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  1. I just wanted to pop in and say that the Accoster robots are a home run, appearance-wise. They're just gorgeous hunks of resin. Attenion Spartan Games: I would pay an unreasoable amount of money for a close combat Leviathan in the same style as the Accoster. That is all.
  2. Just started building mine and no flamethrowers for me either. I guess that's a mail to be sent, then.
  3. At this point, I would not be surprised to see them wait until the Assault Helixes actually ship to customers. And that's perfectly acceptable to me.
  4. I'm really hoping it gets distributed this week. We've been putting off games so we don't need to unlearn too much.
  5. And does this mean the revised Orbats well also be delayed?
  6. It came right out of Neils mouth in the video linked below. I'm not complaining. I understand that these things happen, and I'm pleased that we weren't just left hanging at the end of the month with no release. But I'm also wondering: When In March are they coming? is it the end of the month as with most releases? https://youtu.be/Dt7K3CLvm2U
  7. Shouldn't the Aquan Command Helix come with a couple of sky drop markers for the Votari nodes?
  8. The text of the Hit and Run MAR is as follows: My question is : Does "Shoot" in the text above encompass both Main Ordnance and CQB? Or, to be more detailed, the normal turn sequence is : Move CQB Main Ordnance Firing Does Hit and Run change the turn sequence to CQB Main Ordnance Firing Move or is it Main Ordnance Firing Move CQB
  9. Derek has confirmed in a Directorate thread that all six factions will be getting a second aerial helix with ground attack aircraft.
  10. Tiny second core helix with Air Support options: Go!
  11. Rulebook. Page 82. First Paragraph under Portals: Since the portal can't be on the table until sky dropped, the Nabis can't deploy from it until it is in place. "Deploy onto the battlefield" means they weren't on the battlefield when the portal was placed via Sky Drop. The only other place they could be in in reserve. Think of it like a Dindrenzi Damocles Pod. The pods deploy via sky drop, and the infantry must disembark from them. Except in the case of the Nabis they aren't restricted to deploying from the Portals once they're in place, but can deploy normally with the rest of your force, if desired. Their entry in the orbat explicitly says they MAY use Portals, not that they must.
  12. I think it's almost definite that we'll start to see variant choices for the non-core helixes once there is at least once choice for all of them. For instance, the Leviathan Helix is called a "Leviathan Strike" helix in the rules, but all of the Leviathans released so far are called "Firepower Leviathan" helixes. Same with the upcoming Interceptors. They're not called "Air Helixes" despite being obvious choices for that spot. And I am very much hoping for Allied Races core Helixes to make them playable as forces in their own right. (RSN!) But let's be serious: Spartan has released an amazing number of products for this game in the ten months since Battle For Proteus Prime. I counted 39 different items, not including the Interceptors, and there have only been two release windows in that time with no products for Planetfall. (Juiy because of HALO and February because more than half of everything Planetfall was released in the three windows before then). While there is still plenty of fertile ground to be plowed for this game, it's players have been quite spoiled for new toys so far.
  13. Definitely trim the post to about 1/3 it's length for the heavy tanks. But I'm not having any trouble getting my posts to stay where I want them with superglue.
  14. The Portals must deploy via sky drop. The Nabis drones can either be deployed normally or held in reserve and deployed via a portal once it has been placed on the battlefield.
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