manages to come up with!
  4. Hi everyone, As you may have gathered from some other posts, we are currently working on another development of the Uncharted Seas rules. As such we are asking for Beta Testers to help us test and finalize these rules. Anyone who is interested please email rules@spartangames.co.uk, with your name, forum name and an account of your history playing Uncharted Seas. Members of the previous Test Crew are of course welcome to apply again. To begin with, we will be presenting a few areas of revised mechanics, along with adjusted stats for the Iron Dwarves and Dragon Lords for you to begin testing with. (p.s. those of you who have already emailed me over the past few weeks do not need to email again!)
  5. Question answered in the downloads section of the website! Enjoy!
  6. The eagerly awaited Alliance of Kurak and Zenian League Fleet Manuals are now available for download: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Alliance-of-Kurak-Fleet-Manual.pdf http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Zenian-League-Fleet-Manual.pdf Enjoy!
  7. New statistics for the Kedorian models are now online: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads
  8. New statistics for ALL the upcoming Kedorian models are now available for download from: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads Please note that these statistics replace those printed in the Firestorm Armada Hardback Edition Rulebook. We have also put up a card containing a revised version of the Shunt Matrix MAR. This should not impact any Relthoza players is their Shunt Cruisers will still work the same way, however it makes the MAR a bit more flexible for use with the Kedorian vessels. Thanks to our Beta Crew for their help in fine tuning this new Fleet!
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for your patience, apologies for the delay in responding to your queries - things have been all go here at Spartan HQ! As several of you have said, the reason for the change in the way the activation sequence works was to speed up the flow of larger games. Armoured Clash has always been pitched as the way to play big tank battles, with lots of models on the table at once. We found as we continued to test the first rule set and received feedback from the community that, even with the streamlined damage mechanics, games were taking too long to play and players were needing several hours to reach the conclusion of a battle. The simple step of increasing the size of the 'chunks' that players activate at a time was found to greatly speed up the pace and keep games flowing. We did initially worry that this might make the game a 'who goes first, wins' situation, but did not find this to be the case. When playing games at the intended size of 4 or 5 formations, you will be activating a quarter to a fifth of your force at a time - these 'chunks' are a bit larger than the Dystopian Wars equivalent, where you might be activating a 7th or 8th of your force in one go, but not so much as to unbalance the game. Unfortunately, at the lower end of the points spectrum a player who fields one maxed-out formation and two minimised regiments might have an advantage over a more balanced force if they can seize the initiative, but this should cease to be an issue once games reach a larger size. While we would love to build one rules engine that works as well with under a dozen tanks as it does with fifty, that level of scalability isn't always possible - and that's why we created Armoured Clash in the first place. We always intended players to keep using the Dystopian Wars system for smaller games, where they can enjoy an extra level of detail - more granular damage, critical effects, greater flexibility with individual weapons systems and so on. Armoured Clash is designed to pick up where Dystopian Wars starts to get too long and cumbersome - so you can play big, epic games that capture the feel of sweeping formations and higher level tactics, without needing to devote a whole weekend to the task! Of course if you are wanting a way to play smaller games very quickly, and found the initial Armoured Clash rules a fun way to do that - that's great! By all means keep playing what you were enjoying, but please understand that was not what we intended the game to be and not where its future development will be aimed. Regarding the Command Points issue, one of the recurring pieces of feedback we received was that players felt they had too many Command Points. Players reported that they simply seemed like an annoyance to keep track of, rather than a resource that needed to be carefully managed so you had them when you needed them. In response to this we cut down on the number of CP available, and placed more emphasis on the dedicated Command Vehicles. We believed this would encourage more planning and tactical choices, and make the game more enjoyable as a result. However, if you guys consistently report back that some nations are now really struggling, we will of course take another look and tweak some of the stats if necessary. Thank you for your continued feedback, hopefully this helps you to understand what we are trying to accomplish with this games system. A forthcoming Blog will be explaining how we see the future of the Dystopian world, and the role we see our various games systems taking within it. Chris W.
  10. The Stat Card for the new Hawker Industries Endeavour Class Frigate is now available from the Firestorm Armada section of the downloads page of our website. The statistics for the Hawker Industries Cruiser and Battleship can be found in the 'Alliance of Kurak' document available from the same place. Click here to visit the downloads page and check out these new stats.
  11. We will be looking at these areas of the rule system as we continue to develop Firestorm Armada, and greatly value your input on what you would like to see in the game. With this in mind, we are starting up a new Firestorm Armada 'Beta Test Crew', so that you can present your ideas and feedback to us - discussion like this will be exactly what we are after. The relevant details are here: http://community.spa...beta-test-crew/ We greatly look forward to receiving your applications.
  12. Some great ideas and discussion here - this is a concept that we had considered, and while we are not planning to use the mechanic wholesale we may be using elements of it in the future. This is exactly the sort of discussion we are interested in hearing - we are just starting up a new Firestorm Armada 'Beta Test Crew', so that you can present your ideas and feedback for the game's development. The relevant details are here: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/6054-beta-test-crew/ We greatly look forward to receiving your applications.
  13. An errata has been identified in the Chinese Federation Fleet Guide, the Zhanmadao Class Dreadnought should have the Tiny Flyer Complement (4) Model Assigned Rule. We apologize for any confusion caused.
  14. An errata has been identified in the Chinese Federation Fleet Guide, the Zhanmadao Class Dreadnought should have the Tiny Flyer Complement (4) Model Assigned Rule. We apologize for any confusion caused.
  15. New versions of the Firestorm Armada: Planetfall Rulebook and Statistics are now available for download from the Studio Sparta website. What have we changed? The Studio Sparta Rules Team has made a number of changes to the Planetfall rulebook based on the valued feedback received from the Planetfall Gaming Community. This includes a number of wording tweaks and minor rules clarifications, along with a change to how Squadrons arrive from Reserve. The rulebook has also been switched from 'A5' to 'A4' format to make it easier to for people to print out at home. Download yours today! Spartan Andrew
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