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  1. What do you guys use? The Battlefoam ones look like they work the best, but are pricey. Has anyone use KR Multicase stuff? I can't tell how it actually works? Pictures anyone?
  2. Pink isn't my first choice for a warship, but these are really well executed! Good job!
  3. Thumbs up to everything Nathan said. If Spartan doesn't release a better rule book, one will appear somewhere. It would be better for them to be involved, both for the game and for business. The fact is the game is popular enough that its just going to happen one way or another.
  4. I think that you could go either way, depending on what your opponent is willing to roll. In our games, if a roll becomes unnecessary (such as if the wing already aborted, or the target is already destroyed) then it DOESN'T get rolled. It seems silly to require it. This becomes an issue for us with the card that knocks out a generator after use. A shield generator only really needs to be used if an attack goes above DR, so no one uses it otherwise for fear that it will get knocked out if that card is lurking in an opponents hand. The cards lead to lots of situations where the defender should only do certain things if they absolutely have to.
  5. Has anyone tried combining DW with Dystopian Legions in a single game? For instance, using AP to represent infantry platoons, or something to that effect. A while ago I developed a very simple wargame using old Risk pieces for troops. I am thinking about including this in our games. For instance by having island objectives that have to be captured by landing AP and fighting off rival landing parties. Not a full scale land/sea hybrid battle, but a little more flavour.
  6. 360 degree movement with 11 inches (8" + Dolphin Dipper) would be devastating!
  7. So we know it has a Particle Accelerator, what else? Its hard to tell if there are any other weapons. Maybe a light broadside (read Frigate-like) from those nodes on the sides. But those could just be AA. The description doesn't read like a robot. Maybe a decent AP load of Iron Men for unheard of Antarctican boarding operations? Iron ram? Similar MAR as the Ika? In any case, it doesn't seem likely to have much punch at higher ranges. Maybe nothing outside of RB1. Also how fast does thing have to move to be worth it? I'd like to see 8" + Dolphin Dipper That would be sweet!
  8. The risk is almost as likely as the reward... but the reward is huge! This only becomes really worth it if it is attached to a cruiser squadron, so likely on the Fresnel? That would be awesome, and sounds like it is the Frensel special ability we are waiting to here about. Reading the description of the Fresnel on the Store page makes me worried that this is it. If the lens-focusing ability is only a 1/3 chance with a 1/6 chance of critting your own ship (I know without the damage, but this could still be devastating.) its usefulness is severely limited. In small games where a squad may only get 3 or 4 activations this won't be all that great. If it can take inventive scientists that would be a big plus. How many points are we going to have to burn on a Fresnel? It will probably be more than a cruiser (say 75-80ish). Still worth it?
  9. What if after the first abort your opponent declined to roll for the next attack (as it is unnecessary)? That would force you to play the card, and then the next attack would cause the abort and you would be left with no card? It seems that if you knew your opponent had "Ride the Storm" you could divide your attacks this way to give more chances of causing a successful abort.
  10. Good point! I think it would be helpful for reference and streamlining if a list could be compiled of what units fall under each MAR. Then it would be easy to compare which MARs are redundant, and which are used so rarely they might be included under other rules. As for superfluous MAR's the first one I would cite (as a CoA player) is Ice Engines. I have never used this, and can't imagine ever using it. If anyone got within 3 inches of a Full Stop CoA they have probably (successfully) boarded it. Otherwise, why would I ram it instead of blasting it after moving out of boarding danger?
  11. I have found it effective to take ET's on a cruiser squadron to pick off frigates or maybe knock Ablative off a cruiser or two before they close in. If you play these right they can creep along the edges taking picking off anything that sticks its head out. Keep your frigates positioned out of range and then use extra movement to dart in and get a full RB1 attack in before they all die. CoA frigates are nearly worthless, but if you get one good activation they can do some damage. The BB has to do most of the dirty work. Its the strongest in RB2 (no boarding danger, and not a significant loss of dice over RB1, plus everyone is afraid of the PA and won't close). Use the Wave Lurker ability to keep out of range when necessary. Unfortunately the BB is the only thing big enough to have a good chance at hurting the Russian big guns...
  12. Hooray for the MAR sheet! Now lets get those streamlined rules!!
  13. That acrylic setup is awesome! Too bad its gotta come from Australia... The polish racks are very tempting...
  14. Those racks are pretty sweet, and a great price!
  15. My workspace is a total, disorganized mess. What does everyone use to keep their paint station up and running? Pictures anyone?
  16. Nice job! I love the willingness to use blimps for the sake of them being blimps. But what stats do you use in games?
  17. I just finished a match between the CoA fleet box and RC. I was CoA and won the game on 70% destroyed or captured, but it was quite unconventional for a CoA game. I won by boarding! In a truly epic turn of events two of his cruisers tried to board my BB and I shot 10 AP out of the sky and killed the rest once aboard. That left two defenseless cruisers floating just out of reach of help. I then prized one on the next activation with my BB (I had barely any AP left). The next activation a noble squadron of frigates (which I loath, BTW) somehow survived the full onslaught of the RC BB, and managed to prize the second for the victory.
  18. A couple of months ago I ordered the 7 fleet mega-bundle to get into DW. As of today I finished painting the whole thing! I didn't fret too much over lots of little details. I just wanted something to look good on the table. Also, I magnetized everything possible! Above all, I aimed for realism with the schemes. I wanted them to make sense as warships. I also wanted to focus on the Dystopian and Steampunk aspects of the universe. Thats why every fleet has brass fixtures and LOTS of grit and weathering. I bought a Vallejo Paints Steam Era set, which was perfect. I supplimented this with a basic black and gunmetal, also from Vallejo. I used homemade washes for all them. I do a mixture of about 6 parts water, 2 parts paint, and 1 part PVC glue. The glue ups the surface tension to get that nice distressed look. Anyway, here you go, in order of total difficulty. 7. Empire of the Blazing Sun. These were by far the easiest to paint. Not a whole lot of detail hidden behind or under things. Also, there were almost no parts to magnetize. 6. Prussian Empire PE have a lot more turrets and generators, but otherwise they are pretty simple. They basically have one ship in three different sizes. I added the Dazzle Camo after everything was done, and it was incredibly easy. The iron cross on the deck of the Battleship looks pretty nice! 5. Kingdom of Britannia This was actually the first fleet I finished. They have more detail than the previous, and a fair amount of turrets. I hadn't painted anything in quite a while, but I was very pleased with the result. (And so was the guy who bought these...) 4. Republique of France RF would probably go before KoB or even PE but they were my first attempt at a Dazzle scheme. I realize now I could have done it a lot faster. Also, the skimmer models required a lot of preparation before I could paint them. These have turned into a commission job, so thats always a plus. 3. Russian Coalition There is an incredible amount of detail on these models compared to the earlier sets. I noticed this about all the new releases. I am excited that Spartan keeps upping its game. I love the way these models look. All the extra nooks and crannies took a lot more time.... 2. Federated States of America Tons of magnets and painting the brass behind those paddle wheels made this fleet a CHORE. But I love how they turned out, and this is the fleet I think I will play the most. 1. Covenant of Antarctica First of all, magnetizing all those turret options took forever. By far the most magnets (30 total!). Plus, the first time I started these I messed up and ending up stripping down to the resin. Dettol works great on these, and no detail lost as far as I can tell. And at the end of the day I really don't care for this scheme. I think it was executed well, but they just don't look like naval vessels anymore... The concept behind it was a special fleet for use in the long antarctic winter... but they are just too black. So overall this was an awesome experience. I can't wait to get more models.
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