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  1. Good questions. I need to know if my old models will all be second class citizens. I am all for coining the DW/DA story and trying out the new rules. But not starting over. The existing models will need to be just as good as the new models to maintain my enthusiasm.
  2. Prussian mediums like the Hussars are worth their cost. I have the Gustav, Brandtaucher and Lahn models- hard to ignore those in any game I use Prussians. The Gustav is a terrific model- A rail gun loaded on a armed transport. Great detail and Really nice to have in a fleet. The elbe is similar to me and and great carrier. The new BBs are cool as well. I will be interested in how the partially distributed Spartan units will be dealt with in 3.0. Will any Spartan era models be produced? Will there be new new versions of those models that will have the same stats but different stylings? A model company must sell models, WC wants to honor the past models and sell new ones. How those will integrate with the old will definitely be a key point in how DA will move forward. WC is highly engaged with the community- they must like to do that because "Patience of Job " and ad nauseam come to mind when reading all the FB and community posts, especially on fluff. I hope they can get more details on these questions. They may have to some degree- there is a LOT of posts by them so I might have missed it.
  3. Starting a new DW phase of life. Anxious to see the new stuff

    1. RuleBritannia


      Alex Mann's blog has some detailed renders and models.  Very detailed.

  4. Looking at the box art for the second edition boxes and bothering to look it up in the new rules, yeah have to. Kinda a waste of space though. Some really needd it just like the aerial units but others, meh. No biggy I guess. Thanks for the responses.
  5. My email is cdr_g@icloud.com

    Mike Gallagher

  6. I need to get you more feedback. Please send me the drafts
  7. There is a Dystopian Wars Virginia (DWVA) group on the Man Battle Stations Forum.
  8. Sure. I play a game at Huzzah Hobbies (Asburn) once a month, I play at Eagle & Empire in Arlington, and at a friends home in Woodbridge so when I say Northern Virginia it pretty much is Northern Virginia. Campaigners can play within their own group as desired but I will try to get mixed play if I can.
  9. I just got some land units for a campaign. Do they need the bases that come with them? I thought I saw something about that being changed. I am hoping no, so much extra room and not needed that I can tell.
  10. I just got some land units for a campaign. Do they need the bases that come with them? I thought I saw something about that being changed. I am hoping no, so much extra room and not needed that I can tell.
  11. So getting those arms to stay in place. What have others done? I am afraid I will have to use a pin. That will not be fun.
  12. Gonna try a campaign to facilitate playing interest and scenario playing. DW players in Fredericksburg, VA. have expressed an interest in a campaign. We play at Your Hobby Place game Store. Play at other sites can be included if players wish. The main point is an excuse to play DW games with a mix of scenarios and pick up games. Not a Flashpoint campaign. Preset objectives and no economics. Map is optional depending on the majority of players desires. It will still be a ladder series of scenarios gaining logistical and military capability as one progresses. Players will be able to fight Non-player Fleets for initial objectives and then each other- reducing another player's effective logistics, force size, and make-up. Ladder Scenarios will usually contain a smaller and larger point size versions. Losses of models with SV will not be available for the next battle. Retreat will be permitted for players to maintain their fleet. Players can rotate a few units into and out of their overall fleet between battles. As logistics/force limits increase Players can add units to the overall fleet. Land battles will be allowed. These can be integrated into Capture Scenarios, (capture port, airfield, strait) on an optional basis. Players with small DW fleets can use loaner fleets from me or others as available or form alliances with other players. I will be offering some set piece battles for new players using loaner fleets with pre-identified fleets that will let them progress in the campaign. Like those in the two player sets. These will be smaller scenarios in point size. I can GM some these and other vets could volunteer to do the same if desired. I will design some multi-player scenarios. Input on these will be sought. Players will identify a starting overall fleet that they can then choose from to play specific scenarios. There will be limits on overall points and models selection, (e.g. no Dreads, one Carrier at start, no Local Air at start, and possibly limited to smaller point size battles at start). There will be some small rewards for meeting certain conditions in Ladder Scenarios-very specific and limited use of some prized models, some special tech that can be used until lost, etc. Fairly lose overall. Any pick-up battle can count. AARs will be posted on Man Battle Stations forum with links to images as available. I will post links from DW FB sites to MBS as well (with Andy's OK). Their will be a ending date and prizes--TBD I will post more with initial scenarios later this week.
  13. It varies across Powers, which have different technological strengths. I don't know of a specific RADAR yet, but since they have Target Painters, there is some form of radio based signal generation and detection. Radio is mentioned in the TAC cards I believe. All is possible in this world if the game needs it. As well as some "blind spots" of missing technology we might expect them to have. One can assume that some of the trickiest tech is only in military channels. They are way ahead in basic understanding of electricity and wave theory than history. Historically the existence of radio waves and wave propagation was not known (except, perhaps by a few leading edge dudes) until the very late 19th and early twentieth century. Meanwhile they seem to use steam mechanics for many things and metallurgy is mixed, with lots of brass. The proliferation of technology and displacement of older tech, which works just fine for most purposes can be a reason to describe the mix of what we would see as an odd use of inferior materials. Besides its an excuse to have cool looking things. Like ships that are larger than a cruiser can move in one turn. A strength of DW is the very short weapons ranges. Accomplished by messing with turn time length and just making it fun.
  14. Meh. Not buying the 9 Carrier points make it better. More resources makes you less capable on a unit by unit basis? It seems arbitrary. You are still making 4xSAS. Which REALLY hurt with Bombers. Big, Big impact. The Fleet carrier should have a 5xSaw SAS and a 4xSaw SAS, at least the expensive ones. I would gladly trade a carrier point for that. It is another change like carriers not being able to provide their own SAS, that smells of play balance manipulation via an easy out, but makes no sense. Arbitrary. I guess the vision of cycling lots of SAS was part of the idea. Not sure what happened in the testing but in a three turn game that is is not a big part. With starting distances closer, upping the destruction and shortening the games, it is unlikely to be a big factor. It isn't in almost all of my games, which include players from a 75 to 100 mile range , covering different club styles. Especially with the tactic of leaving 1 or two bomber SAWs intact. The "choice" they are making you take seems wrong. I have no issue with the single 5xSAS with the Assault Carriers and most Super Forts. But the fleet carriers that stay back, build crappy, yes crappy, attack SAS will seem wrong. If it had been 5xSAS and a 4XSAS for big carriers no one would have blinked an eye.
  15. Pretty straight forward--Its the Assault carrier he is referring to. Or Super Forts (most) and other models that a 1x5 Support Squadron SAS. The bigger carriers produce weaker SAS units, year you get two of them but if when you use them you lose the fight in part to the 1x4 limitation even though you come from a larger airfield it feels unfair, and illogical. Meanwhile, as far as I am concerned the Rebuild action is limited to the specific squadrons in the scrapyard, period. So I would want the tray and die included so that players can track what's available.
  16. CDR_G@iCloud.com


