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  1. and they look perfect! how did you do them?
  2. DW ships could be a great option for the game! however, i don't see why your location could be a problem for beta-test! if you are interested, drop me a pm i'll send you the beta manual! =) Besides, i'm from Italy!
  3. Hi there! today was an exciting day, we had a LOT of preparation but the MilanoWargames was a success! Some more photos on my website www.thelazyforger.com And even more (including some of myself!) in my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/thelazyforger (and don't forget to Like!) We had a lot of PR, but we are still looking for a producer for our game. the ruleset is still WIP but there's enough to show. They suggested us NorthStar for producing our fast-growing line of ships and the ruleset itself... anyone here having a contact with them? Ah, and we are looking for betatesters!!! cheers Jack
  4. copper wire painted green, covered in cyanacrilic and in Noch fine turf... simple and really effective!
  5. Mainly plaster! see the tutorial here! http://www.thelazyforger.com/tutorials/sculpting-islands/
  6. Anyway, a bunch of other islands are now finished! Only the two floating ones and the huge one are still WIP! First, the "twins", i had a lot of fun putting all the pending vines! Then, the small ones! Done by Sara, my miss! She had fun, and they are cool! ^__^ Other two islands here... And a group photo. Quite sweet alltogether, aren't them? well, now i have three more to do: the two floating and the old big one, that deserves a good finish! Cheers Jack
  7. The first island is completely done, ten more to go! there's some water effect in the crater, and now i'ts a wonderful lake! =) Cheers Jack
  8. Islands halfway finished!
  9. The Lazy One

    More Islands!

    Hi there! Following the steps of my tutorial, i've made now a dozen of islands for the table for my own game Iron Clouds. Some are painted, some are still waiting... but i'm going to cover a full table with those! I've had one some time ago, and it went out pretty nice: Here are the new ones! and a group photos, with more islands! will paint them probably between today and tomorrow! Updates soon - i hope! Check my website for more tutorials and images! http://www.thelazyforger.com/ and my new-born facebook page as well! https://www.facebook.com/thelazyforger cheers Jack
  10. Long time since last post, and - i admit - i still haven't finished to paint the first set of buildings. However, i've continued with my own ship fleet, and that's is the last arrival: a very small corvette, armed with light gun to hunt other small ships. here's floating over a few houses. It's 35 meters long (approx 3 cm in scale), much smaller than the bigger Hamilton class one (here's an OLD prototype, the good one will be cast soon) well... stay tuned for updates! Or maybe i'll open a proper thread about! Cheers Jack
  11. PM'd! Sadly, the project is nowadays freezed. But i'm planning new buildings, and new ships mostly!
  12. Thanks guys! I would like to finish painting them before! And from a friend i've heard that they are a little smaller than the DW ones! So... hold on! Or if you are very curious, contact me privately! ^^
  13. Better pictures, with daylight: Cheers
  14. i'll do, trough my site. Now, finally: enough buildings to make a fine crossroad. Some turfs to give some atmosphere.
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