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  1. The problem is with the CORE RULES, not minor additions (MAR's etc.) I am sure the play-testers and staff of Spartan know exactly how to play DW. The problem is they haven't told the rest of us in a clear, straightforward manner. Have you ever been to a game group where the person explaining the rules to a new game can't put things in order and keeps contradicting themselves? Its incredibly frustrating, even if you know the game is really worth playing. This is exactly what using the rule book is like. The fact that a veteran player can say this is exactly my point How can LOS still be confusing?! Its LOS! Its totally basic to every wargame ever made. And yet every single game I have played has ground to a halt while we try to figure out what all those conflicting diagrams really mean! I am fairly certain that someone could produce a clear, tidy CORE rulebook for this game that is under 20-30 pages long. What I (and I am sure many other players at this point) would like is something like that. - Make it a PDF (at least available free for those of us who already bought a rulebook) - Make it fluff free (I love the back story, but not while trying to actually play) - Make it well organized (explain everything in the right order, keeping similar topics together) - Make it with a totally comprehensive index - Make it with quickstart rules for introducing new players
  2. It would be cool to develop a "role playing" aspect to the game. This could involve the use of captured weaponry or vessels, and the acquiring of experience on certain ships that perform remarkable tasks. Rules could be developed for: - Use of captured vessels - Use of captured technology - A scale for acquiring experience I just had the fun thought of fielding an FSA fleet with a captured Heat Lance and lurking Ika
  3. Lets be honest: The rules for Dystopian Wars are in total disarray. The basic outline is in place, and we can all fumble our way through some games if a healthy amount of house rules are in place and everyone is ready to compromise. Even still, every game I have played as been lengthened by an hour or more as we try to sort out what exactly the rulebook means. But one read-through the current material is enough to know that something is terribly wrong with the "official" literature. Missing clarification, bizarre organization, details hidden in fluffy sidebars, and mass confusion in the world of online answers... we could go on and on... Spartan Games: PLEASE make a fluff-free, easy-to-reference rulebook for this wonderful game that isn't dependent on buying a new errata sheet with every new scenario book, or combing pages of convoluted forum arguments about whose house-rule is the most functional.
  4. Have you considered a dark brown wash to the whole model? I think that would bring out a lot of the detail and add a nice weathered look.
  5. @ Pendrake: The image above is from the movie The Day After Tomorrow...
  6. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but I just bought a Mega bundle with a friend and ALL 7 fleets came with 10 frigates... so I am guessing that this is standard. Why say 9 on the box though?
  7. So I'm back to thinking the PA isn't all that great... at RB1 I would much rather line up my main turrets and use those...
  8. Just a thought that I haven't seen here yet: According to the rule the PA has infinite range, but targets the RB1 first. So couldn't you legally line up against targets in RB2 and beyond, roll for RB1 as a "blank" and then continue to re-roll your misses on further targets? It seems to make sense for the "real" situation. The PA warms up, blasts its way through RB1 and starts making contact in further bands.
  9. These are the same ships with a dark grey wash. Maybe too dark... but they look at lot better, I think, than they did before
  10. From the album: First Attempts

    Same ships with a wash
  11. I simply cannot wait to see the results. This sounds really cool!
  12. I am wondering if the lumpy look is from the primer I used, Vallejo black aerosol. I am thinking of hand priming the next time to see what happens
  13. Done! I should add that the turrets are magnetized, so theres that going for them as well
  14. So these are my first attempt at DW, and the first miniatures I have painted in six years. They don't look as good as I thought they were once I see the close ups. Any constructive criticism is really appreciated. I am planning on dipping/washing them, but I don't know how much that will help... It will be fun to get better. They look pretty good at table level, so I guess thats the main thing.
  15. I have been waiting for over a week now for an order (should have been 2-3 days), and just got an email saying that they have been overwhelmed with demand and will let me know when my stuff is dispatched, which I take to mean its not even been posted yet... i guess its good they are so busy, but I want my models!! I guess they are focusing a lot of effort on producing enough of the stuff they already have out...
  16. Yeah, I have been using an exacto and a light grain emery board, but I am worried about losing the definition on the rivets... I will look at using a needle file I've also noticed in some pictures that the flashing actually blends in pretty well with the over all look. In the right places it just looks like detail on the metal plating
  17. What do you guys do? I just started working on some of these and they are a pain. Also, it seems that the back panel of every turret in a blister are badly distorted. Is this normal? How do you make that part look decent?
  18. Touche! but I still expect to see some red coats on your fleets in the future...
  19. Yes you are! This is a great post, and great looking ships.
  20. What is the best place to grip DW models for dipping?
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