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  1. Thats great! I assume it the same paint, just a different delivery system so it should be fine
  2. Has anyone used Vallejo aerosol Primer on resin? It seems like it shouldn't be a problem but the can only lists plastic and metal. Just want to be sure
  3. If you look at the size of those portholes it makes more sense, but check out some of the EotBS models. They either have HUGE portholes or those ovals are something else.
  4. I've noticed that a lot of schemes involve painting what look like windows on the sides of many of the ships, which seems a bit unrealistic for a warship. Are all those porthole-like openings supposed to be gunports for weaponry (broadsides, etc.)? Some models end up looking like well armed cruiseships. Is there an "official" description on what those parts of the models are supposed to be?
  5. Thanks all! I think I will go with Vallejo to start as they have good bundles. The Steam Era one looks perfect.
  6. I'm thinking of getting into Dystopian Wars, and want to have several fleets. What is a good generic starting set of paints? Preferably I would stick to one brand so I can get them all from the same source. (I have used GW stuff in the past, but it is a bit overpriced.) I don't have ANYTHING right now, so starting from scratch. Any good suggestions w/ a list of colors?
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