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  1. I have only done a little bit of tinkering since 2.0 came out. Mainly, I am waiting for the Allied nations books to be released to see if they modify the list building rules. The 2.0 rules are a truck load more complicated than the logic nescessary for 1.1 list building. I am still not sure how to handle things like multiple nations in one fleet, carrier aces or multiple upgrades.
  2. There are only 3 nations that field flamethrowers in DWars: a few units in EotBS, PLC and CF. The Chinese flamethrowers are phenomenal, deadly weapons, scourge of many a battle. The PLC flamethrowers...not so much. Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flamethrower which is a fairly good brief history of the weapon.
  3. Finally! Released Dec 10th. https://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWAL28HIDDEN These models look amazing!
  4. We are also getting a medium (?) zeppelin as well. I am interested to see what role they are to play in the Danish ORBAT.
  5. Hot dayam! What a fantastic surprise! I already own 2 boxes of Danes, looks like I am getting a 3rd for sure,
  6. I am not sure where you are getting those numbers from. Maybe a typo version? I am not sure. From the v1.3 stats, say an Aristotle swaps all of its Main Turrets for Energy Turrets. The E-Turrets have a profile of 5/5/5/5. So if you can get all 4 turrets to bear on one target, that is 5+(5+5+5)/2=13AD at any Range Band (including RB4)
  7. Volley Guns are the last entry in the list of Specialised Weaponry (after Speerschleuders, pg 125 Commodore edition) so no, they can only link with other Volley Guns.
  8. I am a bit surprised no one else seems to be talking about all the new Mercs listed in the 2.0 book. They have me curious as heck to know who each of them are and what their schtick is.
  9. I picked up a second box of PLC air force this week super cheap. Now that I have my 2.0 rulebook, I am looking forward to trying out some PLC vs HEC air combat.
  10. I use Corsec Mine Dicedocks. They are a nice marker that holds a 12mm dice in the center that I am using to mark linked mines in particular.
  11. I would love to see a Quebec influence on a Canadian force, making Canada something more than just Brittania lite, forming their own military identity from a melting pot of ideas. If Quebec tried to seperate from Canada, I would imagine FSA would annex it within a weekend and subsume it in a week, not wanting a potential Imperial Bond sympathetic small nation on their doorstep.
  12. I have been spending many hours trying to work out how to make it work for 2.0 but am a long way away from something I am happy with. There are a ton more things to record on a fleet list (like commodore location, non-core, advanced forces, initial SAS makeup, connected attachments, specialist squadrons, etc) then there was in 1.1 that I currently have no solution for. I do have 2 weeks off work coming up and I plan to use some of that time to determine if I can ever make this work or not. So yeah, I am still trying but the complexities of 2.0 *might* have the better of me, I shall see.
  13. Just the one Crit effect, unless you double the CR. Piercing ammo (what heat lances have) has no effect on how a normal crit behaves, just a bonus if you only reach the DR.
  14. I am reminded of the Buddhist proverb of the six blind men trying to work out what they are all touching. Each knows part of the story (it is like a brush, it is like pillar, it is like a basket, etc) but cannot work out between them that they are all touching parts of an elephant. From fragments of information, rumours and speculation, some people are already crying the sky is falling about 2.0 and their fleets. I am not going to metaphorically stand here and tell you 2.0 is a great improvement (though I know it is), that each and every fleet has had alot of work put into it to ensure they are all fun to play with and against (though they have) or that alot of clever, creative gamers have had alot of input into the whole process (though they did). How about we all just wait a few weeks and you can judge the entire product for yourselves, then start to make up your mind? You may just be pleasantly surprised by what you find.
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