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  1. So we can't agree on a LOS issue... go figure...
  2. To me this looks like a little weather station deep in the southern Atlantic that is about to become the center of a major international incident...
  3. This is the sort of thing that you think of when painting all those round frigates... So you get CONSCRIPTED into the Russian Military. Bad. But you are prone to motion sickness, so you figure there's no way you could end up on a boat. WRONG. They don't care. They are Russians. But your motion sickness makes you a rotten sailor. Where does that put you? Cannon fodder division, first class. You can still run the bilge pump while you ralph your guts out. And those damn frigates don't just go up and down and up and down... they go round and round and round...
  4. Awesome! I did not know that lost HP had not effect on torpedoes, or that you could shoot through obstructing models. They have risen considerably in my estimation
  5. Are they not the most (nearly) worthless weapon in the game? Fixed channel, so a total hassle to line up (especially fore torps!) Usually low dice roles, so only effective against small models. So again a hassle to line up. And every ship in the game has at least 1 CC, usually more, so its as if the whole world has built in shields against them. And then some ships even have actual shields! Those poor little guys never stood a chance. So I figure I am missing something. What are they good for?
  6. Don't get me wrong: The ultimate solution could be electronic. A searchable document for a tablet or smartphone would be great! What it can't be is unstable, like the current arrangement.
  7. Lets say Tabletop quality, 3 color plus 1 wash (Hull, deck, brass highlights)
  8. @Pendrake: There is nothing wrong with having a better online database, but the fact is as long as there isn't a functional, paper set of rules the problem isn't solved. What do we tell new players? "You have to go online to find that rule.... " or "Yeah, spend 60 quid on rulebooks that you basically need a constant connection to the internet to use." Are we supposed to have a laptop handy at every game so that we can paw through a page of search results to find... a bunch of forum goon arguments? That sounds like more time wasted than less. I hope Spartan Games is hearing this loud and clear: Awesome game, we want more people to play, and your company to make you all enough money to be happy, BUT WE NEED A SINGLE FUNCTIONAL RULEBOOK
  9. Yeah, still getting the same message. Error 403: Resource locked.
  10. I understand where Spartan's side on the business end. They probably have a small warehouse full of printed materials that are basically worthless if we don't need them. The problem is they don't do what they are supposed to. A set of quickstart rules could start the fix, though. It would be very possible to iron out all the CORE kinks with a simple rule set, while still being able to sell big books for the campaign/fluff. Build it around a naval fleet box, and make it playable in an hour or so - Player 1: Battleship, some frigates - Player 2: x3 Cruisers, some frigates Play area: roughly 2sq feet (standard table, but enough for at least 3 range bands) Put a couple of coffee mugs in the middle for terrain to create LOS, movement issues Starting from this you could teach every CORE aspect of the game, ESPECIALLY the stuff everyone is still arguing about - Activation - Movement - LOS - Combat Sequence - Damage - Etc. If this were available as a free PDF it would settle a lot of existing issues AND be a great tool for introducing new players. It would be enough to get people playing, solve the most common problems, and leave room for wanting more info. Heck you could include them in the Fleet Boxes (plus the nation specific MARs) and start advertising the game as playable straight-out-of-the-box... It might actually get MORE sales in the long run if people knew they could play right away and that the rule situation was sorted. Plus, if you gave it the official endorsement it could be used to trump anything screwed up in the printed material. AND if you crowd-sourced it, you could have this up and available before the end of the week. Think about what that would do for Christmas sales!!!
  11. Yeah, I think we need to cut the designers some slack on this one... DW isn't a WYSIWYG game like other wargames. I noticed this when painting the FSA. The frigate has two independent turrets, but these same turrets appear on the battleship. There are 6-8 of them I think, but they all seem to be incorporated into the broadsides. If they weren't, that battleship would annihilate anything inside range band 2 in a heartbeat (oh wait it already does...!) Plus, I noticed that some basic shapes appear over and over. For instance, underneath the FSA Covette's smoke stack is what appears to be a shield generator from the cruiser. Wouldn't that be nice? But if you played with it as a shield the Corvette would be nigh on invincible....
  12. I can't seem to get it to work, and I noticed that the gallery hasn't been updated since before the big board crash a week or so ago...
  13. Has anyone out there done / ordered any commission painted DW models? What is a reasonable price to pay?
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