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  1. More pics on my blog: http://dystopianwarspainting.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. I like the idea of replenishing AP! I'd also like to see some models...
  3. Simple scheme. I have been experimenting with washes to create interesting color patterns. These were undercoated white and washed with dark blue before adding all additional colors. I then washed the entire model with a dark grey wash. All my washes are custom mixed with Vallejo acylics, water, and PVC glue. More pictures on my blog: http://dystopianwarspainting.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. I'm really into these, well done! Color list? Technique?
  5. If they don't make a functional rule book it won't make any difference whether it is digital or not. Hopefully they will do both at once.
  6. Are there any pieces from US that could be put to use in DW? How do the models scale next to DW ones? I was looking through the terrain pieces, and a lot of them look like they would cross over nicely. Any ships? I have often thought that while the major military powers could afford all the expensive Sturginium based technologies, the civilian world might easily be plodding along with wooden sailing vessels common in the late 1800's. Also, most of the Iron Dwarves stuff looks like it would cross over nicely. Maybe a merc faction?
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I had to take a break. Otherwise, these are amazing! Thanks so much for making this sort of thing. It helps me clarify things in my own thinking and I can point people who are learning the game to these.
  8. This is a related question: Does each Dive TFT in a formation have to make contact in order to attack, or just the any part of a squadron. In other words, does the squadron behave as a unit when determining contact?
  9. Callimachus Time Dilation Orb (Water-lined) Not totally happy with the water. Those Covenant camouflage technicians did too good a job, and I would like a liiiiitle bit more contrast. More pictures on my blog: http://dystopianwarspainting.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/covenant-callimachus-time-dilation-orb.html
  10. This dreadnought is part of a commission job that I just completed. I think it came out pretty good for a simple tabletop quality project. More pics on my blog, http://dystopianwarspainting.blogspot.co.uk/
  11. What a sweet model! Well done
  12. I'd say CoA because they can match the range, and the Orb can drop something nasty in close if necessary
  13. I agree that you can cover up some imperfections, but overall I think that based ships look strange, and it certainly causes movement problems, especially when ships are in close proximity. I would never base a ship that didn't come with it, and I have considered cutting away those that are already based or sanding the hard corners and edges off to give things a more natural look (subs, waterlined versions, etc.)
  14. Any model that is classified as LARGE on its stat card, naval, sea, or air
  15. Great job! I love the realism of this scheme
  16. Use this thread for all discussion related to this month's competition!!
  17. I thought it would be fun to start this up again! Since there isn't really a prize (other than bragging rights) I don't think we need to make it too complicated. 1. Don't start painting until February 1st. 2. Don't break rule #1. 3. Submit a picture of the finished product to this thread before the end of the month. I think this month's theme should be: Any single LARGE (naval, air, or land) class model (because I have a Callimachus orb on the table.) - This is based on the classification on the card Once everyone uploads a picture we can start a poll for the winner. Maybe if Spartan notices this they will start sponsoring a prize! DON'T POST ANYTHING TO THIS THREAD BESIDES PICTURES! There is another thread going for that!
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