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  1. But then we're back to carriers being pocket battleships that just happens to deploy planes at the start of the battle. Re-build allows carriers to actually play like carriers, since the game mechanics and length don't really allow the planes to come back, resupply and strike again. The other options would be to double SAS movement and give them Hit&Run (but then you have RB4 bombing too) or scrap the entire system and play with Fleet Action carrier rules. And really, the solution is simply to shoot the carriers and to CAP your important stuff. The game often only lasts three turns so there won't be a lot of rebuilding done. The problem lies less with re-build itself and more with specific models/lists like dreadnought-carriers and all-carrier fleets, which were already broken before and didn't really change. Skyfortresses too, but that's a problem with the height level rules.
  2. So, you need a lost SAS first. A SAS being the whole base. This part means that you also need to have the tokens. So, if you have two carriers, one with squadrons of four and the other with squadrons of five, and then you just lose one full squadron of four, you can't use the re-build action with the carrier launching squadron of five. You would need to lose an extra token, putting your scrapyard at five tokens and one base, to be able to re-build a squadron of five SAWs. Alternatively, I'm not sure that you could even rebuild the squadron at all with a carrier of misfitting size. The rules mentions that a SAS' max size doesn't change in-game, the base might keep its max size while in the Scrapyard, in which case you would need the appropriate carrier to re-build the squadron... Damn, we're going to need a king-size FAQ for this rulebook.
  3. ??? What rules are you playing with? The 2.5 rulebook I have (digital version) says that a model in Stratospheric hits and is hit on a base of 6+ not matter what the other model's height level may be.
  4. There's no alliance rules in 2.5 so just discuss it with your opponent.
  5. Depending on your fleet, there's no such thing as initiative sinks. At least, I haven't done the whole "I move a recon plane, your turn" dance since I started taking enough RB4 firepower to convince my opponent that he should make every activation count. And, as Sebenko points out, there's nothing forcing you to move your fighter outside of your turn 2 carrier range. To elaborate on my point a few posts above, the carrier had their power curve inverted in 2.5 I think. In 2.0, a carrier was at its strongest on the first few turn, when it could dominate activations, re-task stuff to adapt to the situation and replenish the first wave of plane if the base survived. In 2.5, a carrier is at its strongest around mid-game, once a couple squadron have been destroyed, allowing for explosive damage spikes through multiple re-launch actions. Unless, of course, it took damage and lost carrier points. In this situation, a carrier able to keep its carrier points high is very valuable. It takes two crits to shutdown a carrier (6), while a carrier (9) will be able to re-launch until it has taken 7 HP worth of damage. Also, it takes one mere damaging hit to stop a carrier (6) from twin launching, while it takes two crits to stop a carrier (9) from doing so. So, carrier (9) is massively better than carrier (6). If a carrier also happen to be hard to damage (so, Sky Fortresses or Dreadnaught-Carriers), it becomes really hard to shut them down directly and one has to do fancy AA management to keep re-launch from happening. I say all this assuming that it is possible to activate SAS in the turn they have been re-launched. Which may or may not be right (the rules are particularly unhelpful here) but is interesting from a tactical point, while the opposite would mean that one can mostly ignore carriers as they won't have the time to do much.
  6. IMHO, the 2.5 Euclid is a full carrier that merely happens to have (bad) guns and a ton of armor. With proper set-up, it's throwing three 17AD attacks in RB2 hitting on 3+ and bypassing shields. Whether or not that's worth 345 points is another problem, but the fact is that an Euclid is going to bomb the hell out of you while being pretty much immune to returning fire. Also, it's not the kind of model you play below 1500 points. Edit: The PA on it is for bullying other Sky Fortresses or Scoutships wanting to be cheeky. The overall firepower of the thing isn't strong enough to justify flying it Low Level and negating half of its defenses.
  7. They aren't a must-have but they are a must-deal-with. If you can nuke the carrier into oblivion from turn 1 or scare it enough that it can't close up for massive bombing runs, you'll be okay. That depends a lot on your opponent though. Against a Savannah, an Euclid or a Vauban, you're better off CAPing everything and rolling into foetal position while crying a lot, because you're going to get buried in bombers and there's nothing you can do about it.
  8. Save for the Suyetka losing Stratospheric, which I forgot, those were already in the 2.0 ORBAT after the 2016 update..
