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  1. My point Abrilete is that they are effort to keep alive, high priority targets and seem to double up at a function that the dreadnought and battleship perform. Do they provide other roles or utility that I cannot see? That many torpedoes sounds nice but it's fixed channel to the front and reduced by cc and shields so I think is unlikely to effect big ships unless you get close at which time they will probably be destroyed. Then if you use the. Against smaller targets then you don't take advantage of pack hunter or end up over killing. In my mind frigates are more versatile but I would love to hear reasoning against
  2. Rules as written yes. Rules as intended I don't think anyone can say since I see no hints at the intention. That said it should be very easy to avoid by proper ship placement.
  3. @Abrilete destroyers are not a suprise in my group. Frigates on the other hand in my experience unless PE are usually underestimated
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I can see that the argincourt and Orions are excellent however I do not know what they would be adding to this list specifically. I am not going for absolute maximum firepower but tactical versatility so would like to hear what these would offer. While not married to the vanguard I have seen it used well if you can encourage your opponent to close with you which I'm hoping the big stuff will do. I don't want to reduce the number of activations too much as I think that for KOB I would want to have that advantage over my enemies and the frigates are good.
  5. About 15 1000 point games of the 1.1 rules under my belt. 6 hours painting my CoA (unfinished). About 4 hours blogging about it and probably 6-8 on the forums 40:6:10 if round out and count all online activity
  6. As someone who has played with and against an orb (once swapping with my opponent and also using my CoA with and without my own orb I don't think it breaks the game. Playing against the orb - Playing against a CoA player you should have more activations than them -- if they teleport then you have several activations to damage and board the teleported model -- if they use the half AD template they are effected too unless they come forward out of the bubble - the orb lacks shields and needs to be close to their fleet to be effective -- rather than shooting at the medium or large CoA stuff shoot the orb -- it has low AAand CC so torpedo rocket bomb or dive bomb it -- when it explodes everything around it tends to suffer - generator offline has no sterginium rating so can't be countered (from memory. I don't have my cards with me) -- without the generator it is useless - use terrain to force your opponent to manouvour to come to grips with you. The orb is slow and can't keep up if the fleet needs to move
  7. The two free wings do not respawn. When you lose or ditch a squadron from a carrier then the carrier can launch a wing as long as it is only ever controlling less than its maximum compliment. This follows the rules for carriers in the 1.1 rule book and CoA drones at the back of the CoA booklet. Tactically I find the following: - burn fuel every turn. That way turn 3 you should be in range to burn a fuel and do an attack run causing them to ditch afterwards - dive bombers are awesome for damage output - recon planes are a maybe - fighters don't destroy enemy tiny flier wings. Statistically a bit less than two will die and you might get an abort
  8. I think the power curve on large ships is intentional in the design based on the 40% points cap on small. As stated previously Dreadnaughts have a weakness against being boarded. In terms of points costing I think it is an impossible problem made harder by the fact that people generally don't understand its impact. If you points cost a model purely in comparison to its equivalent in other fleets then it looks fair when you put them side by side. What happens ough then when that model has more synergy with other elements of the fleet which multiply its effectiveness. I think that from what I have seen the balance seems to be sufficient. An all round 1000 point list should have a good chance against another all round 1000 point list. Some lists will have specific nemesis lists. Some factions will have nemesis factions. I think the game would become too bland if you could fix this as it makes the game more and more chess like. Another thing to consider is meta game. Given the spread of the community at this stage I expect it to be very different for different groups. I play with one group where carriers and air superiority are key (they take at least 2 carriers each).. My usual groups meta doesn't focus on air superiority but firepower so my dual battleship list with 3 escorts a piece tabled them the carriers with superior firepower. A lot of the early games I played we're against a Doncaster heavy KoB opponents so I religiously took 3 escorts for each battleship. With more diversity of players I now tend to take less. Initially I thought doncasters were too cheap for the number of torpedoes they put out at range. Once I added escorts I felt doncasters were too in effective against large vessels to complain. If you struggle against something then before deciding it is the fault of the game designers miss costing units I recommend rewriting your list and trying different things to see if you can beat it. My points are: - points cost should not be looked at as a direct comparison between equivalent models alone - meta game effects balance beyond the ability of points cost to counter for every different meta
  9. We have been using quick loose alignment to speed up channels. If you have an extra inch at the end of your move and declare your intention is to fire a channel weapon then we eyeball the alignment and don't worry if it is fractionally off (unless it effects multiple channel weapons). This is to speed things up We also got some chess timer apps for our phones and have started fiddling around with those to speed up play.
  10. When i do up my French fleet I want to say "but I am le tired"
  11. Fair enough. When your opponent doesn't account for it and the opportunity presents itself then go for it.
  12. also if we are talking about taking one out then multiple boarding from frigates is usually pretty effective points for points
  13. Bomb ordnance is not stopped by shields... Tiny flier dive bombers hit on 3+ ... as long as there are no escorts you can usually get a point of damage through.
  14. I strongly recommend grabbing the latest rulebook. It is much easier to understand and the more of the outdated rules you learn the harder it will be to get current. I'm a big fan of the time orb and escorts as a nice addition.
  15. As a follow up does the above clarification apply once the teleported model has activated. Specifically can I teleport a model in such a way that in the next activation no enemy models must collide with it and then in my next activation move the teleported model in such a way that in the future an enemy squadron must collide with it?
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