  17. I am really happy someone is doing this. I will use the heck out of it. I will be glad to provide feedback if I find some issues.

  18. Where is or was that addressed?
  19. Its been a good summer. I just wish the rest of my KS models were here. Actually found some actual local players.
  20. Will the stats for the fortresses be available anywhere other than the booklets for the Two player sets (Battle for Iceland, Corsican Incident and Ice Maiden)? Will they be included in the Operational Assets ORBAT?
  21. Scenarios may change the normal dynamic. I have some scenarios that feature a Dread on one side. One where they are the Killer brought in for a specific purpose and the more common where they are fleeing, heavily damaged and with limited escorts. Its all about adjusting victory conditions- For a standard same points each with head on meeting engagement I go out of my way to not take them.
  22. Many thanks!, Can I ask what software you are using? Word, Excel, desktop publishing? I tried to short cut the task by converting the PDF- not very helpful. If I was better at Excel or word , or any of those I could do it in a timely fashion, but I ain't.
  23. So its time to bring up the GNE Generator description again. It is poorly worded, yet interpretations are being enforced based on that wording. The pertinent section is: The Model may target a Squadron within Line of Sight that has the Surface Skimmer Model Function and is Ready to Activate. All viable Models within the Range listed in the brackets are affected. By using "ready to activate" you MEANT to exclude the model with the generator? If so fine, but I have seen enough to know that is not automatic. I presume LOS and distance is from the generator. While not clear in the description, it is not a node so it would be measured from the generator. The rule says: ...a Squadron within Line of Sight..., Do all the models need to be in the LOS of the generator to be viable, or just one? If some are and some not what happens? Just those with individual LOS get the effect? I assume the latter. If so that needs to be clarified. I am asking Spartan. Should it say: The Model may target a Squadron within Line of Sight that has the Surface Skimmer Model Function and is activated or Ready to Activate. All viable Models in the listed Range and LOS of the generator, including itself are affected. Key point: Viable means: part of targeted squadron, within LoS and range of the generator, and ready to activate--not hasn't moved yet this turn as I suspected was the original intent. Is this the case? I have trouble seeing this. It targets a squadron. Is it an area effect, a targeted strict line of LOS- which would vary with the number of models in a squadron, also if another Surface skimming squadron is within range and LOS is it viable if was not targeted? If "playability" is the answer OK, but please let us know, (not in the rule book- in a official post and/or an FAQ). I know that some forum dwellers will have ready, self assured answers and interpretations. Fine for them, but that does not satisfy others or even penetrate to many as would an official forum post that can be included in a FAQ update. So, I would like an official review. It seems screwy as is. Did play testers think it OP unless changed? I have rarely seen it used. Only by me as I recall. A La Rochelle pushing a wounded Vauban farther. I have never seen it used on another squadron, though I could see it applicability especially with an all Skimmer force. Don't see those much. A skimming medium carrier WOULD be cool.
  24. I am about to demo 2.5 this Sunday. I did ademo at aconvention that went well, but a QRS would have helped a lot. If there is one around I need to know. In 2.0 the summary tables found on Element 270 were enormously helpful. Theincreases the speed of the game and made it MUCH more accessible to beginners. I can't emphasize enough how much they help with learning the game.
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