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  1. Yeah! The name stuck! Looking forward to the completed pics.
  2. If you are in the UK Dettol works absolute wonders. I have used it several times on Spartan minis with great results. 1. Submerge the minis you want to strip for a few hours and then 2. Scrub off paint with an old toothbrush using ONLY Dettol until most/all of the paint is removed. If you try this with water the paint will congeal back into a sticky, gooey, impossible mess and you will have to resoak them. 3. Scrub and brush again with hot water to get any remaining paint/Dettol off. 4. Then just to be safe soak in warmy soapy water and clean as usual to get any remaining chemicals off. It takes a bit of time to do right, but it works really, really well. If you have models with lots of nooks and crannies it helps to leave them soaking for longer periods. I left a batch of CoA ships to soak for about 24 hours with no harmful effects on the resin. I don't know how this will effect non-specialized primers and paints, but I have had great success removing Vallejo and Army Painter products
  3. I also noticed that some of the cruisers do not have the piece between the two smokestacks, as in the pictures above. The one's without it look a lot better, but it seems that all the newer ones are now designed with the connector. Maybe the old molds were miscasting too often?
  4. Sounds like maybe you didn't wash the figs well enough. I have had this happen a couple of times and its quite irritating. Not sure what mold-release Spartan uses, but you have to really scrub some of them to get the paint to stick...
  5. This is a tremendously striking color scheme! I have been thinking about including a mettalic gold as a major color, and now I am absolutely certain its going to happen! Just beautiful!
  6. I think this is a really great idea! Some points I would modify: 1. These need to have a different name. CoA already has drones, the TFT. 2. These need to be different enough from other existing units to be worth using. For instance, the escort is basically just a skimming regular escort with some added complications (new MARs). 3. These need to be weaker. I would go 1HP with a DR of 3. Otherwise they are just skimming smalls, which is rather redundant and takes away from the RF's uniqueness. Adjust the points to match. 15pts a piece + a bit more for the generators. 4. The gun drone is a bit overpowered. Its seems more appealing than the (terrible) frigate we already have. No real need for it. I think the most appealing is the escort and artificer. - I love the idea of a mobile generator only model that can augment just about any squadron. - The escort would be a cool way of introducing a special escort option for flying models, like the Epicurus. I would make it attachable to flying only and always be located at the same height level as the parent model. Maybe this model could be a little stronger?
  7. According to the Stat card released by Spartan the High Angle MAR applies to all weapons, as none is indicated by the card. (Unless they changed the card in the last 12 hours...) EDIT: forgot about the height limit on the PA... oh well...
  8. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/know-your-tactics It looks like it was as we feared, though the inventive scientists help.... The MK2 variant doesn't seem too useful either. At 80 points is it worth a go? Probably, and they seem to be pretty valuable as terror weapons.
  9. So the stat card is up! http://www.spartangames.co.uk/know-your-tactics This thing looks to be a very serious boarding threat and huge RB1 boost. I wish it had dolphin dipper instead of Sturginium boost, but it still has pretty decent movement. Submerged combined with the cloud generator is a bit odd, but a big plus. I will definitely get a couple for the fleet!
  10. This looks really great. What color did you go with for the windows?
  11. DKoW is right, I think. Conceptually it makes better sense as well. Even though attacks are resolved in a particular order, they declared simultaneously. It seems strange to think that AA and CC can be used multiple times in one activation when no other weapon can. Using them multiple times on defence would be like the attacker arguing that they should get to use their weapons as many times as they have targets. That's just silly...
  12. The old card listed 4 main turrets with 270 arc and 2 beam turrets with 180. The KoB dread has this exact set-up, I think. Of course this would necessitate a total redesign of the model...
  13. Ha! Far enough! Or they could load some red dye into the cloud generators....
  14. @Lifegiver - yeah I wouldn't go near an enemy fleet with only 10AP and dismal AA! I am starting to warm to the idea of the Orb drop so that all weapons are go at RB1, but if you failed to take out everything in the near vicinity it would be bye bye DN. Two battleships is becoming more and more appealing. The Wave Lurker ability is so cool as well, and I have used it several times to get up into that perfect RB3 zone and stay there for most of the game. Oh well... its a pretty decent model to look at anyhow... I just wish it still had the extra two turrets like the original card listed. I wonder what happened?!
  15. Against what background would this be effective?
  16. Great terrain! The lava rock/jungle look is perfect You should name the last one "Jabba Island." It looks remarkably like a famous Hutt crimelord.
  17. I just got my first CoA dreadnought and was really excited when I looked over the stat card. Unfortunately I then took a look at the model and realized that it couldn't possibly have 6 turrets like the card lists. Then I found the new card posted online: only 4 turrets. Bummer. So now the question is: Is the DN worth taking instead of the BB? Just comparing the numbers I found that, if turned broadside for max turret LOS, the DN is actually not that much more powerful than the BB. In fact, at RB2 and 3 it is worse in every respect except broadsides and these are only 2AD better. This is because the BB can put 4 turrets max while the DN has only 3. There is no way to get 4 on one target. Here's the AD breakdown: DN with 3 main turrets linked - RB4: 8, RB3:16, RB2: 16, RB1: 28 BB with 4 main turrets linked - RB4: 6, RB3: 18, RB2: 17, RB1: 25 If you use linked Energy turrets it takes 13AD at all RB's while the BB gets 12, so no real advantage there. Energy turrets on the DN are totally pointless. Clearly the strongest RB (in terms of offence AND defence) is RB3, and here the BB is actually identical if not better. The Bombard gives it a little extra pop, but fixed channel makes it extremely limited. AA and CC are identical, and only 10AP means its not a boarding threat unless it wants to get prized immediately. It has 6RR but why would a CoA player ram anyone? The DN only has one more DR than the BB, not much help. All of that and its 90 points more than the BB! It seems that for the point value to make sense it needs the extra two turrets, but they aren't there. So what am I missing and how do you use this ship in a way that makes it worth the points?
  18. I have thought that using timed turns would work quite well, perhaps with a chess clock or other simple timer. The timer would begin the moment one player must choose a squad to activate and would cover all activity until AD are actually rolled. (Rolling AD would be outside of the timed period for obvious reasons.) Our games are bogged down the most with choosing which squad to use and measuring all movement and firing possibilities. Allowing only 3-4 minutes (or less!) would make this quite interesting. I have really enjoyed wargames with timed turns (Space Hulk in particular!) and it adds a level of battlefield frantic pacing and chaos. Split moment decisions allow for sparks of brilliance or disasterous mistakes that otherwise might not have happened, and these add a great level of realism to the game experience. Great fun!
  19. This may be a stupid question, But when I upload pictures through the gallery or attach a file to a post the thumbnail is much, much smaller than it usually is in other posts. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Update: I was unhappy with my CoA scheme, so I added some Iceberg Dazzle Camo. I am happier with the result, but I will probably continue to tinker with it.
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