  9. Hello everyone, this is the usual "Let's write our own patch notes" thread so we can gather the changes to the ORBAT in one place. I'll start with the obvious: Introduction of the Murmansk, Kavkaz, Magadan, Onega and Mezen. Introduction of the new Commodore Doctrines (Sturginium:Overload unchanged, no more getting the sailors drunk before an assault). Introduction of the Ice Mine faction rule, replacing the old Glacier Generator. The Ice generator had a 5/10 points increase on many ships and had its range extended to 12" as a result. New Spotter MAR (with range) for everything who had it. Recon planes and Reserve Infantry are no more. Then, the less obvious: Khatanga is now Massive. Dudinka is now Carrier (6, 1x5 wing). Kostroma is now Carrier (8, 2x4 wings). The Pakhtusov MK.I's Horrifying Concert rule now applies to all MARs and munition types. No changes from 2.0 in practice. The Pesets' Target Painter has been changed to (Primary Gunnery, 16") for no additional cost. Chany has +1AD at all range bands and its Pack Hunter has being reduced to (Fore Cannon, +1). Tungunska is now Hunter (+1) instead of Hunter (Aerial, Primary and Secondary Gunnery, +1). Krichev now has a rule that allows its Fighters to be attached as CAP to Krichev only. Note that this rule doesn't do anything due to Krichev lacking the Combat Patrol MAR. Krichev is now Carrier (0, 1x3 Fighters) instead of Squadron Support. No difference in gameplay. Disappearance of the Altered Silhouette MAR on models that had it (Forward Landing Field and Tower Defensive Line) Forward Landing Field is now Carrier (8, 2x4 wings). That's it for what I've noticed. If I missed anything, please tell me so.
  10. I drill it slightly deeper than needed to fit the two magnet, and check the depth before gluing anything. In fact, I triple-check everything everytime to avoid bad surprises like wrong polarities, off-center drop-ons or bridges sitting too high. Because yes, I magnetize bridges, RC ships have superstructures the size of scryscrappers and it makes transport a pain otherwise.
  11. I use 1x3mm and 1x2mm for drop-ons (speaking in HeightxWidth). The 1x3mm is glued at the bottom of a roughly 2x3mm hole drilled into the model and the 1x2mm magnet is simply glued on the bottom side of the drop-on. The width difference leaves a bit of leeway to adjust for those occasion when you drill a bit off-center. For heavier joints like aircraft and skimmer bases, I use two 1x3mm magnets. I didn't magnetize robots yet but I think larger magnets would be necessary there.
  12. It wouldn't be a 1:1 trade, yeah. I was somewhat harsh with my post but my point is that FSA has plenty of factional rules to use, even if Sharpshooters aren't the best part of it. On that front, the best use of Sharpshooters I've seen is Independance + 3 Escorts under Take Aim doctrine. Non-obvious to set up but really, really powerful. It's basically a free prize the first time you do it to someone, and it becomes a powerful zoning tools afterwards. If you didn't already, I'd suggest playing another fleet once in a while. Preferably one that doesn't have the same strengths as FSA (so, not KoB). It really helps one to appreciate the tools offered by the faction, and those it's lacking.
  13. Sure, we can swap if you want. My RC get the general DR boost without having to sacrifice access to shields, the RB4 turrets with Sustained Fire, the Punishing Gunnery, the decent-high crew quality and the effective immunity to Disorder. Your FSA get the Ablative Armour and the Area Bombardment mortars. Don't think about it too much, it's a time-limited offer.
  14. I was looking for the rule and couldn't find it so I assumed it was a 1.1 leftover. But you're right, the Commodore must be in the Main Force (page 71, 20 in the .pdf) and fortifications are always Advance Force (page 186, 131 in the .pdf). At 2000 points, the Commodore will be hiding in an annoying target like an Illustrious or Majesty, but it's better than the Windsor. And with luck, it won't be hugging said Windsor in order to maximise the Morale/Guardian coverage.
  15. Well, let's see: The Windsor hard-counters anything that relies on defensive MARs and generator to survive, as opposed to high DR/CR. On that matter, PE is somewhat lucky. Your defenses can't be bypassed if you don't have any in the first place. The Windsor also makes fielding squadrons uneasy due to its massive AoE. You can forget about cruisers and just about anything that relies on number, they'll be targetted first and blown up. There's still a fleet around the dreadbot. It's KoB, so submarines (Sturmbringer) can stay at home. There's also fleet orders to fullfill. Yours will probably be Kill 70% because you have to reroll Kill Larges, Kill Commodore and possibly Kill Smalls too (Attackers under Guardian 2 are no joke). You need a fleet able to engage and kill/prize enough stuff to get those points. With that in mind, I'd suggest bringing a low-model count and top heavy fleet including: A Blücher with shields. Your opponent is bringing a shielded dread, return the favor. It helps that this ship is probably the only one in the PE ORBAT that can bounce bombardment gun shells (though the Magnate MkII is still Kill On Sight if you want your dread to stay afloat). If you have more than one dreadnought, feel free to bring those too. The answer to "They have a cave troll!" should always be "Actually, I have seven." Other Large options include the Rhine (it's the cheapest SAS in the Core) and both battleships in shield + Agressive/Elite crew configuration, you need some boarding threats and the Blücher isn't the one you want to board with. For mediums, I guess the Königsberg and the Havel are your best options, they pack as much AD in as few ships as possible. Uhlans or Rievers in Flanking Force may help too, they have excellent boarding and short-range firepower and your opponent can't pie-plate them if they are already in the middle of his fleet. For smalls, eh. I'd take two Saxony, put them in reserve (hoping for a turn 3 arrival), park them behind an island at the first opportunity and call it a day.
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